Carpet Installation Invoice Template

Carpet Installation Invoice Template is a formal document assigning an owed payment to a Customer for a carpet installation that has occurred or is scheduled as part of an agreement. This is a straightforward form that enables material to be entered in a quick manner for a seamless display.  It will be important for the goals of the Carpet Installation Business using this document to make sure that all the information it requests is presented accurately regarding the carpeting job being discussed then reviewed as a precaution. After completing the details required to describe the installation to the Customer and the owed payment, dispense it to the Customer (and keep a copy for your records).

How Much Does it Cost to Install Carpeting?

  • Average cost: $2.82 per square foot (source: HomeGuide)

Note that the price depends on the size and shape of the room, if there is any carpet to remove to then install the new one, depends also on the carpet style, labor, location and transportation.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Save The Carpet Installation Invoice As Either An Adobe Document Or A Word Document

The paperwork needed to bill a Customer for carpeting and/or its installation is obtainable by choosing one of the buttons in the preview’s caption area or either of the links introducing this section. Determine whether you wish to produce a Microsoft Word document or an Adobe PDF document. Select your preference then open this file. It is also recommended that you keep a blank copy for your records and future use.

Step 2 – Use The Top Of This Invoice To Introduce The Carpet Installation Business

We must begin the invoicing process required by this document with a report on its Sender. The text box at the top of the page should be populated with the Carpet Installation Business’ official “Company Name.” It is requested that we delete the current label (in this box) then type in this information accordingly.  The line designated as “Name” will begin a section where we are called on to present the full “Name” of the Carpet Cleaner or the Employee handling this paperwork and its responses. We must use the three lines that follow to record the Carpet Cleaning Business’ official mailing address. The “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines request the first two address lines while the “Zip Code” is needed as a separate entry on the line below. Make sure the address you produce down these lines is up-to-date and accurate. The Carpet Installation Business’ current telephone number and “E-Mail” address are the next two requirements and will complete this section’s requirements. Locate the blank line labeled “Phone” to begin supplying these methods of contact. 


Step 3 – Make A Record Of The Details Presented In This Bill

The document number the Carpet Installation Business’ bookkeeping department for our invoice will have a reserved area where we can record it. Locate the “Invoice #” line to display this material properly. The invoice “Date” defining when this invoice is issued and applicable to the Carpet Installation Customer is the next requested article. Furnish this to the “Date” line on the right side of the page. 


Step 4 – Address The Carpeting Client In A Direct Manner

This document must make an effort to direct itself to the proper entity. The “Bill To” part of this paperwork will address this need with its wording and the blank lines beneath the heading will enable us to clearly identify the Customer who must pay for the carpeting and/or its installation. The first blank line is labeled “Name” since we will need to start by identifying the Customer or Recipient.  Proceed to the next three empty lines so that we can submit the “Street Address” of the Carpet Installation Customer followed by the second address line and the “Zip Code.” 


Step 5 – Submit A Report On The Carpeting And The Installation Time Requiring Payment

The carpet installation that was performed will have to be summarized for the Customer’s review. Additionally, any items that were purchased such as carpeting or carpeting care products should be listed. By providing this information you will deliver a basis for the payment that is expected. We will report such material in the “Description” part of the table occupying the center of the page. Continue to the right column (labeled “Amount”) then price the products or installation we listed as being ordered by the Customer to the contents of the first box of this column. The “Subtotal” box will seek the sum of all the carpet installation expenses listed above. We must supply this number even if we only recorded one “Amount.” 

Notice that a  box for “Tax” has been included. Many states will not require that sales tax be added to most labor industries however, some will while others still expect a sales tax under certain conditions (i.e. the state in our example requires sales tax on the labor of carpet installation only if a third party arranges the installation). Regardless of whether your state expects sales tax on a carpet installation, if the carpeting (a physical good) has been purchased with this labor then sales tax would need to be added based on the cost of the carpet (as in our example). If no taxes are necessary then you may enter “0.00” to the “Tax” box.

Our final task for this table is to add the “Subtotal” to the “Tax” then document this sum as the “Total” that must be paid for the concerned carpet installation job.


Step 6 – Instructions Concerning Payment And Other Comments May Be Included

The statement following the closing cell of this table is an instructional one aimed at the Carpet Installation Customer. We will use this statement to impose a time limit on the carpet installation payment. This will be in the form of a number of days and will need to be input to the blank line displayed between “Payment Is Due In #” and the word “Days.” The empty lines placed after the term “Comments Or Special” instructions can be used for the submission of content not previously displayed. We may use this as a presentation area for this extra information or we may leave this area blank.  


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Save The Carpet Installation Invoice On This Page

The pictured template on this page is attainable as a spreadsheet. Simply choose the button with the “Excel” icon and label or the link above to save this file to your machine.


Step 2 – Exhibit The Carpet Installer’s Contact Material

This paperwork will begin with the basic requirement of identifying the Carpet Installer seeking payment. Cell A1 and A2 will work together as a place to display first the Carpet Installation Company’s logo (A1) then its “Company Name” (A2). The third cell in this column will need the Carpet Installer’s “Name” submitted to its contents. If an Office Employee of the Carpet Installation Business is responsible for this paperwork, then input his or her “Name” to this field.  Next, prepare cell A4, A5, and A6 with the Carpet Installation Company’s legal address.  You must contribute some additional contact items for the Carpet Installer’s Company. His or her professional “E-Mail” and “Phone” information (for the Carpet Installation Business) should be produced to the last two cells of this section (“A7” and “A8”)


Step 3 – Identify Carpet The Installer’s Customer

The Customer requiring carpeting or carpeting products is also expected as a display in column A. The staging area will be located beneath the words “Bill To.” This is intentional since these words automatically impose the responsibility of submitting payment on the person or entity you identify next. Place the full “Name” of the intended Payer of the carpet installation in cell A11. Submit a record of the Carpet Installation Customer’s mailing address to this invoice using cells A12, A13, and A14. 


Step 4 – Clearly Display The Installation’s Reference Information

Return your attention to the top of the worksheet, specifically to the right-hand part of the page. In this area, cell F4 requires the “Invoice #” assigned by the Carpet Installer produced to its contents. Take a moment to review cell H4. Here, the invoice “Date” is assigned as the current calendar day on your clock however, this can be altered to a different at your discretion. 


Step 5 – Display The Installation’s Pricing For the Customer’s Review

The table where we will discuss the installation requiring payment is our next concern. Beginning in cell A16 with the column heading “Description,” this table requires that you list when the carpet installation took place (or when it will take place), the billable materials required, or other information that can identify this bill to the Client. For instance, if there was a carpet installation package with a predetermined price rate and options that were ordered by the Customer, then use the “Description” area (in cell A17) to document the Customer’s order of such a contract.  Continue through this row to the next cell over (cell H17). The price of the carpeting and installation must be defined here. Keep in mind the cost of every item on the left must be represented in this cell whether itemized or in a summary or sum. Follow column H down to cell H18 then report the total of all the items you priced above. Sales Tax will may need to be calculated and included, especially if carpeting or care products need to be paid for. Produce the “Tax” owed by the Carpet Installation Customer to cell H19. This report on the carpet installation will only be completed when you have made a submission of the sum of cell H18 (“Subtotal”) and cell H19 (“Tax”). 


Step 6 – Instruct The Customer As To When Payment Must Be Sent

The time frame when this payment is due must be conveyed to the Carpet Installer’s Customer. Record this number of days in place of the hashtag symbol in cell H21 to apply the statement contained.


Step 7 – Include Additional Topics Of Discussion

In some cases, additional topics of discussion may be required for the Customer’s satisfaction. Cell A22 has been placed in this column for this purpose.