Accounting (Tax) Consultant Invoice Template

Tax Accounting Invoice Template is easily integrated into one’s billing process as a front-line document requesting Client payment for tax consultations. When a consultation has occurred and payment must be received it is generally recommended to gather all the basic facts concerning the consultation in one place. For instance, the Consultant, the Client, and the Meeting will all have to be defined and attached to the transaction that requires a Client payment. Solidifying these facts on paper is a powerful tool when it is time to request a payment. Make sure that all the information requested by this document is accurately presented where necessary as any errors may cause a delay in the payment process.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $60,276 per year (source: PayScale)
  • Hourly Wage: $22.37 per hour (source: PayScale)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Accounting Consultation Invoice On This Page To Bill Your Tax Clients

The file required to bill your Client for tax accounting consultations is accessible in PDF or MS Word. Find the buttons on this page with these labels then pick the one you wish to work with using your mouse. You can open or save this file and it is recommended you save it to an easily accessible location in your machine.


2 – Clearly Document The Accounting Or Tax Consultant’s Name And Information

Your Tax Accounting Consultation Service or Firm’s legal name must appear at the top of the page where the Recipient can recognize it immediately on sight. Find the field “Company Name” then replace its contents with your Tax Consultant’s business name making sure any descriptive suffix that is part of the name is included here (i.e. Ltd., C.P.A., Inc., etc.). Next, we will make sure the Client has enough information to devise a mailing label that is addressed to you at the Tax Consultant Business or Firm you represent or manage. Naturally, you should begin by entering your “Name” on the appropriately labeled line. If not yours, then that of a representative at your company or firm. Submit the address where the Client can reliably reach the Tax Consultation Business to the next three lines. Notice each line bears a label calling for an individual line of this address. Disclose the business number where the Tax Consultant Service receives calls and inquiries to the blank space labeled as “Phone.”You should also give the Tax Consultant Client the option to write you an “E-Mail,” so a separate line has been included here to accept this information. Make sure this is a well-maintained e-mail account.


3 – This Paperwork’s Invoice Number And Date Should Be Disclosed

Your bookkeeping system will likely designate an invoice number to this bill. Two labeled lines where you can input the invoice number and invoice date attached to this hard copy have been supplied to just under the heading.


4 – Make Sure The Invoiced Tax Consultation Client Is Properly Named

You should make sure that your Client is specifically named responsible to pay for the meetings that took place. The section title “Bill To” will have four blank lines beneath it where you can fill in the Name of your Tax Consultation Client. Immediately under this space is the address where you intend to send this invoice. 


5 – Account For All Tax Consultation Meetings Requiring Payment

The tax consultations that you provided to the Accounting Client will need to be detailed well enough for a Client review when necessary. This can be handled easily in the table featured in this document. The “Description” column should be used to present the Tax Consult Client with the date or reference you wish used to identify the meeting being billed. Now, on the same row, report how many “Hours” you spent working in each tax consultation meeting and the hourly rate that is required in the “$/Hour”

The next required piece of information is the result of a calculation that must be performed for this document. On every row containing information, multiply the number of hours of each meeting by the hourly rate on the same row.

Every “Amount” that must be paid for each consultation should be added to one number then placed in “Subtotal.”  You will be required to calculate the “Tax” amount the Customer must surrender when paying this invoice to the “Tax” box.Take the result you reported in “Subtotal” and add it to the “Tax” amount you entered. This is the “Total” that must be paid to cover this invoice. 


6 – The Option To Include Additional Material Is Available

If desired you may set the terms of this invoice to require an on time payment within whatever number of days you input on the blank space in the sentence below the table.  Payment instructions, comments regarding the consultation, or any other information not previously addressed may be supplied to the blank spaces after the words “Comments Or Special Instructions”


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Tax Consultation Invoice

The “MS Excel” link above or the self-designated button near the preview image will grant access to the spreadsheet version of this invoice.


2 – Fully Identify The Tax Accounting Consultant

The entity invoicing the Client through this paperwork must appear at the top of this page. This will help the Recipient immediately recognize the Sender. Thus, import the image document with your logo to cell A1 then, in second cell down column A, record the Tax Accounting Consultant’s Company Name.

Find cell A3, then produce your first, middle, and last name in it. Note that you may also enter the name of an individual authorized by the Tax Accounting Consultant to handle Client inquiries or arrangements regarding this invoice.

The next cells in column A, A4, A5, and A6 give a distinct area where you can display the complete address of the Tax Accounting Consultant. Enter the address as a “Street Address” and its city, state, and country in cells A4 and A5.

The “Zip Code” of your Tax Accounting Consultant’s address is required in cell A6. Now make certain that the Client can call or e-mail you when desired by inputting the business “E-Mail” and “Phone” line.


3 – Furnish The Consult Client’s Full Name And His Or Her Address

This document will also make sure the Consultation Client is verified as its Recipient. To do this, locate cell A10 where the heading “Bill To” is featured. This will give us a few cells in column A to record the Tax Consultation Client’s “Name” in Cell A11.

Find and use cell A12 to furnish the Tax Consultation Client’s “Street Address.” 

Input the Tax Consultation Client’s “City, State, Country” and “Zip Code” to the next two cells down column A.


4 – Use The Spreadsheet Tables To Invoice The Tax Accounting Consultations

Record the invoice number that allows you to locate and retrieve this paperwork from your files in cell F4. Currently, the adjacent field contains the current calendar date as the invoice date. If you prefer a different date, this field will accept your preferred invoice date. The brief table starting on sixteenth row shall act as a manifest of the services provided by your Tax Consultation Business or Firm. You will need to use this table as a place to give a full account of all the Consultations or meetings with the Client that requires payment. The “Description” column will accept the dates when the tax consultations occurred.The next pieces of information regarding these consultations will be the number of “Hours” each one consisted of and the amount of money per hour the Tax Consultant must be paid for these meetings in columns F and G respectively.After column H populates its contents with the dollar amounts the Client is liable for, it will still need one more piece of information to accurately calculate the “Total” on this document. To this end, enter the “Tax” the Client must pay in cell H28.

Once you’ve reviewed the information you entered, you may either send this document or continue to cell A30. If you wish to inform the Tax Consultant Client that he or she will only have a certain number of days to pay this invoice, input the number in place of the symbol just before the word “Days” in this sentence. If there you wish to provide this Client with material covering additional topics, you may do so in A31.