Car Sales Invoice Template

Car Sales Invoice Template is considered an official document from your Company once it is filled out properly and issued to a Client. This template will allow quick and seamless production of the invoice information the majority of Sales Clients or Customers will wish to review and keep for their records. Additionally, this will contribute to the paper trail used to keep track of the billing process for the concerned Client and the expected payment.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – The Car Sales Invoice Available Here Must Be Downloaded

The invoice attached to the “Adobe PDF” and “Microsoft Word (.docx)” links above (as well as the compatible buttons near the image) will allow you to open and save this invoice to your machine. Select the one(s) you wish to obtain by clicking on that link (or button) then follow the dialogue prompt to save it to your machine.

2 – A Noticeable Header Will Allow For The Seller’s Information

As the Seller of the automobile, you may be employed by a larger entity or working on your own behalf. If you work for a Dealership or with one that will require an invoice copy, then record the Dealership’s Name in the box “Company Name.” Otherwise, if a freelance salesman, enter your professional name in this field. This will display the Seller’s information for the Client immediately upon viewing at the top of the page.  Regardless of the identity of the entity you entered in the first box, the first blank line will require the full “Name” of the Salesman or the Seller of the vehicle. This must be the individual with the right to sell the concerned vehicle. The official mailing address where the Seller expects to receive inquiries or payment regarding this invoice is the next required item to be recorded. Note that three blank lines have been put in place for this purpose. Utilize the space “Street Address” to record the first line of this address. This can be a P.O. Box if appropriate.
The mailing address being reported will need to be continued and completed in the next two lines where you will produce the “City, State…” and “Country” then, the “Zip Code” of this address.  It is considered customary when issuing an invoice to make sure some more immediate forms of contact are documented for your Client’s use. To this effect, submit your business “Phone” number(s) as well as the “E-Mail” address you will use when corresponding about this sale.


3 – Information Pertaining To This Sale Must Be Presented

This paperwork will display a shaded area running across the page just under the header. Note that two blank spaces are placed in this area. These spaces call for the “Invoice #” you’ve assigned to this document as well as the invoice “Date.” Supply both these pieces of information in this order to this area. The Buyer’s address requires documentation in this area as well. Three appropriately designated empty lines (starting with “Street Address”) are set so you may produce his or her address line by line Now that both Seller and Buyer have been documented we can proceed to give a “Description” of the concerned vehicle. This act should be completed in the first box of the table displayed below the “Bill To” section. For example, if this is a private sale, include the vehicle identification number (VIN), its make, its model, and the year it was manufactured.   (Note: If this is a ‘used’ vehicle, record the odometer reading for identification purposes).   The second box in this part of the invoice will require the “Amount” due for the vehicle being purchased. Make sure this is the full dollar “Amount” you expect to receive from the Purchaser in exchange for the ownership of the car being sold. 


4 – Set The Payment Terms And Conditions As Required

It would often be thought of as wise to make sure the Buyer is aware of how long he or she may take to submit the payment for the “Amount” due. This period of time will begin from the date you supplied above and be recorded as a number of days in the statement underneath the vehicle information. A blank space has been placed in this statement to receive this number. Additional information regarding the vehicle, the sale, this paperwork, or any other necessary agreements/disclosures can be placed on the blank lines following “Comments Or Special Instructions.” If there is not enough room, you may also refer to an attachment by name or title in this area (though make sure such paperwork is provided to the Client with this invoice)


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Excel Sheet On This Page Will Invoice Your Car Sale

Save the Car Sale Invoice Template to your machine in a spreadsheet format by selecting the above link (“Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)”).

2 – Report The Seller’s Information With That Of The Buyer’s

The start of this invoice’s requirements is an upload of your logo. Cell A1 will accept this upload readily as an appropriately sized image (i.e. .png, .jpg, .bmp, etc.).  Cell A2 and Cell A3 are reserved for the business name of the entity selling this car and the Seller’s first, middle, and last “Name” (respectively).  The cells under your name (A4, A5, and A6) are reserved strictly for the mailing information the Seller uses for correspondence concerning this vehicle sale. This area will provide a clear presentation by giving each line in this address its own field of display. Start with the “Street Address” and conclude with cell A6 (“ZIP Code”).

Now, use cell A7 to display the Seller’s “E-Mail” and cell A7 to include where phone calls regarding this sale should be directed.

Finally, place the Seller’s current contact “Phone” number in cell A8. As we continue down this column, we will skip to cell A11. This set of cells require an identification of the Buyer or the Payer of this vehicle. Make sure the full “Name” of the Buyer is placed accurately in this cell.

The cells below the Buyer’s “Name” are populated with labels that will guide you in producing the Buyer’s complete mailing address. Input this information to cell A12, A13, and A14.


3 – The Invoice Information Will Be Separated Across A Few Areas

Cell F4 in the upper right of this sheet will need information that only you or your bookkeeping system can produce. Place the invoice number for this sale in this field. After entering this number, confirm the invoice “Date” as the current day or change it to the one you wish to apply to this bill. The vehicle that is being sold through this invoice should be completely defined in cell A17. Such descriptions should be as comprehensive as possible. For instance, the vehicle identification number, odometer reading, year of manufacture, make, model, color, etc. should be supplied here. The cost of the vehicle being purchased must now be produced in the “Amount” cell (H17). Finally, tend to cell A18 with the maximum number of “Days” that this invoice may remain unpaid without being delinquent. This countdown begins with the invoice date displayed in cell H4 and should be indicated just before the word “Days” in this cell. Any additional material or information concerning this vehicle or the sale (i.e. a contract number) can be listed in cell A18 after “Comments….”