Real Estate Commission Invoice Template

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The real estate commission invoice is presented at the time of closing to the seller or lessor of the property. The commission is usually calculated as either a percentage of the sales price or the entire amount of the lease (rent X number of months). If there are two (2) real estate agents, in most cases, the commission is split amongst the parties. In some cases, the listing agent will have in their agreement that they will get a larger commission than the selling agent, but this depends on company policy.

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How Much is a Real Estate Commission? On average, a real estate commission paid by the seller or lessor is 4% to 6%. If there is more than one (1) agent, the commission is split.

How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

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1 – The Real Estate Commission Invoice Is Presented As A Downloadable PDF On this Page

Locate the ” Adobe PDF” button corresponding to the preview image of this form. You should open this file then save it to your computer.

2 – Document The Real Estate Company/Agent Information At The Beginning Of This Commission Invoice

The first section to this form will act as a basic introduction to the Agent submitting this paperwork. The Name of the Company the Agent works for should be supplied to the line labeled “Company Name.”   The First, Middle, and Last Name of the Agent should also be submitted. Enter this on the second labeled line at the top of the page. Now use the next four blank spaces (“Street Address,” “City,” “State,” and “Zip Code”) to deliver the Business Address the Agent uses when corresponding by mail. The next two blank spaces (“Tel” and “Email”) have been reserved for the Agent’s Business Telephone Number and his or her E-Mail Address.

3 – Make A Record Of The Entity Being Billed And This Invoice Number

Locate the two columns directly under the title “Real Estate Commission Invoice.” Begin by filling in the Name of the Company being billed. Supply the Name of the Payer next to the label “Billing Name” then, below this, enter the Legal Name of the “Billing Company.” We will also need to furnish the applicable Invoice Number and Invoice Date to the lines labeled “Invoice No.” and “Date.” This information will be used to track this transaction so make sure to enter it correctly.

4 – The Figures Required To Report On The Property ANd Commission Must Be Presented

The Agent will have to present some details of the transaction(s) requiring a commission payment. We will use the table on this page to report such information by attending to the four columns it contains.

The first column will seek a definition to each “Property” where a commission transaction was earned. Make sure to report the Full Address the Property along with any Name the Property is known as. The applicable “Commission Rate” must be documented for each Property you report, and this should be done using the second column. Now enter the “Sales Price” of the Property being discussed to the third column. The “Subtotal” column needs the result of a minor calculation to be satisfied. Here you must multiply the number reported in “Commission Rate” by that reported in “Sales Price.” This should only be done across the same row.

5 – Furnish The Total Amount Owed On This Commission Invoice

The last column will lead into a few additional fields below the table. These are meant to be summed into one “Total” at the bottom. Before doing so, add each number recorded in “Subtotal” and place this on the blank line at the end of this column.   Next, you will need to supply the dollar amount for any “Other Fees” and “Taxes” that should be included in the Commission Payment.  Add each of these fields (“Subtotal,” Other Fees,” and “Taxes”) into one total sum. Fill in the box labeled “Total” with this result. Finally, report who should be listed as the Payee on any check payment concerning this Commission Invoice on the blank space after the words “Please Make All Checks Payable To.”


Downloads: 4,277