Invoice Cover Letter Template

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The invoice cover letter is placed on top of an invoice or as the first (1st) page to introduce the billing party or to add context to the breakdown of the bill. The letter should describe the details of the invoice as well as show appreciation for the customer’s business and when the payment is due. Depending on how personal the billing party would like to make the letter, it can be signed on the bottom or printed along with the company’s letterhead or logo.

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How to Make in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word (.docx)

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Gain Access To The Invoice Cover Letter

Obtain a copy of this letter from the “Adobe PDF” button on this page when it is time to Invoice a Client or Customer. This letter should be filled out then sent with the Invoice you are mailing.

2 – This Letter’s Headings Should Be Satisfied With Information

The standard Business Letter Format requires three relevant pieces of information. The first of which will be the Execution Date. Place the official Calendar Date when this letter is being produced using the two blank lines after the word “Date” at the top of this page. The word “From” will have three blank spaces below it. Use these to record the Legal Name and Mailing Address of the entity sending this letter. The final requirement of this heading will be the Invoice Number you wish to use to identify the document you are sending with this letter. Supply this number on the blank space attached to the subject line “Re: Invoice No.”

3 – Identify The Paperwork This Letter Is Concerned With

The first blank space in the opening paragraph will require an explanation for why the Invoice is being sent to the Recipient. This may be in the form of a summary of tasks performed for the Client or a Project/Job Number.  Next, deliver a Payment Deadline to the Client by entering the last Calendar Date before his or her payment will be considered on-time using the two blank lines after the words “…Full Amount By” 

4 – Include A Valid Point Of Contact

Now, the statement beginning with the term “If You Have Any Questions…” will present two blank spaces reserved for your “…Telephone” Number and E-Mail Address.

5 – Close This Letter With The Sender’s Identity

Once all the information above has been supplied, the Sender must sign his or her Name on the blank line below the word “Sincerely.”  The Sender’s “Title/Position” should be displayed on the blank space after the term “Title/Position.”

Downloads: 13,686