Transcriptionist Invoice Template

Transcriptionist Invoice Template is  a staple in the billing process as a document on the front lines when it is time to seek a successful payment for transcription services. As an easy-to-use template, you will be guided through the steps of providing the information your Transcription Client will naturally expect when he or she receives a bill or an invoice.  In-house, it will serve as an easy reference point to a Client’s standing by gathering the basic information for a job in one place and associating it with a unique document number for retrieval.  You have the option of developing this paperwork from scratch, by hand, on-screen, or with the aid of a spreadsheet. Since this document contains predetermined fields, you may also merge it with a bookkeeping or database where you store your information provided such a program is compatible with one of the file types this template is provided in.

*Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

*The salary and hourly wage below are for a medical transcriptionist.

  • Salary: $34,770/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $16.72/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain The Transcriptionist Invoice

Select the appropriate button to access the Transcriptionist Invoice from this page. If you select “MS Word” make sure you have a compatible word processing program to edit the template. If you select “Adobe PDF” you may either print this from your browser or work on it with a pdf editor.

2 – Present The Transcriptionist Service To The Client

The Transcriptionist “Company Name” has distinct field at the top of the page where it must be entered.  The name of the Transcriptionist (if different from the entity’s name) will also be requested by this paperwork and requires input to the second blank line   The “Street Address” of the Transcriptionist Service with its “City, State, Country,” and the Transcriptionist Service’s “Zip Code” will all have specific blank spaces where they must be displayed for to assist the Client in identifying your service.Usually, an invoice will contain all the information required to contact its Sender. Here, in the header area, we will have a place to give the Transcriptionist Client the professional E-mail and Phone of this service.


3 – Use The Provided Area To Submit The Transcriptionist Invoice Number

This document will need to be identifiable amongst other invoices filed in your system. A distinct document number, the “Invoice #,” should be assigned then given to the Transcriptionist Client through the space provided in the shaded area.

A similar item will be the Transcriptionist Service’s Invoice “Date” for this paperwork. It should be submitted to the next blank space in this area.


4 – The Identity Of The Transcriptionist Client Must Be Declared

The next request this document makes will be for the name of the Transcriptionist Service Client and this must be displayed with his or her full mailing address in the “Bill To” part of this paperwork.


5 – Describe Then Bill The Transcriptionist Job

The transcription assignment gained from the Client should be adequately documented using this paperwork. You can use the “Description” segment of the provided table to report the Transcriptionist’s hours of work or a specific contract. Follow up the “Description” by informing the Transcriptionist Client of the full dollar “Amount” that must be paid for the defined service in the next column.

Complete this billing process with a define maximum number of days that may elapse before the payment for the transcription service is considered late and subjected to a penalty. This number will need to be defined on the blank space after the wording “Payment Is Due In…”

The last area, “Comments Or Special Instruction” will accept any additional directions from your Transcription Service to its Client regarding the services he or she is being invoiced for.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save This Transcriptionist Spreadsheet Invoice

The spreadsheet template developed to invoice Transcription Clients is a downloadable file. The “MS Excel” button is linked to this spreadsheet and can be used to access it at your convenience.

2 – The Transcriptionist Service And Concerned Client Need Definition

The first cell of this worksheet is reserved for the official logo of the Transcriptionist Service. This can be uploaded as an image file directly to this field. Now, name the Transcriptionist Service in cell A2.You must inform the Client of the name of the Transcriptionist or an Employee allowed to represent this service in cell A3.
The next step in this process will be to document the Transcriptionist Service professional address, “E-mail,” and “phone” using cells A4 through A8. Notice you will have to split the address across three cells (A4, A5, A6).


3 – Formally Invoice This Service’s Client

The goal of this paperwork will be to address the Transcription Client directly as a consumer who must pay the amount due. Begin with the submission of the Transcription Client’s name to cell A11, then continue by presenting his or her business address to call A12, A13, and A14. This section will be named “Bill To.” It is important to note, that you must leave the phrase “Bill To” in cell A10 or use similar wording here since this terminology is included to obligate the Transcription Client to the defined charges.  It is imperative that the Client remain informed on how this paperwork should be referenced. Input the transcription invoice number for this assignment in cell F4 and its corresponding “Date” in cell H4. You will also need to meet a basic requirement of this type of paperwork before it can be considered complete. A clear “Description” of the transcription job being billed will need to be provided under the Client information you defined in cell A17 The price of the transcription job is a strong requirement of this paperwork so cell H17 has been supplied under the heading “Amount.” Use this cell to inform the Transcription Client how much he or she owes the Company. Your Transcription Service will likely want a timely payment. As an effort to gain one, give the Transcription Client a deadline of a certain number of days to pay this invoice. Cell A17 will accept this number of days in place of the hastag sign in the brackets.  Similarly, you may wish to include more material for the Transcription Client’s benefit. Cell H18 has been included with some wording to allow this. Simply, input any additional directions to this cell or cite an attachment that contains the additional material.