Contractor Work Order Template

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The contractor work order is for any type of civil or public laborer designated to estimate their work on a rate per hour ($/hr) basis. The work order should state the scope of work along with the number (#) of hours along with any materials that are required to complete the project. Upon agreement and signature by the client, the contractor will have the authorization needed to begin work as stated.

Construction Contractor Work Order – Allows a general contractor or individual to give a projection of costs for a project.

Electrical Contractor Work Order – For a business or individual providing an estimate for electrical work.

General Contractor Work Order – An estimate of costs for new construction, remodeling, maintenance, or repair work to be conducted on residential or commercial space.

Independent Contractor (1099) Work Order – For any type of individual or business acting as a 1099 contractor giving an estimate of their services.

Software Contractor Work Order – For an estimate of costs for development, security, or other related software service provided.

Subcontractor Work Order – For an independent contractor seeking requests or bids for a service that is to be assigned to another individual or company.

How to Write a Contractor Work Order in PDF & MS Word

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

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How to Write a Contractor Work Order in MS Excel

Step 1 – Download in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

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