Consultant Service Invoice Template

The consultant invoice template is for any type of professional that gives their expert opinion on a specific subject matter. A consultant is generally hired on a per hour basis with some requiring a minimum set of hours that are billed in advance. When hours are sold as a block, the consultant will work on the project until the client is out of time. Once the hours are depleted, the client will be required to purchase a new set of hours or stop working with the consultant.

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Consultant Examples

  • Accountants – Tax advice and services.
  • Attorneys / Lawyers – Legal advice and casework.
  • Educators (Professors) – For a specific project that involves the need for an academic.
  • Doctors (including non-medical) – For any medical or non-medical work that is directly related to the scope of work.
  • Financial Advisors – Provide advice for monetary related investments and refuge.
  • IT – To obtain technical advice in reference to computer systems.
  • Political Advisors – Offering guidance on how best to engineer a campaign.
  • Real Estate Agents – Informs an individual or business entity of the current market conditions. May be paid per hour or on a commission basis.

How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

DownloadAdobe PDF or Microsoft Word

1 – The PDF Template Of A Consultant Service Invoice Is Accessible Here

The Adobe file required for a Consultation Invoice is a downloadable item on this page. You may gain access to it by selecting the appropriate button near the image on this page or selecting the Download link above.

2 – The Consultant Service Information Should Be Prominently Displayed

The Consult Company’s Legal Name should be recorded where the text “Company Name” appears.

The Consultant’s Full Name should also be presented. You may supply it on the blank space labeled “Name.” The following three fields “Street Address” (Building Number/Street/Unit Number), “City, State, Country” and “Zip Code” must be supplied with the information they request to solidify the Consultation Company’s Address.

Some additional information will be required to complete the Consultation Agency’s Contact Information. This requires the Constant’s E-Mail Address and Daytime Phone Number and should be entered onto the next two fields of this section.

3 – A Clear Documentation Of The Invoice And Consultation Client Is Required

The Invoice Number and the Invoice Date associated with this transaction must be presented here. An area labeled “Invoice #” and one labeled “Date” near the center of this page have been included for this purpose.

The Consultant’s Client must also be accurately identified and attached to this Invoice Number. Provide this entity’s Name and Address in the area under the bold words “Bill To.”

4 – Describe All The Billable Services Provided

The Consultant’s time will have to be reported in order to bill for it. The next section of this document will allow you to provide such documentation easily. Begin with the “Hours” column by entering how long the Consultant spent working on a Client’s project. Then, input the project name or “Description” in the second column and document how much money per hour the Consultant must be paid in the “$/Hour” column.

The next step in this report will be to calculate the product of “Hours” times “$/Hour” then, report it in the last column “Amount.”

This column will extend into three additional fields or boxes. Use the first of these fields (“Subtotal”)to present the sum of each row’s reported “Amount” and the field below this to display how much “Tax” must be paid for the amount you placed in “Subtotal.”

The last field in this column must be the sum of the “Subtotal” field and the “Tax” field. Enter this figure in “Total.”

5 – The Total Dollar Amount Owed Should Be Presented

Naturally, the Client must be informed of any additional charges and the Total Dollar Amount that must be paid to the Consult Agency to satisfy this Invoice. This means you must enter the applicable “Tax” to this Invoice in the field under the “Subtotal” you provided then present the sum of these two values in the last box (“Total”).

6 – The Consultation Client Should Be Informed Of Any Applicable Deadline Or Instructions

The Consult Agency may wish to inform the Client when a payment is expected to be made. This time frame can be defined as a number of days from the receipt (by the Client) of this paperwork. In this case, input the maximum number of days allotted to the Customer to make an on-time payment.

The Client may require some instructions or the Consultant may wish to add comments to this Invoice. If so, then present such additions to the blank lines labeled “Comments Or Special Instructions”

How to Write in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

DownloadMicrosoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Excel File On This Page To Bill A Consultant Client

The Excel Consultation Invoice Template is easily attainable by locating and selecting the “MS Excel” button attached to the preview image or by clicking on the “MS Excel” link above.

2 – Input The Consultant Company Name And Contact Information

The first cell of this spreadsheet is reserved for the Consultation Agency’s official logo. Replace the logo presented in this field with the Company Logo. Follow this with the Consultation Agency’s Legal “Company Name.”     Next, in Cells A3 through A6, produce the Consultation Agency’s Mailing Address starting with the Recipient Name. Follow through with this information by documenting the Consultants E-Mail Address in Cell A7 then presenting his or her Daytime “Phone” number in Cell A8. 

3 – Apply A Valid Invoice Number And Date To This Document

The Invoice Number and Invoice Date assigned to this Consultation job should be added to the information being presented. Enter the Invoice Number in F4 then input the Invoice Date in H4. The Consultation Client Name and Address should be supplied next. This can be done by simply typing each component into the labeled areas under “Bill To.” Make sure this information is identical to the Billing Address submitted by the Client earlier.

4 – Determine And Provide A Report On Billable Services

This spreadsheet will add a convenient table in its body. This section will have four columns meant to quickly summarize the Consultant’s projects and hours.

Each reported project should be defined by either the project name or a summary in the “Description” column, accompanied with the number of “Hours” worked, and the Hourly Rate (“$/Hour”) that was charged. Supply such information in column F and G (respectively).  Each entry will cause the “Amount” column to display the product of these two columns.   The next cell, “Subtotal,” will also display a figure (the sum of the “Amount” column and will be needed for the next step. The Taxes that should be added to the “Subtotal” should be filled into Cell H26. There will be a formula in place to do this automatically, however, you must enter the “Tax” Amount where requested. Once this task is completed the “Total” amount of money the Client must pay the Consultation Agency will display.  

5 – Any Additional Comments Should Be Clearly Stated

Cell A37 will allow the Consultant to state when the Customer should pay this Invoice to satisfy its terms of payment. The start period will be whenever the Client has received this document. Enter any number of days to define when the Customer payment is expected in the bracketed area presented.   In Cell A38, there will be an opportunity to present any additional directions or comments. You may leave this cell blank or delete its contents if no such wording is required.