Business Consultant Invoice Template

Business Consultant Invoice Template has been formatted to allow you to concisely define services you delivered to your Client so that you can obtain payment. This type of paperwork is beneficial to both parties since it will act as a quick summary of the transaction being billed as well as give some documentation regarding the payment status. Clients will appreciate having a set price to pay as well as a hard copy for their records. You can develop this paperwork using one of three file types. You may choose the one you wish to work with depending on your system environment and preferences.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $73,758 per year (source: PayScale)
  • Hourly Wage: $33.93/hr (source: PayScale)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Retrieve Your Consultant Business Invoice From This Site

If you wish to develop an invoice from a PDF or MS Word document, then locate the file type buttons featured with the preview and choose either “Adobe PDF” or “MS Word.”

2 – Information Defining Your Consultation Business Should Be Presented

Once you have gathered the information defining the business consultation you require payment for, open this document then fill in the legal name of your Consultation Company or Firm to the field currently featuring the words “Company Name” at the top of this page. This will allow your Client to immediately recognize this document as one from your Consultation Business. However, as a matter of consideration, take a moment to identify yourself properly on the “Name” line provided below the entity name you entered above.  This area of the document will need some additional information to round out its heading, specifically defining options the Client has available to contact the Consultant Company originating this document. The first three empty lines (appropriately labeled with the words “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Code”) should be used to give the Consult Client a method to reach you physically, by mail, or both. This business address should be recorded with its individual components furnished where requested. The Business Consultation Company or Firm’s “Phone” and “E-Mail” address are both items that should be part of this header. This is not only a consideration that your Client will enjoy but will also aid in presenting this invoice in a professional manner.


3 – Directly Address The Consultation Business Client When Invoicing Him Or Her

The shaded bar with the designations “Invoice #” and “Date” will open the invoicing area nicely. You can use these two lines to inform the Business Consult Client of the reference or filing number assigned to this paperwork in your system as well as its effective date. Both items will serve as reference points for this document. When formally invoicing an entity, you must make sure the language contained will specifically name your intended Payer or Recipient as responsible for the money being named as payable. The “Bill To” section will quickly identify the individual or entity who will be expected to respond to this document with a payment to your Business Consultation Service. Use the blank lines “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” to solidify the Consult Client’s identity.  The next portion of this document displays a table with several rows and four columns. This table will be used to show your Consult Client the reason for this invoice. Begin filling out this table by describing the business consultation session being billed in the “Description” column. You may use any point of reference the Client will find familiar (i.e. a calendar date with or without a time in and time out). The number of “Hours” that were spent for the business consultation will have to be included in this report and should be entered in the next column. The hourly rate commanded by the business consultant on the job should be placed in the “$/Hour” column. The “Amount” column also requires input, but you must calculate the entry. Take the number of “Hours” reported on a row then multiply it by the “$/Hour” number on the same row. The product of this multiplication should be placed in this column on the same row as the numbers used. Add all the numbers you recorded in the last column. The sum must be placed in the box attached to the ‘Subtotal” label. Record the applicable “Tax” required by your local tax entity in the “Tax” box then add this number to the “Subtotal.” This amount is the final dollar amount owed by the Payer for the business consultation and should be entered in the box “Total.”


4 – The Terms Of Payment And Pertinent Information May Be Included At Your Discretion

The first sentence after the table above will set a time limit on the Consult Client however, this will only apply if you supply it with the information it requests. If you do wish to name a grace period when a payment will be considered on time then determine the  number of days and enter it on the blank line provided. Additional material can be included for the Client’s benefit using the area immediately following the words “Comments Or Special Instructions”


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download This Excel Form To Bill Your Business Consultation Clients

The excel download on this page gives access to the Business Consultant Invoice. Select the “MS Excel” button

2 – Use The First Column To Introduce Your Consultant Business To The Payer

Upload the Business Consultation Service logo used by the entity sending this to the first cell of this sheet (column A, row 1). Below this make sure the Consult Service’s full name, as well as yours, is entered to the next two cells down column A. The three cells below your Business Consultation Service’s identity (and yours) are devoted to your business address. The building number and street name where the Business Consultant Service receives mail is required in cell A4. Of course, if a suite or unit number is part of the “Street Address” make sure to include it. The city, state, and country where the Business Consultant Service receives mail is the next item you define. Supply this part of the address in cell A5. The field located in column A on the sixth row has been specifically reserved for the “Zip Code” assigned to the address you supplied to be entered.  Next, we will need to make sure the “E-Mail” maintained by your Business Consultation Service must be entered in cell A7.  The last row requiring information in the header section is cell A8. Input the “Phone” number that your Consult Client can use to reach your Consultation Service in this field.

3 – Report On The Business Consultation Being Billed

The cells making up rows eleven through fourteen in the “A” column are set aside for one purpose: to attach the name and address of the paying entity or Recipient. Oftentimes, this is the same person or entity that commissioned the business consultation session(s) covered in this invoice. Thus, record the full name of the Payer in cell 11 and his or her address in cells A12, 13, and 14. The table occupying most of this spreadsheet will require several columns of information regarding the consult session(s) you wish your Client to submit payment for. You will need to provide at least three columns with details on the business consultation job. The “Description” column has been set to receive the details that define the consultation this invoice concerns. This field’s formatting will allow for dates, times, contract names, account/job numbers, or however else the Client and you have decided to define this consultation.  The next two columns will require numbers that will apply to the consultation you described in column A. The adjacent column, F, will seek a definition to the number of “Hours” the Business Consultant spent working for the Client. The dollar amount the Business Consultant will require as payment for one single hour of work should be placed in the “G” column. In turn, the “H” column will be formatted with formulas drawing from the data you enter thus, populating with the dollar “Amount” the Consultation Client is obligated to pay. The final cell that requires direct attention from you is cell H28. This field is where you must report the “Tax” that must be paid with the “Subtotal” charges. This will cause the “Total” dollar amount owed for this invoice to display in cell H29.


4 – Terms And Information Can Be Defined

Two additional fields are supplied should you wish to place a time limit on the expected payment or additional material that can be considered pertinent to this invoice. The brackets in cell A30 are a placeholder for the number of days your Client is allowed as a grace period. There may be additional information that may be useful to the Consult Client or you may wish to supply directions. Any material that you wish to add to this paperwork that could has not been dealt with can be placed directly in cell A31 or cited in this field then attached.