Educational Consultant Invoice Template

Educational Consultant Invoice Template sets several pieces of information before a Client so that a payment required for educational consultations can be properly requested. You will also be able to use this document as a frame of reference with your Clients as it will document the reasons why a payment is required. You will attach the Client’s name to the consultation provided, the invoiced amount, and an invoice number from your company thereby obligating the Client to payment upon its presentation. This template can be obtained from this site as an empty document that is ready to accept the information necessary to generate the required billing process. You may obtain it in any of the three formats displayed on the buttoned, depending upon your preferences.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $64,203 per year (source: PayScale)
  • Hourly Wage: $50.29 per hour (source: PayScale)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The PDF or MS Word Educational Consultant Invoice File

Find the MS Word or Adobe PDF buttons featured on this site then select the one most compatible with your software environment (so you can fill it out on screen). The button will grant access by prompting you to either open or save the file. Make sure to save a copy to conveniently access this document in the future.


2 – Identify The Educational Consultant

The Educational Consultant who has met and provided consultations to the Client must have the official name of his or her service input to the “Company Name” field, then present his or her own name to the “Name” line. Displaying the address where the Educational Consultant receives his or her mail regarding the consultation business is the next requirement you must satisfy. Utilize the labeled blank spaces designated as “Street Address” to enter the first (and second) address line then the Consultant’s “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.”The Educational Consultant’s telephone number and “E-Mail” address should both be considered requirements for an appropriate presentation of the business sending this paperwork. Therefore, take advantage of the last two blank lines to present these items. 


3 – Deliver The Consultation Invoice Number And Date

Before we move on to the body of the invoice, we should take a moment to give a record of the invoice number designated to keep track of the consultation and the payment status attached to this paperwork. This number should be a unique filing number in your system. The invoice date when this document becomes active is also required by this paperwork. Make sure it is supplied on the second blank space in the darkened horizontal bar.


4 – Produce Your Educational Consultation Client Information

The blank lines in the “Bill To” section are meant to make sure the Educational Consultant and the Client are both connected to this paperwork. Thus, enter his or her “Name” then the lines making up his or her address. The educational consultation session(s) that took place must be recorded on this invoice. A few details will need to be researched and reported in the table displayed below the Sender/Recipient information you provided. To fill out the information required for a professional invoice, begin with the first column. This is the “Description” column and it should contain a clear record of either the date when the Educational Consultant met with his or her Client or some way to identify the session that took place (such as a contract name/number) or an item that was sold. The “Quantity” portion of this table will refer to how many products the Client purchased. Make sure this number is accurate when you enter it. The “Unit Price” or the exact price of just one of the items sold must be input in the third column.Now that some supporting information has been provided to this invoice, multiply the numbers you entered for “Hours” and “Unit Price” then, submit this to the “Amount” column.Many would consider putting a time-limit on an acceptable payment in writing to encourage the Client to make a timely payment. The maximum number of days the Educational Consultant will wait for a payment and consider it an on-time payment would need to be input on the blank line attached to the word “…Days.’  The last area (beginning with the words “Comments Or Special Instructions” consist mainly of a couple of blank lines which allow you to address the Client directly.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Educational Consultant Invoice To Bill Your Clients

Retrieve your copy of the spreadsheet on this page with the “MS Excel” button presented.


2 – Submit The Educational Consultant’s Official Contact Material

This document will need several items supplied to it beginning with the logo the Educational Consultant uses for identification in cell A1. The next cell, A2, must have the full “Company Name” of the Educational Consultant Business entered while A3 (directly below it) requires the name of an individual who the Consultant Service has authorized to receive inquiries regarding this invoice or the consultations it covers.It would be considered mandatory by many that the Sender of this invoice also have his or her business address furnished to this document by entering the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” down this column in cell A4, cell A5, and cell A6. There are two more standard methods of communication that should be presented with the business address you supplied. The “E-Mail” and business telephone number the Educational Consultation Service expects its Clients to use when initiating contact in this way should be submitted to cell A7 then cell A8 (respectively). If the Client does contact the Educational Consultant regarding the meeting being billed here or the invoice defining it then it will be much easier if both the Client and the Educational Consultant Service have a common point of reference to positively i.d. this paperwork when discussing it. This common reference point should take the form of the invoice number you should enter in cell F4. Similarly, an invoice date will also be used when referring to such a document. The default invoice date will be the current date, and this can be changed at will in cell H4.


3 – Formally Bill The Educational Consultation Client

The purpose of this document is to inform the Educational Consultant Client is informed that he or she must pay a certain amount of money for the Consultant’s work. To achieve this purpose, this document must leave no room for doubt as to who the intended Recipient is. Therefore, input the Client “Name” in cell A11.  The next three cells will serve to verify the Recipient by making an account of the address where the Client indicated his or her correspondence be sent. Cell A12, A13, and A14 will act as designating guides as to where each line of the Client’s address should appear. The Educational Consultant’s Clients will desire some report on the work produced that he or she must pay for. This may be a formality so that good record-keeping can be upheld in their system or a requirement of their bookkeeping department. In any case, it is wise to handle this expectation when first sending an invoice. Notice the table on row 16. Use the first column to give a “Description” of the consultation services the Educational Consultant provided. The second and third columns (titled as “Hours” and “Hourly Rate” respectively). These two segments will allow excel to calculate what the Client owes to the Educational Consultant for the consult defined in the first column. Simply record the length of time Consultant spent meeting with the Client and/or provided his or her analysis as a number of “Hours” in the second column and the money that he or she is charging for one hour of consultation services in the third column.Excel will give the price of the consultation services in the “Amount” column, allowing you to continue to the sentence in A18 which imposes a payment deadline if it is filled out. If the Educational Consultant prefers to include this condition, then enter the number days to the contents of this sentence after the words “Payment Is Due In” This invoice may have to be accompanied with more information. The space reserved to present such material is in cell A19 after the term “Comments Or Special Instructions.”