Bill of Sale Invoice Template

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Bill of Sale Invoice Template is used whenever an invoice that must also prove a sale has occurred must be generated. This is usually the case when the purchase is a motor vehicle, a sea vessel, or a parcel of land. In truth, this paperwork can be issued for any purchase that requires a payment and proof of transaction. It is worth noting that you must be abreast of the requirements outside agencies (such as the local Department of Motor Vehicles) place on such proofs. Making certain such expectations are satisfied before completing this paperwork will aid in a timely process.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Bill Of Sale From This Page

The paperwork presented on this page (through the “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word” links) should be saved in the format you prefer working with. You can also gain a copy using the buttons in the preview image area.


2 – Make A Presentation Of The Seller Information

Information defining the Seller should be viewed as necessary for this paperwork to function. A definitive area at the top of this page is available so this information can be put in a prominent area. The text (“Company Name”) in the first field should be deleted then substituted with the exact business name of the Selling Company.  In the area that follows the first field, you will see a few labels each corresponding to a blank line. Locate the first such labeled line then fill in the Sales Person or (individual) Seller’s first, middle, and last “Name.”   The following labels will request the Seller’s business “Street Address,” the “City, State…,” and the “Country,” as well as the Seller’s “ZIP Code” dispatched to their corresponding blank spaces.   We will also supply a couple of popular methods of contact so the Buyer can utilize any measure he or she prefers. The Seller’s telephone number should, thus, be placed on the “Phone” space and his or her email address documented on the “E-Mail” line.   


3 – Produce The Designated Number For This Bill

Whether you are a private Seller or a professional entity (i.e. a car dealership), assigning a unique alphanumeric invoice number to this document and its referenced transaction may prove useful in the future. Record this identifier on the line labeled “Invoice #.”  The “Date” of this Bill of Sale will document when this transaction has been completed. Enter this on the next blank space.   


4 – The Buyer Information Is A Required Submission

The Buyer should also be included in this paperwork. This is especially important if this Bill Of Sale concerns a vehicle such as an automobile or sea vessel. Find the bold title “Bill To” then identify the Buyer. Accomplish this by submitting the full “Name” on his or her license or similar I.D., supplying the Buyer’s building number, street name, and unit number on the “Street Address” line,  and entering the Buyer’s zip code on the last line.   

The next section will concern itself with a definition of the sale being discussed through this paperwork. The section with the “Description” heading makes an expectation of the sold asset or property. Thus, if this is a vehicle then record its VIN (vehicle identification number)/HIN (hull identification number) or if this is real estate, its legal description, legal plot number, etc.    Furnish the full “Amount” paid for the property or asset in the second column.   The sentence at the end of this paperwork (starting with the word “Payment”) serves as a tool of obligation. If payment will be due, then place a deadline composed of a set number of “Days” that a payment received in response to this document will be considered on time. Any Buyer payment submitted after this time period would be considered delinquent and subject to penalty.    In some cases, additional material, forms, or even disclosures may need documentation with this bill of sale. If this is such a case, then volunteer this additional information after the term “Comments Or Special Instructions”   


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Bill Of Sale Available On This Page

The Bill of Sale shown in the image on this page is an accessible excel sheet. Simply click on the link “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” in this area of the page or the “MS Excel” button above to download this spreadsheet.


2 – Utilize Column A TO Report The Seller And Buyer Identities

The first cells in this document that need input are A1, A2, and A3. These cells have been placed in the traditional area where a bill’s originator must self-identify. Thus, if the Seller has a logo associated with his or her business entity then upload it as an image in cell A1. 

Continue by recording the “Company Name” legally used by the Seller for business in cell A2.  Now the individual who is verifying this sale and will be able to correspond regarding it either as the Seller or on behalf of the Seller must have his or her complete “Name” typed into cell A3.   

The fourth cell in this column (currently reading as “Street Address”) makes a request of the building number, the street, and any applicable suite number in the address where the Seller receives mail.   

Conclude the Seller’s address with the “City, State, Country” input in cell A5 and his or her “ZIP Code” in cell A6. 

In addition to the Seller’s identity and mailing address, record the “E-Mail” address that should be used to contact the Seller in cell A7. 

Finally, a reliable telephone number where the Seller can be found must be included. Furnish it to cell A8.    A similar report the Buyer of the property or asset being sold will be a required submission to this paperwork. In cell A11, this entity’s complete “Name” is required.     Cell A12, cell A13, and cell A14 are reserved strictly for a presentation of the Buyer address. Notice this area is set in a similar format as the report in the heading. Thus, the Buyer’s “Street Address” is needed in cell A12, the Seller’s “City, State, Country” should be recorded in cell A13, and finally, the appropriate “ZIP Code” must be supplied to cell A14.     


3 – The Bill OF Sale Requests Necessary Definitions

The “Invoice #” attached to the concerned bill will need its presentation made in cell F4 and the “Date” when this transaction occurred placed in H4.   

The table composing the main area of this sheet will start with cell A17. This is the field where a clear “Description” of the concerned property or asset is required. Keep in mind, this cell requires some definitive and comprehensive information especially since it can be used to prove a purchase to a government entity (such as the DMV when purchasing an automobile). Refer to your records and input the details accordingly. 

Cell H17 is set specifically to display the “Amount” being paid for the purchased asset or real property.    In some cases, this bill of sale may represent a down payment or may require additional monies. If so, present a deadline for the Buyer to answer this bill as a preset number of days where the pound sign is placed in cell A18 (just before the word “…Days”).   The final cell, in column A (cell A19), where material can be placed will allow you to cover additional subject matter, not previously discussed, that should be included. Enter this after the label “Comments Or Special Instructions”