Computer Sales Invoice Template

Computer Sales Invoice Template is used for requests of payment from Customers who either intend to purchase or are in the process of purchasing a computer(s) (hardware, software, or services) from your business entity. Some very basic information is often needed for good record keeping thus, having a structured method to organize and present this information in one place can be very useful in the long run. Additionally, some space has also been set aside so that you can tailor the information being delivered to the Customer. This versatility will enable you to use one document as a framework for the majority of your invoices which, many would agree, is a positive measure toward an efficient invoicing process.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Invoice A Computer Sale Using The PDF On This Site

You will need some standardized paperwork to bill your Clients for the computer sales you closed. The documentation used for this is downloadable through the links above this part of the page. Notice that one is labeled “Adobe Pdf” and the other reads as “Microsoft Word (.docx).” This indicates the file type that link is attached to. Determine the one you prefer then select and download it.

2 – Describe This Document With An Identification Number And The Client

The top of this page will call for the information necessary to define your Computer Sales Business as well as yourself. The “Company Name” box is the first piece of information that must be displayed. Simply, replace the quoted text (found in the first field) with your Computer Sales Business entity or professional name  The Computer Sales Representative’s identity is called for on the blank space labeled with “Name.”After furnishing this identity, make use of the next available spaces to display the Computer Sales Entity’s legal mailing address. Naturally, this will call for information that can be defined as the labels on these lines (“Street Address,” “City, State…,” “ZIP Code”). There will be a need for alternate contact material where the Computer Salesperson can be reached professionally. This requirement can be satisfied by furnishing the “Phone” line (including any extension that must be used) with the Computer Sales Business line then the sales or bookkeeping department’s “E-Mail” address to the next line.


3 – The Buyer’s Intended Purchase Should Be Adequately Presented

The body of this invoice starts with a presentation of its “Invoice #.” This number is often considered the identity of such paperwork so make sure to consult your bookkeeping records so that it is accurately reproduced on this line. The “Date” line will continue this process of identifying the paperwork by allowing you to document when this paperwork will be put in effect and officially requires payment. A short report that defines the Purchaser’s identity is mandatory for the proper functioning of this invoice. Thus, report the Purchaser’s “Name” and address on the blank lines in the “Bill To” section as required. There will be a specific part of this invoice reserved for a well-rounded “Description” of the computer that is being purchased. The left-hand column of the invoice table provided is set for these details. The “Amount” required for the Buyer to assume ownership of the computer you defined is also a necessity and should be recorded in the right-hand column,
The “Payment Is Due Within” sentence underneath the computer and pricing information table presents an available empty line where you should impose a deadline for payment as a predetermined number of days. You may need to include some disclosures, “Comments Or Special Instructions” with this invoice. If so, take advantage of the two empty lines at the end of this document to convey such material to the Client.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Use This Spreadsheet To Invoice A Computer Sale

The “MS Excel” button on this page is attached to the spreadsheet version of the invoice required to bill your Computer Sale Customers. You may click this button near the image or the link in this area (“Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)”) for access to this file.


2 – Furnish Some Preliminary Information To The Header

Several initial requirements are made by the first column of this sheet before you may formally invoice the Client for the concerned computer hardware, software, or services. Cell A1 in this column calls for the logo used by the Computer Sales Company the Sales Person represents or the professional name of the Freelance Sales Person. Note: It is recommended this image be reasonably sized. While we have identified the Sender of this invoice with the supplied logo, this image is often paired with the Business or Professional Name of the entity using it. Thus, document the Seller’s legal name in cell A2 (“Company Name”). The full name of the Sales Person should be placed in cell A3. Follow this individual’s identity with the address where the Computer Buyer may send a payment or initiate contact. A designated area just below the Sales Person or Seller’s identity expects your input for this presentation. Record the address down the three cells (A4, A5, and A6) labeled in column A with the text “Street Address,” “City…,” and “ZIP Code”This invoice’s next requirement in column A is the “E-Mail” address of the Seller in Cell A7 and a record of his or her telephone number in cell A8. Another requirement of the header area will be the means to reference this bill. Here, in cell F4, you must transcribe the “Invoice #” assigned from your bookkeeping records to the contents of this cell. Also, set the day when this invoice applies to the Client in cell H4. The default is the calendar “Date”, but this is optional and may be changed.


3- Identify The Computer Customer And The Computer Being Purchased

In “Bill To,” furnish the Computer Customer’s “Name” to cell A11. This party must be paired with his or her identity using the “Street Address,” “City…,” and “Zip Code” cells (A12 through A14). Make sure to fill these cells in with the address information they request to describe where the Computer Customer’s mail should be sent. The computer sale occurring must be adequately recorded on this paperwork so the Client and your Company will both be able to keep track of the transaction. Thus, in cell A17, provide the identifying details of the computer hardware, software, or service the Computer Customer is paying for with this document. The “Amount” that must be charged for the computer products or services requires documentation as well. Make certain to enter the full dollar “Amount” expected in cell H17. There will be some additional room at the bottom of this document. While, in some sense, these are optional areas, the statement in cell A18 should be considered. You can apply a grace period to this payment by inputting the number of “Days” it consists of in place of the bracketed “#” symbol. Cell A19 only needs attention if some additional subjects or instructions should be passed onto the Computer Customer. Place all such content here.