Yoga Teacher Invoice Template

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Yoga Teacher Invoice Template can be filled out with the Student’s billing information and total charges owed when it is time to seek payment for yoga classes that were conducted. Only a few basic items defining the Teacher and Student along with the specifics of the class and its cost will be required to issue this paperwork to the appropriate Yoga Student or paying Client. Naturally, you will want to make sure that the information supplied to this template is one hundred percent accurate. This will aid in the payment process as it will document the obligation of the Payer.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $39,820/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $19.15/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
Line Item

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx).

1 – Obtain The Yoga Teacher Invoice

The invoice statement necessary to bill Yoga Students is located through the links following the “Download” label above. Select either link (or click the button by the preview picture) to proceed.


2 – Clearly Identify The Yoga Teacher

It will be crucial to the goals of this document that we identify the billing party sending this invoice. This is the same person or entity who will receive the invoice payment from the Yoga Client. Thus, provide the Yoga Teacher’s legal professional name in the field currently displaying the text “Company Name.”Now, below this initial field, supply the Yoga Teacher’s mailing information. This should be done on the blank lines beginning with the first one, “Name,” where you must put the first, middle, and last name of the Yoga Teacher. Naturally, we will use the Yoga Teacher’s building number and street name (if applicable also fill in the appropriate suite number) on the “Street Address” line then the “City, State, Country,” and Yoga Teacher’s “Zip Code.” After the Yoga Teacher’s address has been completed, display his or her official “Phone” line on the next blank space If the Yoga Teacher has an “E-Mail” address where he or she corresponds professionally, record it on the last line.


3 – Properly Invoice The Yoga Student

The yoga session being billed should be attached to a unique number that will tie in the Yoga Teacher, Client, and the payable amount. This will be done with the yoga session’s invoice number on the blank space attached to the pound or hashtag sign found in the shaded bar. The yoga session’s invoice “Date” is the next item necessary for this invoice and must be input on the next available space.The invoice section “Bill To” will serve to assign a paying entity for the session and amount that will be defined next. The “Name” and address lines will allow a display of the Yoga Client’s information to be made. The next part of this invoice will handle the documentation of both the time spent in the yoga session or class and the amount that must be paid. A table will be able to accomplish this task nicely Begin with the “Description” column. Here, use each row to document a yoga session’s date and times. The time spent on these sessions must be divided by “Hours.” After reaching this number, enter it in the second column. The Yoga Teacher’s pay rate is a necessity for this paperwork. Report it under “$/Hour.” To arrive at the total “Amount” due, multiply the “Hours” spent on a session with the recorded pay rate. This will be how much the session on that row costs and should be entered in the last column of that row. The number you list as the payable “Amount” for each session must now be summed to the “Subtotal” box near the bottom of the last column. The dollar value that must be attached as a “Tax” amount is required in the next box down this column. Lastly, take a moment to double-check your numbers then add the “Subtotal” to the “Tax” amount due. The “Total” box at the bottom of the “Amount” column requires a presentation of this value.


4 – The Final Two Statements Can Be Utilized At Will

This invoice’s final section can be considered optional though the first statement is highly recommended. The “Payment Is Due…” sentence will put it in writing that payment must be sent within a certain number of days. Supply this predetermined number on the blank line here.

More material can be supplied at your discretion to the blank lines at the bottom of this invoice. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

1 – Save The Yoga Spreadsheet Invoice To Your System

Access the spreadsheet linked to the words “Microsoft Excel (.sxls)” above. This will prompt a download dialogue which will allow you to save this spreadsheet anywhere in your system.

2 – Display The Yoga Teacher’s Contact Information

The first displayed, column A, will serve as a place to present both the entities involved with this invoice: the Payee and the Payer. In this case, the Yoga Teacher will be the Payee or the entity who seeks compensation for his or her services and will be the first party we name. If the Yoga Teacher has a logo then, display the yoga logo in cell A1. Traditionally, this should be paired with the Yoga Teacher’s professional identity. Report this in cell A2. Moving down column A, notice that a few cells have been devoted to the Yoga Teacher’s business address. Cell A3 will, thus, require the Yoga Teacher’s name while the cells on rows four through six in column A will need his or her business address entered line by line.Next, present the Yoga Teacher’s “E-Mail” (in cell A7).  Enter the Yoga Teacher’s telephone number in cell A8.


3 – Identify The Yoga Student

We must declare the full name of the Yoga Student who must pay for the sessions provided in cell A11. In addition to the Yoga Student’s name above, provide his or her mailing “Street Address” to cell A12 then use the next two cells down column A to complete this address.


4 – Officially Present The Yoga Invoice

The Payer for these yoga sessions will want to see a concise break down of how the final figure in this invoice is reached. To this end, list all the sessions (row by row) in column A, starting with row 17 in the A column.Now, report how many “Hours” each session went on for and the “$/Hour” (dollar per hour) in the “F” and “G” columns (respectively). This will cause the “H” column, otherwise known as “Amount,” to display the final numbers involved with this invoice and the “Amount” that must be paid. 

If the government requires a “Tax” payment from this Client for this order, then it must be produced in cell H28.


5 – Finalize This Paperwork With Optional Material

Notice the sentence making up the contents of cell A30. The pound sign in the brackets can be replaced by the maximum number of days the Yoga Client may take to pay the amount calculated in cell H29.The last field set up to accept relevant material. Any additional terms, instructions, figures, or statements can be recorded in cell A31.