Hotel (Room) Invoice Template

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A hotel room invoice is given to a guest at the beginning or end of their stay which gives a breakdown of the room rate, food service, minibar, parking, or any other type of fees. In most States, there are special taxes charged by the local government which is usually passed on to the paying guest.

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State-by-State Lodging Taxes – Use this table to accurately calculate the taxes charged in the State you reside.

How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

DownloadAdobe PDF or Microsoft Word

1 – Download The Invoice To Bill A Hotel Customer

You will require the Adobe file on this page to issue an Invoice for a Hotel Room. Download it using the “Adobe PDF” button displayed with the image preview.

2 – Input The Name Of The Hotel Or Management Company

The first field, marked by the text “Company Name,” should be utilized to report the Name of the Hotel or Hotel Management Company. Delete the current text and replace it with this Name.

3 – Give The Client A Way To Contact The Hotel

The Hotel Guest will need a point of contact with the entity sending this paperwork. The remainder of the entries in this header section will concern making sure this information is readily available. Use the first four blank lines to record the Name and Mailing Address of the Hotel Employee or Representative the Customer may contact regarding this Invoice. The Daytime Telephone Number and E-Mail Address the Guest may use to contact the Hotel on a more immediate basis should be entered to the last two blank lines.

5 – The Invoice Information For This Document Should Be Submitted

Now we will deliver some quick reference information so that any Hotel Employee dealing with this Invoice can quickly identify it with the Customer. This requires that the Invoice Number be produced by replacing the number sign under the bold label “Invoice #” with this number. Once this is done, make a record of the Current Date by supplying it under the word “Date.” 

6 – Record The Guest’s Information Below The Invoice Information

The Hotel Guest information must also be properly reported. We will identify the role of the Recipient and present his or her information by satisfying the “Bill To” section. This area will provide some blank lines labeled with the information that should be solidified. When you are ready, furnish the “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.” In addition to the Guest’s Name and Address, supply the “Room Number” he or she is being billed for on the blank line to the right.

7 – Deliver A Full Report On All The Charges To The Guest’s Account

The charges the Guest is being billed for should be clearly explained through this document. A well-developed table can serve this task nicely. Four columns have been presented as a way to sum up these charges: “Description,” “Quantity,” “Unit Price,” and “Amount.” Thus, you may easily describe each charge in the first column, record how much was purchased in the second column, and the “Unit Cost” for each merchandise recorded. The “Amount” column requires you multiply the “Quantity” (how much was purchased) by the “Unit Price” (how much one item costs) and record it on the same row. After you have reported all the charges, make sure to sum up all the charges in the “Amount” column and produce the resulting number to the box labeled “Subtotal.” Next, apply the required Taxes for this Invoice in the “Tax” box, add it to the “Subtotal” and report this sum in “Total.”

8 – Any Additional Terms Should Be Well-Documented

Place the number of days after receiving this Invoice that the Hotel Guest is given to make an on-time payment in the statement beginning with the word “Payment.”

Any “Comments Or Special Instructions” that should be delivered in writing with this Invoice may be done so using the last two blank lines.


How to Write in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

DownloadMicrosoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Hotel Invoice You Can Be Downloaded As An Excel Document

You can view this template using the preview picture and download it as an Excel file by choosing the “MS Excel” button or the download link above.

2 – Attend To The First Few Cells On This Page TO Report On The Hotel And The Invoice Paperwork

Include The Hotel Or Management Company’s Logo With This Paperwork by locating Cell A1 then importing it as an image to its contents. You may delete the contents of this cell and leave it blank if no such logo exists. The Hotel’s Legal Name must be placed in Cell A2. Once we have solidified the Hotel or Management Company as the originator of this paperwork, we must enable the Guest to contact the Hotel if these charges need further discussion. To achieve this, state the Name of the Hotel Employee who has developed and sent this Invoice in Cell A3 then continue by using the next three cells on this spreadsheet to document the Hotel or Management Company’s Address. The next items of information that should be delivered are the Hotel’s “E-Mail” Address and the Hotel’s “Phone” Number. Cells A7 (“E-mail”) and A8 (“Phone”) are reserved for this information. Now we will provide a file reference by entering the Invoice Number for this document to Cell F4 along with the Invoice Date to Cell H4.

3 – Accurately Document The Guest Information Along With the Charges They Must Pay

The Guest that is being Charged for Hotel Products or Services should be directly addressed and named as the Recipient of this bill. Find the group of cells under “Bill To.” Replace the contents of Cells A11, A12, A13, and A14 with the Name, Street Address, City, State, Country, and Zip Code where the Guest receives mail.

In addition to the Guest’s Billing Address, you should enter the Room he or she stayed in by replacing the term “[Room Number]” with it.

Next, we will need to attend the table at the heart of this document. Use the cells in column A of this area (labeled “Description”) to account for each charge made to the Guest’s Account. Ideally, one row should only concern one charge. Continue reporting information on this row by reporting how much of each item or service the Guest ordered in the “Quantity” column. Finally, use the “Unit Price” column to indicate how much one unit of the ordered charges costs. For instance, if the Guest ordered four bottles of soda, then enter the number four in “Quantity” and state the price of one bottle in “Unit Price.” The “Amount” column holds the formula to calculate how much the item or service reported will cost the Guest. The “Subtotal” and “Total” field will both deliver the appropriate sums based on what you have entered. However, for the “Total” field to be correct, you must record the Taxes the Guest must pay in “Tax.”

4 – A Distinct Area Has Been To Deliver Additional Information To The Guest

Normally, a timely payment is expected when an Invoice is received, however, it would be considered wise to inform the Hotel Guest when a payment is received on-time and when it is received late. Enter the number of days the Guest must submit a payment within (starting with the day this Invoice is delivered) to cell A30.If this Invoice must be accompanied with either “Comments Or Special Instructions” then, locate Cell A31 and use the available space to report such items.


Downloads: 1,493