IT Consultant Invoice Template

IT Consultant Invoice Template is a staple in the billing procedure employed when seeking payment from Clients. This paperwork gathers the details that should be presented on a bill.  By providing such material, you will be able to answer the basic questions IT Consult Clients will want answered before submitting a payment. Naturally, providing such answers up front will promote a timely payment for the services and products being billed to your IT Consult Client.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain Your Information Technology Consultation Invoice From This Site

The invoice to bill your Consultation Clients for an IT Consultation is available as a PDF or “MS Word” file by clicking the appropriately labeled button featured with the preview on this page.


2 – The First Segment Of This Invoice Must Be Used To Identify Yourself

The identity of the Consultant Company that has provided the IT Consultation should have its information displayed prominently at the top of this page. The first field of this document has been included so that you can enter the IT Consultant Company’s full and legal name. If you do not have a “Company Name” then you may delete these words or simply place your own name in this field.  Regardless of the name you entered above, your first, middle, and last name must appear on the blank space labeled “Name.”In addition to your identity, the information one requires to contact the IT Consultant Company producing this paperwork (or you) must also be clearly visible at the beginning of this document. The blank lines attached to the labels “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” are reserved specifically to receive such information.Currently, nearly all of the IT Consultant Clients you work with will wish to have a valid “Phone” number and “E-Mail” where the IT Consultant responsible for this paperwork may be reached. Make sure to enter this material accordingly.


3 – Name The IT Consultation Client And This Document

This paperwork should have a method to easily refer to it. The invoice number your IT Consultant Company has attached to this consultation should be available to your Client. Submit it to the “Invoice #” line.  In addition, disclose the invoice “Date” when this paperwork is produced on the next available empty space.Now we shall take a moment to focus on the Client’s information, as provided by the Client. The “Bill To” section of this page will request several items to direct the correct entity to pay the amount owed for the consultation. Fill in the IT Consultant Client’s “Name” and business address. Use the lines “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” as a guide to display this information correctly.


4 – Give A Full Report On Why Your Client Must Pay This Invoice

Three tables will enable a concise display of the full range of services involved with the information technology consultation being billed here. The first of these tables, “Products,” features four distinct columns that you must use to convey details regarding any software, hardware, or other physical items the IT Consult Client is obligated to pay for. Naturally, your IT Client will want to see a brief “Description” of what he or she is purchasing. This information should be placed on separate rows in the first column.  The “Quantity” and “Unit Cost” of each software, piece of hardware, or other merchandise required for the IT Consultation should also be laid out to the satisfaction of the IT Consult Client. The dollar amounts the IT Consult Client must pay in exchange for the merchandise you listed should be calculated for him or her as a consideration. You will need to multiply the “Quantity” of the merchandise listed by its “Unit Cost.” The resulting figure will be the “Amount” of money this consultation requires for the concerned piece(s) of merchandise. Submit this number to the last column, making sure that each row with information is satisfied accordingly.  When you have produced the dollar “Amount” each piece of ordered merchandise requires of the IT Consult Client, add each one then deliver this figure in the “Total Products” box. The second of these tables, “Labor,” will address the physical work put into the consultation. Since, physical work may consist of everything from a sit-down discussion to physically installing computer components, several columns will allow for different jobs and rates to be applied. Begin by calling out either a calendar date, project number, or job “Description” in the first column to inform the IT Consult Client why these billable hours are being applied to the invoice amount he or she must pay. After describing the IT consultation tasks required, your IT Client will want to see a rundown of the “Hours” and “Hourly Rate” that apply. Therefore, use the second column as a place to enter the number of hours spent on a consultation session and the third column to define the amount of money that must be paid for each of these hours. An additional convenience for the IT Consult Client will need a multiplication of the “Hours” and “Hourly Rate” applied to the concerned consultation session on each row with the result presented on the appropriate row in the last column (“Amount”). In turn, these monies should be added document the “Total Labor” cost in the last box.Finally, the third table will only need three numbers. In “Subtotal,” enter the result of “Total Products” plus “Total Labor” If the consultation session requires you charge the Client a “Tax” amount, then display it in the next box of this column. The “Total” box will be the total amount of money the IT Consult Client must pay. Add “Tax” and “Subtotal” to reach this figure then input it accordingly.


5 – An Option To Deliver Additional Terms And Information Is Available

The statement located on the same line as the “Total” you calculated is optional but generally considered a wise part of the standard language used by most entities seeking payment for their services. The number you enter on the blank space after the words “…Is Due Within” and “Days” will define the grace period you allow for an on time payment. The “Comments Or Special Instructions” will lead into two blank lines. This space can be used to include any material or information you believe should be included with this invoice. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Retrieve IT Consultation Invoice As A Spreadsheet From This Site

You may obtain an Excel version of the billing paperwork displayed in the preview image by selecting the “MS Excel” button on this site.


2 – Document The Identity Of Your IT Consultant Service

Your IT Consultation logo and “Company Name” will be the first items requested by this sheet. Present them to the Client using cells A1 and A2, then, introduce yourself as the Sender by reporting your name in cell A3.  The fourth, fifth, and sixth cells in this column (A4 through A6) should be populated with the various parts of IT Consultant Service official business address. Follow the labels provided down this column to document the full address. Complete your IT Consultant Service information with its “E-Mail” and “Phone” number. These items can be entered in cell A7 and A8.


3 – Name The Consultant Client Responsible For Payment

If this document is meant to request a payment from your Client, you will need to make sure it is properly addressed. Therefore, use cells A11 through A14 to record the necessary items defined by each field’s label. Begin with the IT Consultant Client’s “Name.” This should be submitted to A11. Complete the “Bill To” section with the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” where the IT Consultant Client receives his or her mail in the next three cells.


4 – Present The IT Consult Session’s Invoice Information

Many IT Consultant Clients will wish to see certain facts and pieces of information. A few tables have been supplied for this purpose. The first table located in the upper right part of this spreadsheet will only have two columns: “Invoice #” and “Date.” This area requests that the invoice number and invoice date for the IT consultation session is entered in cells F4 and H4 accordingly.  The next two tables will both focus on reporting details pertaining to the IT consultation session being billed. You will only need to enter information to the first three columns of these tables while the last column (H) will contain formulas utilizing the information you enter. Use the “A” column to describe the merchandise or computer parts necessary for this consult then, in the “F” column (“Quantity”) document how many of these items were ordered for this IT consultation. Report the cost of just one unit of each item reported in the “G” column. This will automatically fill the H column with the necessary values. The third table on this page, “Labor,” will have slightly different requirements on information because it will deal only with the physical time spent working. The “A” column of this table presents an area where you can give a “Description” of the consult involving a date, time, or project number. You should follow this information by reporting the total number of “Hours” worked during each defined date, shift, or project. Now, enter the dollar sum that must be paid for one hour’s worth of work during the concerned date, work shift, or project number. This “Hourly Rate” should be put in the “G” column. As with the table above, the “H” column will present several totals for the IT Consultation Client’s review. The final table on this page consists of one column and three rows. Locate the field labeled “Tax” in cell A34 then enter how much money the IT Consultant Client must pay to cover the taxes on this invoice.


5 – More Material Defining This Invoice Can Be Reported

You may impose a due date or deadline to pay this invoice upon the IT Consult Client by substituting the brackets before the word “Days” with this number in cell A34. Gather any additional material the IT Consult Client should be provided in cell A35.