English Teacher Invoice Template

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English Teacher Invoice Template is used when payment from a Student or Client must be requested and obtained. This paperwork will serve its purpose by informing the Recipient Student or Client of money that is owed to the Sender, the reason why this money must be paid, as well as some other basic facts. This template has been structured to request commonly expected invoice details from the Sender which will solidify the reason it is being sent, however, this paperwork will retain some flexibility in allowing its users the chance to engage a few options.


  • Salary: $78,150/yr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
Line Item

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Invoice English Students With The Document On This Page

Look for the “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word (.docx)” links above this section then select the option you wish to work with.

2 – Report The English Teacher’s Identity

Once this document has been opened and you are ready to input the content it requests, enter the English Teacher’s professional name in the field at the top of the header on this page. If the English Teacher works for an entity (i.e. Tutoring Service), then input the name of that entity here.

The full name of the English Teacher must now be placed on the “Name” line.

The English Teacher’s address and telephone number should then be documented since these are standard forms of contact. The lines labeled as “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code,” and “Phone” are presented for this purpose. The last item of contact required is the English Teacher’s “E-Mail.” 


3 – Document The Teacher’s Invoice And His Or Her Student’s Identity

The invoice number determined to track the information you are documenting here should be placed on the line labeled “Invoice #” The line with the designation “Date” will need an official calendar date when this invoice will apply documented on it. The “Bill To” part of this invoice will request the Student, Institution, or other Paying Entity reported. This is where the identity of the English Teacher’s Client must be established. Fill this individual or this entity’s full name on the “Name” line. The address of the English Teacher’s Client is required on the blank lines underneath the English Client’s name. 


4 – Present The English Teacher’s Lessons Or Educational Aids

The English Teacher’s Client will want to see a definition of the teaching services or teaching products provided to the Student before being presented with the price. Submit such documentation to the invoice section titled “Description.”

After you have named the educational services/products, deliver the price to the “Amount” section of this document.


5 – Definitive Terms Can Be Placed On This Invoice

It is often recommended to make sure the English Teacher’s Client is limited in the amount of time he or she can take to pay this invoice without being considered late. This time should be presented as a number of days (that you determine) on the line attached to “…Days”You may have additional statement that should be included. If so, place set such statements on the line after the word “…Instructions.”


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Obtain The English Teacher Invoice From This Site

The English Teacher Invoice is accessible as an excel sheet through the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link above this section.


2 – Report On The English Teacher’s Name And Contact Information

The logo used for the English Teacher or the entity he or she works with will be the first object required by this sheet. This image file may be uploaded directly to this sheet in cell A1. Cell A2 must be used to display the English Teacher’s “Company Name.” Input this information then deliver the first, middle, and last name of the English Teacher in cell A3.

The mailing address and “E-Mail” of the English Teacher should be included in this area of column A by satisfying cells A3, A4, A5, A6, and A7. These cells will give you a definitive place to record the English Teacher’s “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code,” and “E-Mail” address.

Finally, give the Recipient of this document the English Teacher’s “Phone” number.


3 – Identify And Officially Invoice The English Student

Locate cell F4. This cell is set aside for the “Invoice #” that will be used as a common reference point between the English Teacher and his or her Students/Clients. If the Invoice “Date” is meant to be other than the current calendar day then input this in cell H4. Now that the English Teacher’s identity has been submitted, we must present the English Teacher Client’s “Name” (cell A11) along with his or her complete “Street Address” with “City, State, Country” in the next two cells.  The next field, cell A14, will need the “Zip Code” for this address reported. The teaching services or educational products the English Student will pay for through this invoice should also be adequately described. The “Description” of these teaching services or educational tools must be documented in the left-hand column of the table at the center of this page. Fill in the full price of the described service or merchandise in the invoice section titled “Amount.”  


4 – Additional Statements May Be Included

The next portion of this document contains a well-structured sentence that will obligate a payment within a predetermined number of days. The brackets after the word “In” and before the word “Days” requires this number to complete it. The “Comments Or Special Instructions” part of this document will allow you to include additional statements you believe will benefit the Client or promote a payment.