Psychologist Invoice Template

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Psychologist Invoice Template is an established tool that informs Patients or Clients that a certain amount of money is due as payment to the Psychologist sending it. This can be considered a conveniently laid out template that remains adjustable for most billing situations. So long as the content’s requests are satisfied with requested items, it can be set to provide an appropriate level of material for the session or other services being billed.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $79,010/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $37.99/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Psychologist Invoice

A “PDF” and “Word” versions of the invoice previewed on this site are accessible using the buttons displayed with the picture. If desired, you can also use the text links above to access them.

2 – Clearly Identify The Psychologist

This invoice will need to introduce itself with the Psychologist’s identity. If he or she operates on behalf of a Clinic, its legal name should be input in place of the “Company Name” label in the first text field. This field can also be populated with the Psychologist’s professional name and credentials if he or she operates a Private Practice.                                                   

Document the Psychologist’s “Name” on the first blank line then the mailing address he or she maintains professionally. Three lines beginning with “Street Address” will allow this information shown in a structured fashion. The two lines that follow below this (“City, State, Country,” “ZIP Code”) should be used to report the rest of the address.   

Present the Psychologists’s “Phone” and “E-Mail” information to the last two lines.     


3 – Provide The Psychologist Invoice Information

The Psychologist’s bookkeeping system should have determined an invoice number that can be assigned here. Deliver this to the blank line attached to “Invoice #.”    The invoice “Date” for this interaction is the next piece of information you must input. Utilize the appropriately labeled lien to display this item for the Client.   


4 – Directly Address The Psychology Client

The “Bill To” portion of this invoice will handle an important task; making certain the Client is named as responsible for paying the amount you will request for the service you will define. First, enter the Psychology Client’s “Name” on the empty line provided.        The blank lines following this Party’s identity are devoted to making sure the mailing address of the Psychology Client is on display. Produce it according to the labels attached to each line.         


5 – Invoice Charges Must Be Displayed With Session Information

The invoice table in the body of this document will need a reasonably thought out report that includes a “Description” of the psychology session being billed. Generally, this requirement can be satisfied with the dates and times of a session or by service (i.e. overseeing an intervention).              The right side of this table will have a few requirements you must apply information too. Deliver the price of the service in the first box (“Amount”).         Submit the sum of all Psychology charges that do not include any taxes to the “Subtotal” box then produce the “Tax” that must be paid in the next box.        Add the previous items (“Subtotal” and “Tax”) to one sum and place the result in the “Total” box.          After producing the above sum, give the Psychology Client the time-frame the office applies to on time versus late payments. The maximum amount of “Days” that define a payment made on time must be furnished in the space between the hashtag and “…”Days”      Include any other additional information to the blank lines marked with the words “Comments Or Special Instructions”       


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – An Excel Version Of The Psychologist Invoice Is Available

Save the psychologist invoice as a spreadsheet file through the “Excel (.xlsx)” text link or “Excel” button.


2 – Document The Psychologist’s Contact Information

Column A’s structure acts to identify the participants of this invoice. The Psychologist seeking payment will be the first party we will be concerned with. First, find cell A1 and replace the current image with the Psychologist’s professional banner or logo.      Cell A2 must be used to present the Psychologist’s Private Practice or Clinic’s legal name.     Furnish the Psychologist’s complete “Name” to cell A3.           Use the next three cells (A4 through A6) to display the Psychology Practice or Clinic’s complete address.       Now you should produce the Psychologist’s Private Practice or Clinic “E-Mail” address to cell A7 and its “Phone” in cell A8.     


3 – Identify The Psychology Client

As we progress through column A, we will come to the “Bill To” section. Document the Psychology Client’s entire “Name” in cell A11       Follow the labels down this column to present the Psychology Client’s complete address in cells A12, A13, and A14.       

4 – Bill For The Psychologist’s Services

Before you supply the content defining why the Psychologist is requesting payment, you must turn your attention to the text in cell F4. Replace it with the “Invoice #” the label above it requests. You will also need the calendar “Date” that sets this bill as an active document. Cell H4 will display a default that you have the option of replacing.        The seventeenth row of this document is composed of the first two cells of an invoice table where the concerned therapy sessions must be outlined and priced. Use the first of these, cell A17, to describe when the concerned sessions occurred or how many must be paid for.       H17, the adjacent cell in this column, must contain the dollar “Amount” required for the concerned therapy sessions.         Notice that column H will continue to the next row. Make certain that all the charges on this bill are summed in cell H18. This figure should not contain any “Tax” amount. You must furnish how much money must be paid in taxes in the next cell (H19).         The “Total” cell (H20) in this column will summarize how much must be paid with the sum of “Subtotal” and “Tax.”                


5 – The Final Area Is Optional

The sentence below this (cellH21) will contain a bracketed symbol that should be replaced with the maximum number of “…Days” The Psychology Client is allowed as a grace period.     

Cell H22 will accept additional content as needed after the text label “Comments Or Special Instructions.”