Furniture Invoice Template

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The furniture invoice is for any commercial or residential purpose to act as a receipt for goods purchased from an individual or business. The invoice should list the products delivered (chairs, desks, couches, bedroom sets, etc.) along with any additional fees such as shipping, delivery, sales taxes, or costs associated with putting the furniture together. Depending on the furniture being sold, payment may be within a certain payment period (15, 30, 60, or 90 days) or financing may be an option if allowed by the furniture company.

This invoice is delivered after the customer has received their furniture.

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How to Make in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word (.docx)

Download: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – The Furniture Invoice Presented Here Is Instrumental To Bill A Client

Gather the records defining the transaction the Furniture Company intends to charge the Customer for conducting. When ready, select the “Adobe PDF” button or link available above.

2 – The Seller’s Mailing Address And Contact Information Must Be Easily Located On This Page

This invoice will operate best if the Furniture Company’s business information is clearly visible. The top left area of this page will contain several labeled lines underneath the field populated with the bracketed term “Company Name.” Either delete this text and continue or replace it with the Furniture Company’s Name.  The first blank line in this area is labeled “Name.” This will refer to a point of contact in the Furniture Company the Customer may correspond with if desired. The next three blank lines will require the components that make up the Furniture Company’s Business Address. Thus, enter the Building Number, Street Name, and applicable Suite or Unit Number of the Furniture Company on the second blank line. The third blank line here must have the City and State where the above Street Address is located as well as the Country furnished to it. The Zip Code of the Furniture Company’s Address must be entered on the fourth line. Report the Furniture Company’s Daytime Business Number on the fifth blank line. The last blank line in this section is reserved for the “E-Mail” Address the Furniture Company uses for its correspondence.

3 – Supply The Client With The Invoice Number And Date Attached To This Paperwork

The reference number assigned to this Invoice Transaction by the Furniture Company should be disclosed for the Customer’s reference on the blank line just after the label “Invoice #.” Record the current Calendar Date in the “Date” line or use a different Date as the Invoice Date if desired.

4 – The Furniture Customer Should Be Adequately Documented On This Page

The Customer who must pay these charges should be well-defined here. Two sections (“Bill To” and “Ship To”) have been placed under the Invoice section for this purpose. The first of these sections will focus on the Employee or Department and Address where the Customer wishes to receive its correspondence. The second section here, “Ship To,” is concerned with the Physical Address where the Customer receives its shipments. If this is the same as the Billing Address, you may leave the “Ship To” column blank or delete it altogether.

5 – A Detailed Summary Of The Goods And Services The Seller Expects Payment For Should Be Furnished

The next two sections are primarily concerned with detailing the charges being placed on the Furniture Company’s Customer. The first of these areas, “Products,” is a table composed of four columns. Each row should name a specific item of merchandise the Customer is being invoiced for. The first column is reserved for a “Description” of the ordered Merchandise. Each type of Merchandise should have a “Quantity” reported even if the Customer only ordered one.  Fill in how much one unit of the ordered Merchandise costs in the “Unit Cost” column. The last column in this table will have two requirements. First, multiply the Quantity of Merchandise the Customer ordered by the Unit Cost of the Merchandise and enter this number in the “Amount” column for each row. Then, total these numbers and produce the sum in the “Total Products” box at the bottom of the column. The second section “Labor” shall tend to the billable Hours the Furniture Company will charge the customer for. Here, we will deliver the “Description” of each service the Furniture Company charge by the Hour for in the first column, the number of “Hours” require to perform, and the applicable “Hourly Rate.” Next, in the last column, we must supply the result of each rows’ “Hours” times its “Hourly Rate.” Each of these entries should be totaled and produced in “Total Labor.” Now we must add the “Total Products” result with that of “Total Labor.” Supply this to “Subtotal” in the next table. Any “Tax” and “Shipping” charges should be supplied in the appropriate cells of this area. Sum up the figures entered in “Subtotal, “Tax,” and “Shipping.” The box labeled “Total” will call for this figure to be furnished.

6 – The Seller’s Terms Should Be Clearly Visible

The number of days the Furniture Company will give the Customer as a grace period after the receipt of this Invoice should be entered in the “Payment Is Due Within…” statement. If the Customer must be given any messages or instructions, this can be done using the last two blank lines on this page.

How to Make in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Open And Download The Furniture Invoice Excel Template To Issue An Invoice

The Furniture Company Invoice can be downloaded as a reusable template by clicking on the “MS Excel” button or by selecting the link above.

2 – Begin The Invoicing Process By Submitting The Furniture Business’ Contact Information

Cell 1A is the first field requiring attention. This cell is formatted so that you may easily replace the contents here with the Furniture Company’s Logo. If the Furniture Company does not use a logo, you may delete the contents of this cell.

To continue with this identification process, locate Cells A2 through A6. Each of these cells is populated with a label. Replace each label with the information it calls for to identify the Furniture Company. Begin reporting the Legal Address and Contact Information of the Furniture Business by replacing the words “Company Name” with the Name of the Furniture Company in Cell A2.

Similarly, fill in Cells A3 through A7 with the Employee Name who will be handling the Company paperwork in this matter and the Furniture Company Address where mail may be reliably received.

The “E-Mail” the Furniture Company prefers the Customer to use as a contact will need to be placed in Cell A7.

The Business Telephone Number the Furniture Company uses can be recorded in Cell A8.

3 – Disclose The Invoice Number Attached To The Client Transaction

Find Cell A4 then use it to inform the Customer of the Invoice Number you have attached to this transaction and the paperwork being generated.

The current Calendar Date will automatically serve as the Invoice Date for this document (H4). You may use a different “Date” if you wish by supplying it to this Cell. If so, make sure to enter it in the current format (MM/DD/YY).

4 – The Customer’s Contact And Shipping Details Are Required Items

Every Invoice requires a Billing Address consisting of the Customer’s Name and the Customer’s Legal Address. You can provide this information to column A using cells A11 for the Customer Name and Cells A12 to A14 to report the Address. Make sure this is up-to-date information.

Oftentimes, the Customer may require the Furniture Company to deliver the merchandise to an Address other than the Billing Address (such as a Service Entrance with a different Building Number). If this is the case, then supply the Freight or Shipping Address the Customer provided for this order in Column E (“Ship To”) using Cells E11 through E14 to present this information.

5 – Record The Merchandise And Service Charges The Customer Is Responsible For

This paperwork has been supplied with two distinct areas you can use to give the Customer an account of the charges being placed.

The area titled “Products” serves to name the merchandise ordered, how many pieces, and each piece’s individual cost. To satisfy this table, you will have to supply a “Description” of the pieces ordered in the first column, the total number of pieces ordered by the Customer in the second column, and the individual “Unit Cost” in the third. The last column will calculate and display the dollar amount charged for each row and the total dollar amount the Customer must pay in the last cell.

The second section in this area, “Labor,” contains three columns that need attention if the Furniture Company supplied any Billable Labor or Services. In such cases, supply a Service “Description” to the first column along with the total number of “Hours” it took to provide the service in the second column. Document how much money per Hour is being charged for this service in the third column. The “Amount” column will calculate and display the total Amount the Customer must pay for any Billable Labor or Service that will apply to this Invoice.

6 – Determine And Deliver The Total Charges For Customer Review

The last table is only composed of four cells and will summarize the Invoice by presenting the “Total” Dollar Amount the Customer must pay the Furniture Company. Two more items must be considered to finalize this figure. Any “Sales Tax” or “Shipping” charges that should be included in the “Total” amount must be entered in Cell H34 and H35 respectively.

7 – The Final Area Contains Two Distinct Areas To Supply Additional Information

Two additional areas have been supplied as a consideration to both the Furniture Company and the Client.

In Cell A36, the Furniture Company can define a grace period (in days) when the Customer is obligated to make a payment and considered on-time. Use the bracketed number sign in this cell to report this grace period. Any payment made this many days after the Customer’s receipt of this paperwork will be considered late. Cell A37 is reserved for any additional information that should be given to the Customer concerning this Invoice.

Downloads: 5,789