Bicycle Repair Invoice Template

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Bicycle Repair Invoice Template  can be dispensed to Customers once you have supplied it with the information it requests. Most of the information on this page will be considered standard by most and should be given to a Bicycle Repair Customer as a notice of how much he or she owes and as a tracking tool for this bill. You can edit or even reformat any of the templates as you see fit though it is fair to note this paperwork will work for nearly all Bicycle Repair Shops and their Clientele because it will only present the basic information necessary to justify the amount owed. It is recommended that someone familiar with either the books of the Bicycle Repair Shop and/or the job performed should complete this document as this will promote an accurate report.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $30,290/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $14.56/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
Line Item

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Access The Billing Document Here To Invoice Bicycle Repair Customers

Save the Bicycle Repair Invoice to your computer by choosing to download it as either an MS Word file or an Adobe PDF file.


2 – Declare Your Bicycle Repair Service As The Generator Of This Document

It will be important to make sure this paperwork can be easily identified by anyone glancing at it, especially your Customer. Report the Bicycle Repair Service’s official business name in the “Company Name” field at the top of the page.

The next few lines beginning with the space “Name” require a presentation of your full contact information at the service you represent. Your name should be placed on the first of these empty lines, followed by the “Street Address” of the Bicycle Repair Service, then its “City, State, Country” and the accompanying “Zip Code.” 

Your self-report for this section must include the number of your business “Phone” line and professional “E-Mail” on the last two lines.   


3 – Notify The Customer Of The Invoice Number

This invoice will now need to identify itself to the individual reading it. The “Invoice #” used to track the information defining this document along with the invoice date you wish to use as the billing date are the next pieces of data you must provide to prepare this document. You may supply these items to the shaded bar separating the top of this page from the body. 


4 – Establish The Bicycle Repair Customer’s Identity

The “Bill To” section of this invoice will bind the person or business as responsible for the payable amount you report in this paperwork. Employ the labeled spaces in this section to list the Bicycle Repair Customer’s “Name” as well as his or her complete address. The three spaces underneath the Customer’s name serves as a guide to report this information adequately. 


5 – Plainly Exhibit The Billable Parts And Products

While many repair jobs may not need additional bicycle, parts ordered for the Client’s benefit, some may. If this is one, then you must give the Client a basic inventory to explain the “Material” charges on this invoice. List each bicycle part ordered in the “Description” portion of this table. A list of bicycle parts will not be enough to justify a charge for materials. You should also give a count of the “Quantity” ordered and the “Unit Cost” of each part to the two columns that follow.

The last column (“Amount”) in this table will serve an important function for this invoice. It will act as documentation for the total cost of each bicycle part. You must perform a few calculations for this purpose. The first will involve multiplication. You must take the count you reported for each order bicycle part and multiply it by the same item’s “Unit Cost.” The figure you arrive at must be placed in the “Amount” column.

In turn, each of these calculated values must be summed to the “Total Material” box.

The bicycle repair service will naturally require payment for the physical services supplied for the repair of the bicycle. The first column of the “Service” table is reserved for a record of the calendar dates and times when the Bicycle Repair Technician worked. Once you have reported on the Repair Technician’s word dates, you should total the “Hours” of each shift and provide this number to the adjacent column.

The “Hourly Rate” column will merely need the amount of money the Bicycle Repair Technician must be paid for one hour of work. When you have recorded this information, multiply the Repair Technician’s “Hours” by the “Hourly Rate” on each row where you detailed a shift in “Description.” The product of this multiplication is required at the end of the row under “Amount.” Total the “Amount” for each shift you have detailed to one sum. This sum is needed in the “Total Service” box.The “Subtotal” table is made of only three fields. Only three calculations will be needed here. The “Subtotal” box must have the “Total Material” and “Total Service” added then recorded here. In turn, add this number to the “Tax” you enter in the next box then document the sum of these two items in “Total.” Two optional statements have been provided in case you wish to utilize them. The initial one, to the left of the “Total” box, contains the wording needed to impose a time limit to make an on-time payment. You will need to first determine exactly how many days the Bicycle Repair Customer can wait before submitting payment for this invoice then populate the blank space after the words “Payment Is Due…”   Directions or provisions that apply to this invoice and this job can be added to this documentation on the lines after “Comments Or Special Instructions.”

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Collect The Excel Document On This Page To Seek A Customer Payment

You can bill your Bicycle Repair Customer with the spreadsheet invoice on this page. The button “MS Excel” will lead to a prompt allowing you to either save this spreadsheet or open it to work on immediately. You may do either, but it is generally suggested to save this file for individual use in the future.

2 – Use The Cells Set Aside To Confirm Your Identity And That Of Your Clients

Your Bicycle Repair Service’s logo is usually an important part of this type of paperwork. Presenting this item with your Bicycle Repair Service’s name will make this document easier to recognize. Cells A1 and A2 both contain placeholders indicating where your Bicycle Repair Service’s logo and name should be displayed. The Bicycle Repair Service Customer may need to have the name of an individual he or she can contact regarding the repairs or this invoice. This need will be answered by the fields making up cells A3 through A8. This series of cells will request the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” used as the Bicycle Repair Service’s mailing address along with your professional “E-mail” and “Phone” line. We will continue to focus on column A by turning our focus to the “Bill To” section. Cell A11, the first field in this section, allows the attachment of the Bicycle Repair Customer “Name” with the repair we are defining. The cells underneath the Bicycle Repair Customer’s name have been made available so you can present a record of his or her mailing address.

Before we continue, many of your Clientele may feel this document is incomplete if it has not been assigned a unique “Invoice #.” Locate the one row table then use cells F4 and H4 to give the Bicycle Repair Customer the invoice number and date for this paperwork.


3 – Name The Bicycle Parts And The Time Required To Effect Repairs

This spreadsheet will contain some tables that you can use to present the Bicycle Repair Customer with the background information supporting the cost of this invoice. The first of these tables, “Material,” will require a focus on any bike parts that may have been needed for the repair of the Customer’s bike. Inventory the bike parts for the Customer in the A column under the “Description” heading. After you have described a bike part, use the adjacent cell to inform the Bicycle Repair Customer of the needed “Quantity” and the cell after that to list the “Unit Cost” of the bicycle part you are discussing. This will cause two or more cells to populate with a value. This will be a report on the what is due for the “Material” used.

The table under the “Service” heading will allow a clear report on the labor costs for fixing the bicycle. The time spent working on this bike should be described as the calendar day (and if possible, times) when the repair took place. Place this report in column A of this table.

You will need to also inform the Bicycle Repair Customer how many “Hours” in total were spent repairing his or her bicycle for each shift in column F. Once you enter these pieces of information, declare the Bicycle Mechanic’s “Hourly Rate” in the next cell. This will cause the total dollar amounts owed for the “Service” of this bicycle to generate in the remainder of this table.

You will only need one more item of information to complete the basic requirements of this invoice. Consult the regulations governing the “Tax” amounts that should be charged to Customers in your local area then record this number in cell H34. 


4 – Satisfy The Last Reporting Requirements Of This Document

Row 34 will also give a statement to apply to the “Total” payable amount listed above. In column A replace the bracketed symbol with the maximum number of days the Bicycle Repair Customer has to satisfy the payables on this document.  The next row in column A allows for more information to be given to the Bicycle Repair Customer (if desired or necessary)

Downloads: 1,092