Zumba Class Invoice Template

The Zumba Class Invoice Template takes on the administrative burden of setting up or formatting a formal bill for classes that require payment. While running a Zumba class can be fulfilling, it will be important to make sure the books involved in sustaining this business are kept organized and that a clear process is set for requesting payments. A template can often be used to promote these goals especially where invoicing is concerned. Several articles of information will be requested by this paperwork and all should be supplied. Once this document has been completed, the completed document should be reviewed for accuracy then delivered to the Paying Customer.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Save The Zumba Class Invoice As A PDF Or Word Template

The template to issue invoices for Zumba classes is on display in the sample image on this page. The “PDF” or “Word” buttons allow a direct download of the concerned template. The links in this section will also allow for a direct download of the Zumba Class Invoice in these formats.


Step 2 – Identify The Zumba Instructor, Gym, Or Health Center

Open the invoice using the program of your choice, then click on the “Company Name” text at the top of the page. Delete this phrase then type in the full “Company Name” of the entity responsible for the Zumba class. This may be the name of the Gymn, Instructor, or a Health Center (i.e. Physical Therapy). The name you present here will be the Party that expects to be paid as a result of this invoice.  The “Name” line below refers to the name of the Zumba Instructor or Company Representative intent of obtaining the payment being discussed.  Identifying the previous entities will need to be followed with the appropriate contact information. Thus, make use of the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines that follow to report the mailing address maintained by the Zumba Instructor, Gymn, or Health Center expecting payment  The postal code assigned to the address above should be recorded as the next item. Place this information on the “Zip Code” line.  Next, the “Phone” number where the Zumba Class Instructor, Gym, or Health Center behind this paperwork can be reached should be input. The “E-Mail” address used by the Sender for correspondence is the next required entry in this area. It is important that only a well-monitored address is used here since Clients using email expect a reasonably rapid response. 

step 3 – Present The Zumba Session’s Invoice Information


The filing number required to identify this paperwork as an invoice for the Zumba class should be produced as the last item before the billing section. This number will act as a name for this paperwork since it must be unique to be useable. Generate this number as the entry for the “Invoice #” line then attach the current “Date” by inputting it on the right.


Step 4 – Make A Display Of The Zumba Client’s Billing Details

Produce the “Name” of the Zumba Class Client on the first line in the “Bill To” section. 

Present the Zumba Class Client’s address after his or her “Name” using the three remaining lines before the table. 


Step 5 – Discuss The Zumba Class Session Requiring Payment

A record of the Zumba class(es) that require payment should be submitted to the first row of the billing table displayed at the center of the page. A few reports are needed to complete this item and this must begin with the “Description” box where the Zumba class(es) should be listed by date, times, and location. Keep in mind that if the Zumba Class is part of a membership (such as with a health program or gym) then make sure the contract information (i.e. title, execution date, etc.).


Step 6 – Price The Zumba Class Accordingly

The basic cost of the Zumba class must be shown before you calculate the total. You may use the “Amount” section of this table to report both this base cost, the taxes that may be owed, and the total but, first, locate the field directly below the term “Amount” then enter the price of the class or classes that must be paid for. Continue to the next box down. This field, labeled with the word “Subtotal” seeks a basic calculation. Add all Zumba class costs reported to a single value then enter it as a dollar amount in “Subtotal.”    As mentioned earlier, this column will seek a full report on the money required for these classes. In some states, a sales or service tax may apply to Zumba classes especially if they are part of a larger membership package (whether products are being sold or not). Your business must be compliant with all tax regulations that apply to it especially if “Tax” must be added to a purchase. Input the “Tax” required with this payment in the next box down. If none apply, then record “0.00” or leave this field empty.  The “Total” at the bottom of the column intends to present the final calculation for the sum owed by the Zumba Class Student or Client. To arrive at this figure, add the Zumba class(es) “Subtotal” to the “Tax” that must be included. The result of this addition is the “Total” that must be paid for the Zumba Class Student to satisfy the financial obligations of the concerned class(es). 


Step 7 – Furnish The Zumba Client’s Deadline To This Invoice

Now that we have presented the total tuition for the Zumba class(es), many would suggest attaching a basic timeline that indicates when an unpaid invoice will be categorized as late. The words “Payment Is Due” lead to a blank space. The number of “Days” when this transition of an unpaid invoice’s status from ontime to late should be recorded in this space. 

Step 8 – If Needed Continue With Content Regarding The Class Or This Paperwork

The empty lines below the final statement requiring attention are an optional area of entry. If more content relating to the Zumba class or the paperwork it involves should be presented to the Student/Client, then enter this material in this area (you may also name attachments in this area). The words “Comments Or Special Instructions” will direct the Student/Client to review this information as well. 


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Gain Access To The Excel Zumba Class Invoice Template

Download the Zumba Class Invoice as a template in Excel by selecting the link above – labeled as “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” or the button presented in the sample image area.

Step 2 – Introduce The Gymn Or Zumba Class Instructor

Once you have accessed this spreadsheet turn your attention to the first column where the Zumba class logo must be uploaded to cell A1 and the full name of the Zumba Instructor or Health Facility that provides the class must be entered in cell A2 (“Company Name”).

The third item to be reported in this area concerns the individual representing the Zumba class being billed. Use cell A3 to present the first and last “Name” of the Party responsible for collecting the Zumba class payment from the Student or the Client receiving this document.  The address where payments, inquiries, or official correspondence regarding this bill or the Student/Client account is expected as the contents making up the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” fields in cells A4, A5, and A6.  The “E-Mail” label also refers to the Zumba Instructor or the Party responsible for these classes. Report this email in cell A7.  Conclude this area’s report on the Zumba Class Instructor or the Gymn responsible for it by entering this Party’s “Phone” number. 


Step 3 – Attach A Filing Number To The Concerned Transaction

Most documents generated in an accounting department will have a specific reference point. The invoice number of this document will be used for this purpose and thus must be delivered to the Recipient. Present it in cell F4.  Conclude the header section with the invoice “Date” that marks the first official day of the Zumba class payment request being made by confirming the one currently in this field (cell H4) or by editing it according to your preference (i.e you may post-date it). 


Step 4 – Identify The Zumba Class Client Or Student

The next section expects the full name of the Zumba Class Client or the Paying Student input to cell A11. It should be noted that the Student may not necessarily be the Paying Client. For instance, the class may be a gift or the result of a physical therapy requirement covered by insurance. The “Name” you record in cell A11 will be that of the Party expected to pay this invoice. Below it, make sure to continue with a report on the mailing address where this entity intends to receive mail regarding this class (including this invoice). Use cell A12 for this “Street Address” (building, street, unit number),” cell A13 for the “City, State, Country,” and A14 for the “Zip Code.”   


Step 5 – Report On The Zumba Classes Requiring Payment

Cell A17 holds one of the largest fields in this spreadsheet. It should be used to present the specifics of the Zumba class the Client must pay for. This allows for the contract information issued by the Gymn or Zumba Instructor giving the class. This area can also serve to report specific dates and times of the class. This can be useful especially if this is a pay-as-you-go class. 


Step 6 – Discuss The Zumba Class Costs To The Student

The next section of this document contains a basic column divided into four cells. The first of these cells (H17) is placed so that you can correspond a basic cost to each class or contract listed to the left. Fill in these dollar amounts as required, keeping in mind that any charges not reflected here will not be formally requested in this paperwork.  The “Subtotal” field of cell H18 serves a similar function as the one above with one distinction. Where the amounts expected can be listed separately above, they must be added to one value in this field. Report the full amount expected in this cell.  The “Tax” to be added will have an area of report as well. Calculate this amount then produce it for review in cell H19.  Cell A20 of this column shall conclude the report on the owed amount. To produce the correct information, the “Subtotal” of the Zumba classes must be added to the taxes required. Report this sum as the “Total” owed in this field. 


Step 7 – Document The Timeline For Class Payment

Cell A21 (on the left) is populated with the “Payment Is Due…” instruction. This sentence is incomplete and cannot be used as-is. It must be supplemented with the exact number of days after the invoice date when this bill is first considered late 


Step 8 – Deliver Additional Zumba Class Information As Needed

The production of this invoice may need to continue for the Client you are billing. If so, then use the space provided in cell A22 to deliver all such information.