Dump Truck (Hours Worked) Invoice Template

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Dump Truck Hours Worked Invoice Template is useful when it is time to account for the time spent on a Customer jobe so that a payment can be obtained. This document can be prepared well in advance before its presentation or if needed in the truck, can be furnished with the basic header and customer information. This will allow the Operator to fill it out on-site if necessary. The important thing when developing and issuing this paperwork is that all the information it requests is adequately documented, as this will be imperative in obtaining payment from the concerned Customer.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Download The Dump truck Invoice Using This Page

Select either the “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word (.docx)” link above to gain access to the document required to invoice your Dump truck Customer.


2 – The Dump Truck Company Information Is Required

Once you open this document find the first field (“Company Name”) then submit the name of the Dump Truck Company to its contents.  The “Name” of someone with the Dump Truck Company who is authorized to correspond with the Customer should be input on the line with the “Name” label.The Dump Truck Company or Business should have its “Street Address” displayed with its “City, State, Country,” and corresponding “Zip Code.”Our next requirement will be to furnish the Dump Truck Company “Phone” and “E-Mail” information accordingly.


3 – Invoice The Dump Truck Customer

The first logical step to invoicing the Dump Truck Customer is to identify the paperwork used to bill him or her. This is traditionally done by assigning an alphanumeric numeral as a document number to the invoice. Input this on the “Invoice #” line. Continue identifying this bill by recording the first “Date” it applies to the Dump Truck Customer. Locate the bold word “To.” Use the labeled spaces beneath this word to document the Dump Trick Customer’s “Name” and address. The subject matter of this document should now be detailed for the Dump Truck Customer. We will address this through the table on this page. First, give a “Description” or report on the dump truck job in the first column. The time it took to complete the disposal job should be determined then reported. Place this detail in the “Hours” column. The “Hourly Rate” that will be charged to the Customer for the dump truck job being discussed should also be documented. The third column of this table has been included for this purpose. The final request of this table will be a multiplication of the “Hours” and “Hourly Rate” which should be presented in the column “Amount.”


4 – An Optional Invoice Section Can Be Utilized

Any additional statements, disclosures, or instructions that must be delivered to the Dump Truck Customer should be placed on the blank lines after “Comments Or Special Instructions”


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Dump Truck Invoice As An Excel Sheet

The excel sheet accessible through the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)”


2 – Identify The Dump Truck Company And Its Customer

After opening this spreadsheet, you will notice several areas. We will tend to the upper left-hand corner first. Substitute the current generic logo with the logo of the Dump Truck Company in cell A1. Then, in the next cell down, enter the Dump Truck “Company Name.”
The mailing address of the Dump Truck Company can now be presented for the Customer.  The Dump Truck’s business address should be recorded line by line beginning with cell A4 (“Street Address”) and concluding with cell A6 (“Zip Code”). Similarly, we will give the Dump Truck Customer a means to both “E-Mail” (cell A7) and call (cell A8, “Phone”) the Dump Truck Operator or a Customer Service Representative by entering the requested information in the two cells below the address you recorded above. The Dump Truck Customer’s “Name” will be needed in cell A11. The entity or individual you name here shall be the one this invoice holds responsible for the “Amount” that will be listed. After recording the Dump Truck Customer’s identity, utilize the next three cells in column A as a place to document his or her Address. A table has been placed on row 16. We will use this section of the invoice as a staging area for the disposal job required by the Dump Truck Customer. The “Description” column, in the “A” column, will need an account of the disposal and hauling services provided by the Dump Truck(s). This can be by date, shift, contract, or even weight. The information you report here will depend on how the Client and the Dump Truck Customer defined the job.

The time spent hauling the disposed material for the Customer should be accounted for in this spreadsheet. Record this number of “Hours” in column F of the table. Column G of this spreadsheet will also have an area in the table where information should be presented. Here, you will record the “Hourly Rate” the Customer must pay for the Dump Truck and Driver. Once you have recorded both these values, the total cost of the dump truck services will be listed in the H column (“Amount”)More content defining the disposal job, the invoice, or instructions beneficial to the Dump Truck Customer can be given through cell A19. 

Downloads: 1,273