Referral Fee Invoice Template

A referral fee invoice is paid by a company that had business sent to them by another party. This is common in the professional world, especially real estate, where agents send clients to one another for 25% of the commission.

On the internet, this is also a well-known occurrence where websites are willing to pay anywhere from 8% to 45% of sales. In other instances, such as subscription services, the company may give a percentage (%) of the lifetime of the customer.

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How To Write In PDF Or Word

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Download The Referral Fee Invoice In A PDF Or Word Format

The Referral Invoice is downloadable as an “Adobe PDF” file or “Microsoft Word (.docx)”) document using the links provided above this section.


Step 2 – Introduce The Company Requiring Its Payment Referral

The full name of the Referral Service or the Company that has provided a referral to the Recipient should be recorded on the “Company Name” line at the top of the page.  The “Name” line displayed with the textbox you completed refers to the Reference Provider or the Representative seeking payment on behalf of this entity. Produce his or “Name’ to this line in the header area.  The Referral Service or Reference Provider’s mailing address where incoming paper correspondence is monitored is the next document request. Utilize the three blank lines underneath the “Name” you listed to display the Referral Service or Provider’s “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” then “Zip Code.” The “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address of the Referral Service or Reference Provider should now be presented to complete these contact details. Locate the two blank lines below the address you supplied then document this information. 


Step 3 – Document The Invoice Material Needed For Identification

A reliable means of identification must be assigned to the Referral Service or Reference Provider’s bill. A divider below the contact information for this entity has been supplied with an empty line labeled “Invoice #.” The “Date” when this invoicing procedure is conducted requires documentation as well. Notice the blank line on the right-hand side of the dividing bar will request this material. Supply any “Date” you wish but keep in mind this will be used later to determine when this bill is due. 


Step 4 – Directly Bill The Referral Recipient

The billing section of this invoice is aptly titled “Bill To.” this language will call attention to the section below it as one that identifies the Referred Party Or Reference Recipient obligated to pay this invoice.  The address where the Referred Party or Reference Recipient wishes its bills sent is the next required documentation. Thus, locate the “Street Address” then furnish the Referred Party or Reference Recipient’s building number, street name, and applicable unit number.  Continue reporting this address by supplying the “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” of the Referred Party or Reference Recipient. 


Step 5 – Describe the Referral That Must Be Paid For

The reference that was provided should be detailed to a reasonable degree. Use the “Description” field to list items such as the date and subject of the referral. 


Step 6 – Price The Delivered Referral

The “Amount” field of this spreadsheet also makes a request regarding the referral that was provided. Produce the dollar amount expected of the Referral Recipient under the column title “Amount.”  The “Total” field placed below “Amount” wishes a summarization of the referral costs you listed. Re-enter the requested “Amount” as the Referral’s “Total.” If more than one referral is being billed then sum up all the amounts you recorded above and produce it in the “Total” field. 


Step 7 – Assign A Specific Due Date To The Referral Payment

Generally, many would consider it wise to inform the Client of the exact number of “Days” that may elapse after the Invoice “Date” that defines the grace period. This span of time allows the invoice to be unpaid but with the assumption that a payment is being sent. If this number of “Days” elapses the Referral Service or Reference Provider may pursue additional measures to collect its funds.


Step 8 – Additional Discussion Concerning Referral May Be Included At Will

If the Referral Service or Reference Provider intends to include unaddressed material, you may furnish it directly to the blank lines labeled “Comments Or Special Instructions.” 


How To Write In Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Open And Download The Referral Invoice Template

The Referral Invoice available through this page can be seen in the preview image and downloaded as an Excel template using the “Excel” button or “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link.


Step 2 – Display The Reference Provider Or Referring Party’s Contact Details

Open your spreadsheet template then select the first field in column A (cell A1). Use the menu ribbon to “Insert” a picture here. The image you insert should be the logo of the Reference Provider or Referral Service sending this invoice.  The “Company Name” of the Reference Provider or Referral Business should be paired off with the image you inserted. Input this material in cell A2 so it will display properly. One more Party must be identified here. In cell A3, the “Name” of the Office Employee or Business Owner responsible for obtaining payment should be furnished as the entry to this field.  The fields reading “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” request the Reference Provider’s business address. Once this material has been produced in cells A4 and A5 respectively conclude this address with the Reference Provider’s “Zip Code” in cell A6  Cell A7 displays a field with the label “E-Mail” which should be replaced with the Reference Provider’s current electronic mailing address. It is strongly recommended that a business “E-Mail” diligently monitored by the Business be entered here. Finally, the Reference Provider’s current business number must be furnished to the field containing “Phone.”


Step 3 – Categorize This Paperwork With Filing Information


The Reference Provider’s “Invoice #” and “Date” for this referral payment must be attached to this paperwork. Cell F4 is reserved for the Referral’s “Invoice #” while cell H4 automatically assigns your desktop’s calendar day as the Invoice “Date” (but you can alter this to a different day if preferred). 


Step 4 – Name The Reference Recipient As The Paying Client

The Business or Contractor who will benefit from the Reference Provider’s referral is usually the same entity responsible for payment. The Paying Client’s “Name” should be presented in this spreadsheet in his or her role. The language “Bill To” will immediately target the Reference Recipient as the Client once you furnish the appropriate “Name” to cell A11. A continuation of the Reference Recipient’s identity necessitates that his or her billing address be recorded in cells A12 through A14. Replace the language in these fields (“Street Address,” “City, State…,” “Zip Code”) with this billing address.   


Step 5 – Discuss The Provided Reference

A table bearing the “Description” and “Amount” labels sets a stage of presentation where the Paying Client will be formally invoiced. Cell A17 is the first field that should be completed. The material you produce in this field should be an adequate report on the referral the Sender provided. For instance, the calendar day of the referral, its subject matter, the entity referred, and/or the title of an applicable referral agreement may be displayed for pricing in cell A17. 


Step 6 – Summarize The Cost Of The Referral

The next field (cell H17) requires the referral cost the Invoice Sender expects paid. You may list as many referrals to this table as you wish.  The final field, cell H18, expects a “Total” presented to its contents. If more than one referral is being invoiced, add all the dollar amounts recorded above to a single value then produce it in cell H18.


Step 7 – Impose A Time Limit For The Referral Payment

Two additional fields of entry are supplied below the completed billing table. In cell A19, you can apply a deadline to the referral payment. Delete then substitute the bracketed pound sign between the term “…Due In” and the word “Days” with the amount of “Days” this invoice can be left unpaid. 


Step 8 – Document Additional Reports And Paperwork As Needed

Cell A20 will allows documentation for the Reference Provider’s “Comments Or Special Instructions” applying to this request for payment.