Piano Teacher Invoice Template

Piano Teacher Invoice is the documentation that a Student will often require so that he or she can pay for the services of the issuing Teacher. There will be several sections contained in this paperwork that serve as a frame for the information you must display to the Piano Client. The information required to fill out this form can be furnished rather quickly since it will only focus on basic facts. You can add more information as you see fit but it must be accurate. By supplying a neat and accurate invoice to the Client, you will increase the likelihood of an on-time payment.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Invoice Piano Students With The Paperwork On This Page

Download the Piano Teacher Invoice as an “Adobe PDF” or “Microsoft Word (.docx)” file from the location connected to the link above or the buttons with the preview.


2 – Report Yourself As The Originator Of This Invoice

You as the Billing Entity will need to identify yourself at the beginning of the invoice. Record your Name in the “Company Name” box at the top of this page or the professional name of your Piano Teaching Business.

Your name as the Piano Teacher or the Preparer of this invoice must be clearly displayed as well. It should be entered on the first labeled space. Note: Even if you have recorded your name as the Company Name, re-enter it on this blank space.

The address where the Piano Teacher receives his or her payments and business correspondence will need to be included on this invoice. The three lines designated with the components of a business or mailing address. The Piano Teacher’s “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” both have their own areas as does the “Zip Code.”

Now the Piano Teacher’s telephone number should be issued on this invoice. Input it on the line designated as “Phone.”

Lastly, the Piano Teacher’s “E-Mail” address must be recorded on the final space.

3 – Assign And Supply The Piano Teacher Invoice Number

A good bookkeeping system will assign unique numbers to the paperwork it generates and tracks. To this end, dispense the invoice number used for this record on the blank line corresponding to the term “Invoice #.”

Aid the Student in keeping track of his or her own books by giving an additional item of identification. The “Date” line will attach a specific calendar day when the invoice’s amount will be officially added to the Customer’s account. Record it accordingly.

4 – Identify The Piano Student

The Piano Student or School being billed here will need his or her name and contact address produced. Find the bold phrase “Bill To.” This will name a specific person as the individual who must pay for this invoice. It is important that you supply the exact “Name,” his or her “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and the attached “Zip Code” of the Payer of this invoice. This may be the Student or a separate Paying entity altogether.

5 – Define The Ordered Piano Lessons Or Products

Our next goal will be to give a reasonable account of why the Payer or Student must pay for this bill. This task can be easily and quickly accomplished by attending to a brief table. In “Description,” list the lessons, contract, or the tutorial products the Student has ordered.

Next, the “Amount” of money that must be paid for the piano lessons or products must be definitively listed in the right-hand column.

In addition to defining why the money you listed in “Amount” must be paid, it may be useful to also name a number of days that the Student or Customer is allowed to take to pay this amount. This number should be filled out onto the blank space corresponding to the word “Days” in the statement under the table.

The blank lines below the deadline statement will give you space to input additional statements that should accompany your invoice.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Use The Downloadable Invoice On This Page To Bill For Piano Lessons

The Piano Teacher Invoice can be found through the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link above.

2 – Document The Piano Teacher’s Identity

Open this file then use the first cell (located on row 1 at column A) as a display area for your logo. You may use any image file that is compatible with MS Excel. If the Piano Teacher is part of or has named his or her service a “Company Name” then it should be supplied in cell A2. The Piano Teacher’s professional name is required in cell A2 then, his or her first, middle, and last name must be furnished on the third row of this column.

The address used by the Piano Teacher for his or her professional correspondence must be included in this column by supplying each line to A4, A5, and A6. The “E-Mail” and “Phone” of the Piano Teacher are required in cells A7 and A8.


3 – The Payer For Piano Lessons Or Merchandise Requires Identification

The name of the Student requires some documentation. He or she should be fully identified via cells A11 (“Name”), A12 (“Street Address”), A13 (“City, State, Country”), and A14 (“Zip Code”). It is worth noting the Bill To Entity you list here is the person that you expect to pay this invoice.


4 – A Clear Description Of This Invoice Is Necessary To Support The Amount Owed

The Piano Teacher should have a clear method of keeping track of paperwork such as this. Usually, this task is done through and “Invoice #” and invoice “Date.” Both of these should be submitted and verified to cells F4 and H4 of the table in the upper right-hand corner. This invoice’s goal will be to inform the Student of a dollar amount that is owed for the piano lessons, sheet music, equipment, or media the Piano Teacher supplied to the Student. The “Description” column on this page (cell A17) can either be used to account for piano merchandise or piano lessons the expected invoice payment would cover. The exact “Amount” of money the Student should pay must be recorded in cell H17. Find the 18th row in column A. This field will require you enter a number of days that the Student is allowed to take to pay this invoice before being subject to late penalties. The next cell in this column (A19) will only need information if you wish to discuss more contents.