Dance Teacher Invoice Template

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Dance Teacher Invoice Template is an integral part of any billing process as it is typically the initial paperwork sent to a Student who must pay for dance lessons. The structure provided here will guide you through giving a clear presentation of the money that is owed along with some other details that are often required to support the payment request (i.e. a Description of the dance classes that must be paid for). Make sure you have set aside a reasonable amount of time to fill in the information this paperwork requests and that your references (i.e. Client account, contact information, etc.) are readily accessible.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain The Dance Teacher Invoice Using This Page

The invoice to bill a Dance Student is pictured in the preview image. You may download this as a PDF or Word file by selecting either link above (“Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word”) displayed above.


2 – Present The Dance Teacher’s Professional Contact Information

Open the file you have saved to your machine then double-click just before the words “Company Name.” Type in the professional name of the Dance Teacher or Dance Studio/Group in this field. This will be displayed at the top of the page in a larger font. The lines located in this area will now seek details for contacting the Dance Teacher. The first of these (“Name”) will need the name of the Dance Teacher provided. We will now proceed to give the business or mailing address by entering the Dance Teacher or Studio’s building number, street, and suite number on the “Street Address” line. The two blank lines immediately below this will accept the remainder of this address. The Dance Teacher’s “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address should also both be provided to this document since they are also reliable methods of communication. The two lines that follow will accept these items.


3 – Identify This Session’s Invoice Number And The Dance Student

The process of invoicing will work across two entities – the Sender and the Recipient (or Payer). Both will benefit a reliable and unique alphanumeric reference number assigned to this document. The “Invoice #” line has been reserved for this information. The next available area is across the page from the invoice number and will also be a useful means of identification. Present the Dance Teacher’s invoice “Date” to this line.


4 – Detail The Session Or Class Information Being Billed

The center of this page will display a table with several headings (“Description,” “Hours,” “$/Hour,” and “Amount”). You must fil out this table with the dance class or session’s details. List each class or session by date in the “Description” column then record how many “Hours” that were spent conducting that class in the next column. The pay rate of the Dance Teacher is the next table item to be supplied. This should be recorded as a dollar amount the Dance Teacher earns per hour in the “$/Hour” column. The final column, “Amount,” requires we name the money the dance class costs. Multiply “Hours” with the Dance Teacher’s payrate for this figure in “Amount.” The “Subtotal” box of this invoice will require one item. The sum of all costs reported in “Amount.” Add them up then place them in this area If you have had to charge “Tax” then place this in the next box.

Add this to the Dance Teacher’s “Subtotal” in the “Total” box. The next statement of this invoice will contain a blank line where you can inform the Dance Student of the grace period for the class payment. This number should be recorded as a number of days. Any additional content that is relevant or useful to the Dance Client can be included after the word “Comments…” near the bottom of this page. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Dance Teacher Invoice Should Be Downloaded

When you are ready to invoice your Dance Students with an excel sheet open and save the file using the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link above. Once you have saved it, open the file using an appropriate spreadsheet program.


2 – Inform The Recipient Of The Dance Teacher’s Identity

The beginning of this sheet will present the opportunity to include the Dance Teacher’s logo in cell A1. This may be left blank if the Dance Teacher does not use a logo.  We will want to make sure that the Dance Teacher is recognized immediately as the Sender. Therefore, use the formatted cell in A2 to enter his or her professional name. Additionally, the Dance Teacher’s “Name” must be recorded (cell A3). Submit the “Street Address” where the Dance Teacher receives mail to cell A4 then his or her “City, State…” and “…Country” in cell A5.

This address should be rounded out by recording the Dance Teacher’s “Zip Code” in cell A6. Cell A7 is reserved for the Dance Teacher’s “E-Mail” address while cell A8 should give the Student the Dance Teacher’s “Phone” number.


3 – Address The Dance Student Directly

We should make certain there is no question as to who is responsible to pay for the dance classes or sessions. By entering the “Name” of the Dance Student (or Client) in cell A11, just below the words “Bill To,” we will obligate this entity to make a payment as a response to this paperwork. Follow up on the Dance Client’s name by documenting his or her full address on cells A12 through A14.


4 – Provide The Dance Student With Invoice Details

Before we proceed to the main section of this invoice, we must turn our attention to the Dance Teacher’s invoice number for the classes or sessions being billed. Substitute the hashtag symbol in cell F4 with the invoice number for this bill. The invoice date has already been supplied but can be edited at will. The task of invoicing the classes through this document will be handled through a noticeable table occupying the majority of this sheet. The “Description,” “Hours,” and “$/Hour” will require your input while the “Amount” will not. This column (H) contains a formula that will perform the arithmetic required to present the final sums. Begin by listing every dance class or session on its own row (by date) in column A in “Description” then, count the number of “Hours” for each class you recorded and report them accordingly in column F.

The money the Dance Teacher expects for every hour for his or her lessons must be recorded as well. Provide them in the “G” column (“$/Hour”). The “H” column will populate as soon as two columns (F and G) on the same row are supplied numbers. This will be the dollar values of each class and the total owed for all the classes. One cell, however, will not populate – A28. If you must charge “Tax” then, record it in this cell. The basic requirements for invoicing the dance classes have been satisfied however, cell A30 can also be utilized at will. If the Dance Student should be given a definitive number of days to pay this bill, then enter it in place of the hashtag symbol in this cell. Cell A31 has been included as a convenience in case any topics that must be included have not been discussed. If so, they may be recorded addressed in this cell.