Marketing Consultant invoice Template

Marketing Consultant Invoice can be used as a record of the services that must be paid for by a Client while simultaneously requesting a payment of the charges it lists. You can use the formatted areas of this paperwork as a means of delivering the specifics required for such a request in a standardized fashion thus, promoting an efficiency in your billing process. This paperwork can be used as a PDF, MS Word, or MS Excel document. Each version is identical and will be formatted with fields that you can enter information to manually or through a merge with your database (provided it is compatible).

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save Your Marketing Consultant Invoice From This Page

If you wish to obtain this document to bill your Marketing Consultation Client, select one of the buttons designated as either an “Adobe PDF” file or “MS Word” file. This will be a straightforward template where you can enter information with a pdf editor or word processing program.

2 – The Name Of Your Marketing Consultation Business Is Required

Your Marketing Consultant Business will need to be properly introduced at the top of the page. Therefore, submit it to the first field on this page (“Company Name”) then your first, middle, and last name to the second field (labeled “Name”). After you have identified both the Marketing Consultant Business sending this document and yourself, a display of the information required by your Client to contact your company or you should be made. A few labeled fields are provided for this purpose. This will allow you to list your address (“Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”), your professional telephone number (“Phone”), and your official electronic mail address (“E-Mail”) in clear and standard manner.


3 – Attach The Marketing Consultation Client To The Invoice Number

The series of digits or letters you have determined as the invoice number for this consultation job can also have a place to be clearly displayed. The shaded bar below the heading will contain two easily noticeable places where you can submit both the invoice number (“Invoice #”) and invoice date (“Date”). Immediately below the filing information you supplied is the “Bill To” section of this paperwork. Here, you will need to plainly identify the Marketing Consultant Client using the blank spaces presented in this section. There will be a specific “Name” space to identify the Marketing Consultation Client then several more so that you may full report his or her address. Make sure to produce the “Street Address,” the “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” of the Client’s address on the correct blank lines.


4 – Give An Account Of The Marketing Consultation For The Client

The marketing consultation provided to the client should be reviewed and adequately documented for this invoice to be considered complete. You can do this by submitting a “Description” of the work done to the first column of the table at the center of this document. Such a definition can be entered as a period of time or a contract number so long as each is on a separate row. The “Hours” that you spent on the consultation should be summarized using the second column. You must also make a record of the hourly rate that must be paid to the Marketing Consultation Business in the “$/Hour” column. The column designated with the “Amount” title will require you multiply the “Hours” and “$/Hour” columns with one another. It is the result of this multiplication that must be presented in this column for each row reporting on a marketing consultation. Now, all numbers you supplied to the “Amount” column must be added to the “Subtotal” box. The “Subtotal” you provided may be subject to taxation and the amount of taxes the Client must pay must be entered in the “Tax” box.

Finally, add your “Subtotal” to the “Tax” amount then enter it in the “Total” box. 

You may consider this paperwork complete but two optional areas are provided for your use. If your intent is to collect payment within a given number of days, then enter this number on the empty line in the first statement under the table.

The “Comments Or Special Instructions” area can be used to cover more material not previously included.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1- Your Marketing Consultation Sessions Can Be Billed With The Spreadsheet On This Page

The excel file you can download by clicking the “MS Excel” button will give you the benefit of billing your customers using a formatted spreadsheet containing some convenient formulas. Select this button then save the file it generates.

2- This Document Will Need To Define The Intended Payee And Payer

The first column of this sheet will require you to report several descriptions. The first of which will be a self-report on your identity (the Payee). You can present this introduction by furnishing your Marketing Consultation Service’s logo to cell A1, inputting the legal name of the Marketing Consultation Service in cell A2, and entering your own full name in cell A3. The business address where your Marketing Consultation Service expects its mail will have its own place here in this column as well. The “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” cells (A4, 5, and 6) expect your Marketing Consultation Service’s official address to be entered as their labels direct. Your Marketing Consultation Service should have a valid “E-Mail” and “Phone” number where your Clients can reach a representative or you. Thus, cell A7 and cell A8 have been presented so that you can make sure your Client has this information at-hand when receiving this document. Most of your Clients will expect this convenience. The Payer you intend to send this paperwork to will need to be included in the “Bill To” section below cell A10. Record the “Name” of your Marketing Consultation Client in cell A11. Cell A12 will require the Payer’s building number and street name. Note: If a specific PO box or suite number is part of your address make sure it is recorded as well. Furnish the next two cells of this column with the Payer’s “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”


3- The Three Tables On This Spreadsheet Will Combine To Officially Bill The Consult Client

You will need to make sure your Marketing Consultation Client has certain pieces of information at his or her disposal when viewing this paperwork. Locate the two-column table at the top of this page. Note the column titles “Invoice #” and “Date.” This will allow a record of the filing number you assigned this invoice to be given to the Client (cell F4) along with the invoice date defining when this document is effective (cell H4).  The second table, beginning with the 16th row and spanning columns A, F, G, and H will require some material provided in the “A,” “F,” and “G” columns. The self-explanatory column heading “Description” will begin our process of formally attaching an owed sum for the consult session. Each row should have one time period (i.e. calendar date/times worked) or easily recognizable point of reference (i.e. contract name or the Client’s account number).  The “F” column will give you an intuitive place to report how many “Hours” the consultation required. Make sure to report each session or contract’s “Hours” on the same row. Finally, the money that is earned for one hour of work (and each hour after that) for a reported session date/contract number must be input in the “G” column (bearing the title “$/Hour”)/ As you enter information to this column, the next one will use a formula to determine then report how much the Consultation Client owes for the work defined on that row.  In addition to the money owed for each row’s session/contract, the “Subtotal” and “Total” boxes will populate. These will present the sums defining this bill, but you must still record how much money the Marketing Consultation Client must pay in taxes. Input this amount in cell H28.  Notice the sentence in cell A30. Enter how many days your Marketing Consultation Service will wait for a payment before declaring it late in this cell where the bracketed symbol has been placed. The cell A31 contains an area after the words “…Special Instructions” where you can include a variety of material pertinent to the consultation session or this invoice.