Face Painting Invoice Template

Face Painting Invoice Template enables a quick production of the billing correspondence that many Customers expect when a payment is due. This process can be streamlined by standardizing where and how the information describing the Face Painting Business, the Client, and the face painting contract involved is documented and presented. Once you have summarized the face painting job properly, compare it with your records for accuracy, and made sure any necessary attachments are present.

How much does face painting cost?

  • National average price: $150 – $190 (source: Thumbtack)

Most of the face painting professionals charge hourly rate and several factors take into account. Including the cost of the materials they use, the time it takes to prepare for parties, cost for the costumes they wear, transportation, and the cost for the actual time they spend painting faces at the party.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Acquire Your Face Painting Invoice Template From This Site

The links “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word (.docx)” following the word “Download” (above) will both give you access to the form in the image. Select the version you prefer.

2 – Identify The Face Painting Service Producing This Document

The first action required will be a report on the entity who wishes payment for the Face Painting job. Name the Face Painting Business sending this invoice in the first field of this page.                                        A specific display area consisting of several blank lines has been included underneath the first field.  Use this for an organized presentation of the Sender’s identity. The first line here, “Name,” refers to the Preparer of this document. Thus input the “Name” of the person who will handle Customer inquiries or is in charge of receiving Customer payments for this job.                  The next three lines will be devoted to displaying the mailing address of the Face Painter or the Face Painting service. Enter this address by isolating each component on a separate line. You will notice the first expects only the Face Painter Business’ “Street Address” while the other two require the corresponding “City, State, Country” and its “Zip Code.”                             The two lines that follow the address in this section will continue the report on the Face Painter’s contact information. Use these to document the Face Painting Business’ current “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address.                               


3 – Present Some Preliminary Material

Before we document the Face Painting job and its costs to the Customer, we must directly address him or her and attach all the information present to one detail. For this task, the invoice will require a unique filing number, and this should be recorded on the blank line labeled “Invoice #”                            This paperwork will enable some additional filing information that can be used in the future to discuss it. The invoice “Date” often serves as another valid reference point both in discussion and when maintaining one’s records. This “Date” is required on the line across from the invoice number you provided and will act as the same calendar date when you will apply this invoice to the Face Painting Customer’s account.                         The section following the above invoice information is a necessary element to this paperwork since it will tie this bill to the Customer and obligate a payment from this entity. Direct this document to the Face Painter Customer by locating the “Bill To” section then entering his or her “Name” on the first line in it.           Follow by documenting the Face Painting Customer’s billing address. The three lines beginning with “Street Address” will accept this information accordingly.                               


4 – A Report On The Face Painting Job And Cost Are Required

The Face Painting job and its costs are the next items we will discuss. The box with the “Description” heading will seek the Face Painting job details. You can be as concise or as detailed as you like so long as you refer to the job that was done in a manner that explains itself. This can include dates, hours, services such as Face Painting or removal, or even a contract number.                                The column that follows to the right is titled “Amount” and requests several items. Begin by pricing each service, shift, or contract that you listed in the first column.  Add all charges to one base charge sum and present this figure in the next box town (labeled as “Subtotal”).               The “Tax,” if any, that must be paid for by the Face Painting Customer must be displayed separately. If the Face Painter must add taxes to the “Subtotal” then report these taxes as a dollar amount in the box labeled “Tax.”       The “Total” that must be paid by the Face Painting Customer is the last requirement of this table and should be placed in the appropriately labeled box.     Many businesses endeavor to gain a timely payment from their Clientele by attaching a deadline to their bills. This document will provide this option after you have filled out the table. Locate the sentence with the blank line between the bracket and the word “Days.” Determine how many days (starting from the invoice date) that defines an on-time payment then report this number on the blank line in the “Payment Is Due…” sentence.

If any additional information is necessary then you may include it on the blank lines in the “Comments…” section.   


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Bill Face Painting Customers With The Paperwork Here

The excel document you can use to bill Face Painting Clients is available for download via the “Excel (.xlsx)” link above or the button under the form preview.

2 – Start The Invoicing Process By Naming the Face Painting Service

You must identify the Face Painter and the concerned Client in the first column. The top of the page is reserved for the Sender of this paperwork. Thus, import the Face Painter’s logo to cell A1 and generate this entity’s legal business name in cell A2.      The “Name” of the Face Painter is needed as a Contact Person for this bill. Place it in cell A3.      It will be important to make sure the Customer can easily read the Face Painter’s mailing address. Thus, enter each line separately in each of the next three cells (A4 through A6). This sheet will call for the “Street Address” first in cell A4, then cell A5 and A6 will expect the Face Painter’s “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” respectively.                          Record the Face Painter’s “E-Mail” address and “Phone” information in cells A7 and A8                               


3 – The Invoice Number Will Attach The Client To The Face Painting Job

Now that both parties are present and accounted for on this sheet, we must deliver a way to tie them to the face painting/removal services performed by the Face Painter. This is best handled with a unique identification number that will be used as an additional title to this document. This filing material should be substituted for the current text in cell F4 (under the “Invoice #” heading). If necessary, consult your bookkeeping department to obtain this I.D. as this content is typically generated in-house. Cell H4, underneath the “Date,” heading will require you attach a specific calendar day to the invoice. As a matter of convenience, the current day set on your computer clock will be this “Date”, but you may change it at any time before issuing this document to the Face Painting Client.      Our final step before presenting the face painting job is to properly assign the billed entity to the role of Payer. The words making up the section heading “Bill To” will achieve this task nicely for us. It will only require that you fill in the Face Painting Client’s “Name” in cell A11 and his or her billing address down the column in cells A12 through A14.      The Face Painter’s services should be summarized in cell A17. The make-up/removal job details you provide here should be aimed at giving the Client a clear idea of what he or she is paying for when responding to this invoice in a positive manner.    The cost of the services the Face Painter provided is a required report. Price all services that must be paid for in the “Amount” column (H17)     Fill in the cell H18 with the total of all the items you priced above.                                Record the full tax amount the face painting job requires in cell H19 (“Tax”).        Cell H20 will seek the “Total” price of the face painting services to be paid for through this invoice. Remember that the amount owed in this field must be the sum of the past two fields (H18 plus H19).              The next cell down, in column A, contains an obligatory statement that will be aimed at the Face Painting Client. The responsibility placed on him or her in cell A21 will be to pay this bill on time. Give the time frame as a matter of “Days” on the blank line just after the hashtag/number symbol.  The final step you can take (optional) to deliver a complete invoice to the Face Painting Client. Cell A22 contains a predetermined area set to the label “Comments Or Special Instructions.” If any material or subject matter should be included in the paperwork being sent, then you can use this area to present it for the Face Painting Client’s satisfaction.