Graphic Design Work Order Template

The Graphic Design Work Order Template is a useful tool to gather the requirements of a project and its costs into a single document. In addition to the project and the pay involved, an identification of the Graphic Designer, the Client, and the request being made will be solidified. The structure used by this template will focus on a consistent presentation of these facts since they represent the basic material that defines most projects however, if needed, there will be an opportunity to address more topics without interfering or degrading the structure. The function of this paperwork will require that all information that may be necessary be recorded at the beginning so that the Client’s authorization is an informed one.

How to Write in PDF & Word

Download: Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

Step 1 – Save The Graphic Design Work Order Template

The Graphic Design Work Order Template, obtainable through the links above, can be worked on as a formatted “Adobe PDF” file or formatted “Microsoft Word (.docx)” file. The “PDF” and “Word” buttons delivered with the sample image displayed for review allow access to the same options for this file download.

Step 2 – Address The Graphic Designer Directly

The text field in the upper left begins this template with a label (“Company Name”) that must be replaced with the Graphic Design Company’s legal name. If the project request is directed to a Freelance Graphic Designer, then his or her Professional Name should be displayed.  The Recipient “Name” is also requested. This is typically the Graphic Designer or an Employee of the Graphic Design Company receiving this project request. The first empty line presented in the upper left, labeled “Name,” requires its contents filled with the intended Recipient’s identity.  The business address used by the Graphic Design Company (or Freelance Graphic Designer) also has an area reserved in this section. Find the “Street Address” line then supply the building, street/road/etc., and suite number in the Graphic Design Company’s mailing address to this line before proceeding with the submission of the “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” on the next two lines.  Utilize the final two lines to include the Graphic Design Company’s office number on the “Phone” line as well as the “E-Mail” address needed to reach the Graphic Design Office receiving this paperwork.   


Step 3 – Properly Identify The Graphic Design Assignment Request

The “Work Order #” to be paired with the graphic design project’s details is the first required entry of the next section. The shaded bar following the Graphic Design Company or Graphic Designer’s heading is constructed with two empty lines. The first is labeled to accept the design project’s “Work Order” while the next one (found on the right) requests this document to be given a formal “Date” of reference.


Step 4 – Compose An Area Of Display Naming The Graphic Design Client

Direct your attention to the bold heading “Client Information” then identify the Graphic Design Client responsible for receiving then paying for the proposed service on the empty line corresponding to the label “Name.”   Dispense a display of the “E-Mail” address monitored for contact by the Graphic Design Client on the second blank line then deliver the Graphic Design Client’s “Phone” number to the last line of this section.  Deliver the Graphic Design Client’s current address for billing. Split your report down the lines holding the designations of “Street Address” through “Zip Code” in the “Client Information” section.  


Step 5 – Register The Graphic Design Assignment Dates

The area assigned with the title “Order” will require two definitive calendar dates. The first blank line seeks its date to be the “Expected Start Date” of the graphic design project.  After identifying the first work date of the Graphic Designer, locate the next line in “Order” to record the final calendar date of the concerned project following the term “Expected End Date” 


Step 6 – Give Further Scheduling Information For The Graphic Designer

The table at the center of this template seeks several pieces of information that will serve to solidify the anticipated work schedule for the project and the Graphic Design Company or Graphic Designer’s expected compensation. The “Description” column starting this table is reserved for an account of the dates and times required of the Graphic Design Company’s time to work on this project. Deliver a count of the number of project “Hours” the Graphic Designer or Graphic Design Team will work on the project to the second column of this table.  


Step 7 – Discuss The Graphic Design Assignment’s Compensation

The Graphic Designer’s hourly pay rate is the next requested report. Document the payment that will be due to the Graphic Designer in the third column (titled “Hourly Rate”).  Multiply the graphic design project “Hours” as reported on a row with the Graphic Designer’s “Hourly Rate” then inform the Client of the payment expected for this work item in the final column (titled “Amount”). 


Step 8 – Dispense Brief Summary Of The Graphic Design Assignment’s Total

Once every “Amount” owed for a project shift has been presented, add these figures to one another. This “Subtotal” for the graphic design work should be produced in the first box below the “Amount” column.  The “Tax” that may need to be collected (i.e. a sales “Tax” on a physical product), should be entered in the “Tax” field if the Graphic Design Client will be held responsible to pay such an amount for this reason. Add the “Subtotal” of the graphic design work to the “Tax” that must be collected as the graphic design project’s “Total” expected payment. 


Step 9 – Name The Documenting Party Behind This Content

The Person physically documenting information onto the above graphic design request for work should be named immediately after the words “Work Order Completed By.”  


Step 10 – When Appropriate Include Additional Design Instructions Or Requests

Some important details may yet remain unaddressed that normally would not apply or some extra suggestions may be owed to this request. In any case, the “Comments Or Suggestions” lines can be used when needed and left unedited if inapplicable.


Step 11 – Acquire The Graphic Design Client’s Signature

The Graphic Design Client seeking the above work must agree to pay for it by signing the “Client Signature” line provided at the bottom of the page. Once this line is signed, none of the above information may be altered. Any additions or alterations to the original order should be detailed with a new document.   

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Access The Graphic Design Work Order Spreadsheet Template

The Graphic Design Work Order Template displayed in the preview image should be saved directly from this page with the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link or the “Excel” button provided on this page.

Step 2 – Formally Name the Graphic Design Service Being Commissioned

The logo of the Graphic Design Service as well as its official “Company Name” or Business Name are the first items of identification required by this sheet. Cell A1, held by the clipart image and the words “Company Logo” is reserved for the Graphic Design Service’s logo while the “Company Name” text in cell A2 bears replacement with that of the Graphic Design Service or Contracted Graphic Designer. Direct this document to the proper individual within the Graphic Design Service by inputting his or her “Name” in cell A3. Document the complete address where the Graphic Design Service expects to receive its business mail in cell A4, A5, and A6 by substituting the label each contains (“Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code”) with information from the Graphic Design Services’ address.  The “E-Mail” address used by the Graphic Design Service for client contact along with the “Phone” number should be placed on display using cell A7 then cell A8.  


Step 3 – Categorize This Document As A Graphic Design Job Request

This sheet also presents an area in the right side of the header where information should be produced. Populate cell F5 (bearing the title “Work Order”) with the distinct identification number the Graphic Design Service shall use as a reference point for this paperwork.  The “Date” that will be associated with the work order number and the information it refers to is needed in cell H5. Conveniently, the current day according to your desktop has been furnished for this field’s content, but this can be edited to your needs.  


Step 4 – Furnish The Graphic Design Customer’s Contact Information

The Graphic Design Customer should be identified with a production of his or her “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State,” and “Zip Code.” Cell A11 begins this series with a request for the Graphic Design Customer “Name” while cell A12 and A13 should be presented with this Party’s billing address.  Cell A13 includes a field where the “Zip Code” needed with the Graphic Design Customer’s address should be entered.  The Graphic Design Customer’s “E-Mail” and “Phone” are reserved entries for cells A15 and cell A16.  


Step 5 – Assign Specific Dates Marking The Commencement And Termination Of This Work

The first date of work on the graphic design project should be supplied in cell G11. The space after the words “Expected Start Date” has been reserved for this record.  The area following the “Expected End Date” label in cell G12 requires a declaration of the design project’s natural termination date.  


Step 6 – Furnish The Graphic Design Project Schedule

The table found below the “Client Information” and “Order” sections is devoted to discussing the proposed time for the project. Record all shifts being scheduled for this job by date and time in column A of this table. This area can be located below the “Description” heading in cell A18.  Report the “Hours” to be worked by the Graphic Designer separately on the same by dispensing this number in column F.  


Step 7 – Document The Graphic Design Total That Will Be Owed

One more detail is needed to begin the process of delivering the “Total” payment expected for the graphic design job. Column G expects that the “Hourly Rate” the Graphic Designer will be paid to be solidified as a dollar value. Supply the pay the Graphic Designer shall receive for an hour’s of work to this column so that column H can use it to generate the appropriate totals in the “Amount” column. Cell H30 is the final part of this table requiring input. Here, the current “Tax” codes governing the Graphic Design Service’s transactions should be applied as needed to the “Subtotal” (cell H29). Calculate this the graphic design sales/service “Tax” then present it in cell A30. 


Step 8 – Attach The Documenting Party Completing this Request

The Work Order Preparer should be named as a replacement for the brackets and the contained text “Individual’s Name” found in cell A32. 


Step 9 – Continue Reporting Graphic Design Project Details If Needed

If the Graphic Design Service (or Client) intends more information conveyed, then compose it after the words “Comments Or Suggestions” in cell A33.  


Step 10 – Gain Client Approval For The Graphic Design Project Cost

The signature of the Graphic Design Customer is expected to finalize this work order. It should be produced by him or her only after the document has been completed and read by everyone involved. When the Graphic Design Customer is ready to proceed to the next step by agreeing to the payment terms, then he or she should sign the “Client Signature” line in cell A37.