Security Guard Service Invoice Template

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Security Guard Service Invoice Template can be used at any time when you must issue a bill for security services. This paperwork can contribute to a streamlined billing process in that it is ready-made with the structures and labeled section required for an organized presentation. This means that you will only have to fill out a few items to complete this document. Oftentimes, the ability to issue an invoice in a timely manner will promote a timely payment from its Recipient.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $28,530/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $13.72/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Security Guard Invoice

The word processing or pdf file you need to invoice your Clients for Security Guard Services can be obtained via the links (“Microsoft Word (.docx),” “Adobe PDF”) above.


2 – Identify The Security Guard Service And Invoice

This paperwork’s ability to function properly requires the Security Guard Service sending it to be recognized as soon as it is viewed therefore, find the “Company Name” field at the beginning of this document then submit the full Security Guard Service Name to its contents. Now the Security Guard or Contact Person responsible for this paperwork should also be identified along with the different ways your service can be contacted. The blank line that is attached to the word “Name” in the upper left part of this page will, thus, need the full name of an individual. Additionally, his or her “Street Address” must then be supplied along with the appropriate “City, State, Country,” and matching “Zip Code.” Four lines calling for this information are placed in this area for this reason.The telephone number where your Client can reach the Security Guard Service can be delivered using the blank line labeled “Phone.”Finally, conclude the Security Guard Service’s official “E-Mail” address on the last blank space


3 – Formally Invoice The Client For Security Guard Service

The invoice being used here should always have a manner of directly referring to it after its creation. This reference tool must be provided by you on the blank line “Invoice #.”

After documenting the invoice number, submit the invoice “Date” for this paperwork on the next blank space. The Security Guard Service should address its Client directly through this paperwork. The first empty line under the “Bill To” section requires the production of the Security Guard Client’s legal identity or name. The address where the Security Guard Service’s Client receives mail will have three blank spaces below this where it can be presented.
The security provided to the customer should be documented on this sheet. In many cases it is the result of a contract or package. The table contained in this invoice will contain the headings you need to report such item. List the security service your business provided in the first column, “Description,” by its name or contract number. The next three columns will be concerned with the numbers associated with the security service provided. You will need to gather your records to make sure each entry is accurate. Define exactly how many security guard service contracts or agreements were ordered by the Client in the box titled “Quantity” and the price of one of these contracts in the “Unit Price” box. Multiply these two figures for a presentation of the “Amount” the Security Guard Client must pay in the last box.


4 – You May Include Content Concerning This Paperwork Or The Invoice Amount

The sentence underneath the invoice information you delivered will require the Security Guard Client to submit his or her payment within a given time frame. If this statement is to be included and impose a time limit, you must enter the maximum number of days given to the Client to make a timely payment.  Any topics not covered above may be set to the empty lines labeled “Comments Or Special Instructions.”


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Security Guard Spreadsheet Invoice

The excel sheet presented through the MS Excel link or button on this page will guide you through the process of billing your Security Client for the time spent on their assignment.


2 – Identify Your Security Guard Service

After you have gathered the books necessary to bill this Client, open the spreadsheet then find cell A1. If your Security Guard Service uses a logo with its name, you may use this cell as an area to present it.

The legal name of the Security Guard Service or Business will be mandatory for this paperwork to achieve its goals. Submit this item to cell A2. Cell A3 will need your full Name submitted to its contents. If not your name, then the name of the person at the Security Service who will be able to field inquiries regarding this paperwork from the Client. Make sure to continue reporting information regarding your Billing Contact by utilizing the next three cells (beginning with cell A4 or “Street Address”) as an area to document the mailing address where he or she may be contacted. Similarly, the last two cells in this part of the “A” column are reserved for the “E-Mail” and business telephone number. Provide these contact venues to cell A7 and cell A8.


3 – Make A Presentation Of The Security Client And Invoice Number

Moving down column A, we will see another address area. Here, underneath the “Bill To” cell, a report on the legal name of the Security Guard Client must be made. Cell A11 will need the name of this entity while the next three cells should have an up-to-date account of the Security Guard Client’s mailing (or business) address. The Security Guard Client will want the “Invoice #” you’ve assigned to this paperwork. This is a standard practice which this document should continue. Look up the invoice number and invoice “Date” your system has determined should be used to define this bill and transcribe this information to the contents of cell F4 and cell H4.


4 – Bill The Security Client For The Security Provided

The Security Guard’s time will need to be recorded onto the contents of this spreadsheet so that the Customer can review the factors contributing to his or her security bill. List the calendar date the times you clocked in and out in column A in the timesheet at the center of this page.

The “Hours” that make up the time spent working should be counted and entered in the F column while the pay rate must be submitted to the “Hourly Rate” cell in column G. These numbers will immediately be used by a formula in the “H” column. This last column of the table will present the invoice “Amount” the Security Guard Client must pay. 


5 – If Desired, Supply Additional Content To This Spreadsheet

If your Security Guard Service plans on receiving payment for this invoice within a certain number of days, you must inform the customer of this. Do so, by locating and substituting the hashtag symbol in cell A18 with this number. More statements or material, including any required disclosures, can be input directly to cell A19


Downloads: 1,967