Towing Service Invoice Template

The Towing Service Invoice Template can be utilized by any company transporting a vehicle from one location to another (using a tow truck) regardless of whether the company has a fleet at its disposal or is composed of a single contractor. The purpose of this template is to enable you to quickly bill a Customer for the towing service. As a template, it is already formatted to aid you in reporting the invoice information that a paying Customer will need to review before submitting a payment. Simply consult your files on the job you are billing for, then record the requested information where it is appropriate. Once you are done, set some time aside to review the finished invoice for accuracy then deliver it to your Customer.

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Invoice The Towing Job Customer With The Invoice On This Page

Gather your information, then once you are ready, select either the “Adobe PDF” button or the “MS Word” button to access the Towing Company Invoice.

2 – Some Information Regarding The Towing Company Needs To Be Input

Notice the top of the page will have two columns in the heading area. Once, you open this form as a pdf or word processing file, locate the words “Company Name” on the left. This heading is merely a placeholder for your convenience. Delete it then type in your Towing Company’s full official name in its place.

The series of blank lines below the Towing Company’s name will seek information the Customer can use to reach your company. Begin this section by recording your full name. A blank line labeled “Name” at the top of the page has been supplied for this purpose. The next requested items will make up the full address of the Towing Company. A blank line for the Towing Company’s “Street Address,” its “City, State, Country,” and for its “Zip Code” will allow for a clean presentation of the Towing Company’s business or mailing address. Now, the Towing Company’s current “Phone” number and “E-Mail” need to be documented as well. Satisfy this request utilizing the last two labeled lines.

3 – The Towing Invoice Needs To Be Properly Identified

The unique reference or filing number attaching this bill to the job (or job number) should be disclosed to the Customer for his or her records. Furnish this information to the “Invoice #” then give some supporting information in the form of this document’s “Date” on the next blank space. In addition to the invoice number and date, it should be considered important to physically document the Customer’s name and address here. Locate the section below the invoice number labeled “Bill To,” then fill in the Towing Customer’s name and billing or mailing address. Four blank lines (“Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”) have been placed so that you can quickly and cleanly solidify the Customer’s information.

4 – Describe The Tow And Report The Applicable Charges

Now, most entities will not pay a bill or invoice unless they are crystal clear regarding what it concerns. A brief table consisting of one row and two column headings enables you to succinctly present the charges and the reason for the charges. In the “Description” column, give some details that will aid the Customer in identifying this job. That is, the reason why you seek payment. Next, in the second column, enter the numerical value of the dollar “Amount” you expect the Towing Customer to pay in exchange for receiving the service you defined in the first column.

5 – Inform The Tow Job Customer Of The Terms Of Payment You Wish Met

It would be considered a wise precaution against confusion to give the Towing Customer some guidelines to follow regarding payment. First, enter the number of days you will wait for payment on the blank space in the “Payment Is Due…” statement. Now, especially if this has not been discussed with the towing Customer, record the method of payment you prefer on the blank spaces after the words “Special Instructions.”


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Towing Job Excel Invoice Here

When you are ready to set up your invoice using an excel template, locate the button labeled “MS Excel” and select it. You may also obtain your copy using the link above.

2 – Identify Yourself And The Customer In The First Column

The logo your Towing Company uses should be immediately identifiable. Import your Towing Company’s official logo to the first cell on this sheet (cell A1). Now type the Towing Company’s name in cell A2.

This should immediately be followed by your name in cell A3 and the address where the Towing Company receives mail cells A4, A5, and A6. Next, disclose the Towing Company’s official line and “E-Mail” address in cells A7 and 8. The Towing Customer’s full name and his or her mailing address should also be present in this paperwork. In fact, the “Bill To,” section will give you the space (cells A11, A12, A13, and A14) to record the Towing Customer’s information. Simply identify the label in each of these cells then replace it with that information (i.e. replace the words “Street Address” in cell A12 with the Towing Customer’s building number, street name, and apartment number).
3 – Give The Towing Customer A Way To Reference This Job

The fourth row in column F (cell F4) must have the invoice number you assigned to the towing job input. Note: Make sure the calendar date in cell H4 is the one you wish used for the invoice date of this paperwork.

4 – Describe The Work Done And The Charges Owed

Cell A17 will be the next area we should supply with information. Use this field to describe the towing job performed for the Customer.  Put the total price of the towing job in cell H17

5 – Document The Payment Instructions

You will want the Towing Customer to pay in a timely fashion. A good idea to promote this action is to give him or her a due date. Enter the maximum number of days you will allow the Customer to pay this invoice after he or she has received it in the area provided in cell A18. Finally, give any additional instructions regarding the tow job or the payment that must be submitted after the label “Comments Or Special Instructions” in cell A19.