Sales Return Invoice Template

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Sales Return Invoice Template acts as a bookkeeping measure in keeping track of one’s losses in sales. For instance, a retailer may receive a return that is due to an obvious defect. Since this will cut into how much money in sales is actually being made by the Seller, many attempt to keep a careful eye on such transactions. This template will deliver the framework required for this task by allowing a standardized identification of all the details pertaining to the sale return.

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Access This File To Issue A Sales Return Invoice

Download the sales return paperwork as a “PDF” or a “Word” template. You may complete this task by either selecting the desired file from the buttons with these labels or the similarly labeled links above.


2 – A Distinct Area For Self-Identification Must Be Filled Out

Notice the top of this page. Two distinct methods of entering information have been supplied; a text box and several labeled lines. We will tend to the first field by simply entering the full legal name of the entity that will be issuing the return to the Customer. The labeled lines in this first part of the invoice are strictly for the identification of the Company Representative handling this paperwork and communicating with the Customer and the means of contact available to the concerned Customer. First, put the Company Representative’s full “Name” on the first of these series of lines.

The mailing address where the Company expects mail regarding this matter will need to be put on paper in the following set of labeled lines. Notice that each of these lines will require an individual line of the mailing address you are supplying. For instance, only enter the building number, street, and unit number or PO Box of the Company’s mailing address on the “Street Address” line then use the next two for the remainder of this information.

After the Company’s official address is verified move down to the next available space which is labeled “Phone.” This is for the telephone number the Company wishes the Customer to use when initiating contact in this way. Keep in mind that if the Contact Representative you named above operates on an extension then, this should be supplied with the number. Similarly, the electronic mail address of the Company Representative can be included if it is available. The line bearing the “E-Mail” designation in this area will readily accept this submission.


3 – The Invoice For This Return Must Be Identified

As we proceed to the next section make note that it is in a shaded bar. This noticeable section will require the invoice number and the first calendar day, month, and year when this return officially occurs. Make certain that when you report this “Invoice #” that it is associated with the system your bookkeeping system uses for returns and not purchases. Record these items where appropriate in this section.


4 – Submit A Description Of The Customer And Merchandise

As a measure of keeping track of the returns being made to your business entity, the “Bill To” section will refer to the Customer initiating this return in sales. Several blank spaces have been placed in this section so that you may record the “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State…,” as well as the “ZIP Code” in the standard format used for most mailing labels. Keep in mind that if this purchase was made and is being returned using a credit card, the name and address reported here must be identical to those in the credit card company’s records. If not, then an uncomfortable delay in the transfer of these funds may occur. The concerned merchandise will have to be identified for the purpose of this paperwork. Utilize the “Description” box to document the products by id, name, condition, manufacturer, etc. Also, if there are any penalties applied (i.e. open package fee), list them in this box as well. Record the full “Amount” of the sales return in the next box of this table. The “Comments Or Special Instructions” has been reserved for any additional sales return information. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Excel Sheet To Produce A Sales Return Invoice Must Be Accessed

You can issue a sales return using your copy of Excel by downloading then opening this template through the labeled link “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” Optionally, you can also download this file with the “MS Excel” button above.

2 – Identify The Selling Entity Satisfying The Sales Return

This spreadsheet is divided into a few sections – each with its own request for information you must enter. The first task will be to fully identify the Seller Or Sales Company involved. Cell A1 is set to accept this party’s logo image. Upload one here if it is available then proceed to submit the full legal name of the Sales Company in cell A2. Identify the Sales Representative affecting this paperwork by “Name” in cell A3 and follow this information with the Sales Company’s legal address for this business. This information will make up our next report and cells A4 through A6 will be the set of cells where it must be entered. Each cell here will seek one line from the address being produced.Our last task in recording the Sales Company information will be to make sure its current electronic mail or “E-Mail” address is provided to cell A7 and its telephone number is accurately presented in cell A8.
3 – The Customer And Invoice Are Needed For This Document

Produce the “Name” of the Sales Return Customer in cell A11. This sheet will expect additional definitions concerning the Sales Return Customer. Document this entity’s legal address in cells A12, A13, and A14.Many Sales Companies will want to keep track of the numbers involved with their returns. Therefore, it will be imperative that an ability to call up this document for review be provided (this will benefit the Sales Return Customer as well). Cell F4 and cell H4 will both satisfy this necessity by enabling a clear attachment of the “Invoice #” and “Date” defining this sales return to this physical paperwork and its contents.

4 – Define The Sales Return This Paperwork Concerns

In addition to the above facts, some additional descriptions should be provided with the specific goal of defining what merchandise is being discussed. Cell A17 will give ample room for the details describing this merchandise. Keep in mind that any penalties imposed for this return should be documented in this cell. Define the return sales “Amount” in cell H17. More material can be supplied to cell A17 with information regarding any due payment (i.e. damages, non-defective products on the same invoice). By entering a number of days in place of the pound sign, you will impose a deadline for any payments you list as owed on this paperwork. You can provide your Customer with additional material, if relevant, utilizing the space provided in cell A18.