SEO Consultant Invoice Template

An SEO Consultant Invoice Template lightens the administrative duty of seeking consultation or contract payments from Clients. Optimizing search engines for small businesses and companies can be done through prior Client Agreements, promotional packages, or may even be one-shot strategy meetings with a few tweaks to the backstage operation of a Client’s website to maximize its visibility. Regardless of the service being performed by the SEO Consultant, payment will have to be formally requested at some time. By employing a standard form that fits all situations, the concerned Consultant may free up his or her time for other pressing tasks.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Save The SEO Consultant Invoice Available On This Site

The “PDF” button under the invoice image on this page can be used to download the paperwork needed to bill your SEO Clients. If preferred, you may also obtain this invoice as a “Word” document by choosing the adjacent button on this page.

Step 2 – Introduce The SEO Consultation Business Sending This Invoice

The header area introducing this bill will need some basic details defining the Entity seeking payment for the consultation services we will discuss. The text box at the top of the page displays “Company Name” with the expectation that production of the SEO Consultation Business’ legal “Company Name” be submitted.  The “Name” of the SEO Consultant behind this invoice is needed on the first blank line in this area.  Deliver the SEO Consultant’s mailing address to this invoice by producing the appropriate “Street Address” then “City, State, Country” as the contents of the next two lines.  The postal code associated with the above address should be recorded on the “Zip Code” line.  Dispense the SEO Consultation Business’ telephone number and email address on the lines labeled “Phone” and “E-Mail.” 


Step 3 – Produce Document Definitions Identifying This Paperwork

The “Invoice #” line in the dividing bar between the header and body requires the document number the SEO Consultation Business assigned to this bill be presented on it. Assign the consultations invoice “Date” on the next blank space as the first calendar day the SEO Firm seeks payment.  


Step 4 – Furnish The SEO Client’s Billing Information

The “Bill To” part of this document is geared to address the SEO Consultant Client as the Invoice Payer. A blank line labeled “Name” has been included in this section so you may present this Party’s identity.  Submit the SEO Consultant’s billing address on the “Street Address” and “City, State, Country” lines then furnish the postal code on the next blank line. 


Step 5 – Discuss The SEO services That Must Be Paid For

Directly underneath the billing address an invoice table will present a “Description” box where the SEO services that were commissioned must now be documented. Definitions such as website reviews/audits (website or mobile apps), website or mobile app edits, marketing services, consultation/strategy meetings, or contract titles the SEO Client has agreed to pay for should be recorded in this field. 

Step 6 – Deliver The Pricing That Applies To The Service

The “Amount” expected for the SEO services that were commissioned should have been discussed with the Client and should be recorded in the appropriately titled column on the right side of this table. 

Continue below the “Amount” box to the one labeled “Subtotal.” You must supply one of two figures. If the “Amount” box lists more than one entry, you must add them to one value, then enter this as the Subtotal or if you only entered one “Amount” then you must confirm it by listing it as the “Subtotal” as well. Supply the “Subtotal” as the situation requires.  Sometimes the SEO Client may be able to receive a discount from the “Subtotal” value before it is subjected to any taxes. If this is the case, then you must record the “Amount” that will be discounted or subtracted from the “Subtotal” before any taxes are applied. Place this discounted dollar value in the “Discount” box. If no discounts will apply, then report “0.00” accordingly. The “Tax” box of this column requests that you now report the taxes (whether they are sales or service) that your local government requires you to calculate based on the “Subtotal.” If more than one (“Tax”) must be applied, then determine all applicable taxes so you may add them together. Record the full “Tax” amount owed for the SEO Consultant’s bill where requested. The field labeled “Total” at the bottom of this column will refer to a specific sum. The value entered here will be the one that the SEO Client will be obligated to pay. Thus, add the previous two dollar values (“Subtotal” and “Tax”) then enter it in the field attached to the “Total” label. If a “Discount” you must subtract it from the “Subtotal” before adding taxes (“Subtotal” – “Discount” + “Tax/VAT”). This will be the “Total” owed for the consultation services requiring payment. 

Step 7 – Continue Past The Table To Attach The Grace Period For Payment

The sentence just past the invoice table will act to direct the Consultation Client to pay the “Total” owed within the amount of “Days” you place on the blank line it contains. Seek out this blank line between the terminology “Payment Is Due…” and “Days.” 

Step 8 – More Content May Be Attached Or Additional Concerns Addressed If Necessary

Notice that this invoice shall continue to the designating statement “Comments Or Special Instructions” where you may continue this invoice on the blank lines provided. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Download The SEO Consultant Excel Template From This Page To Invoice Customers

The spreadsheet template on this page is accessible through the “Excel” button or “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link. Select either of these with your mouse to save this paperwork.

Step 2 – Name The SEO Consultation Company That Seeks Payment For Its Services

Cell A1 will begin this spreadsheet with a request for the image the SEO Consultant or SEO Consultation Company uses as a logo or page banner.  A production of the SEO Consultation Company or SEO Consultant’s professional identity is needed along with the full “Name” of the Employee sending this invoice in cells A2 (“Company Name”) and cell A3 (“Name”).  The “Street Address” making up the first line in the SEO Consultant’s mailing address should be dispensed to cell A4 followed by the second mailing address line in cell A5 (“City, State, Country”). The SEO Consultation Business’s official “Zip Code” must now be included. Place it in the next cell down (cell A6). Two additional cells in this column (A7 and A8) require the SEO Consultation Company or SEO Consultant’s “E-Mail” address and “Phone” number. 

Step 3 – Input The Invoice Information Necessary To File This Paperwork Properly

Many entities will not consider a document a formal invoice unless it is identified as such. To achieve this goal, input the “Invoice #” assigned for the consultation session or service in cell F4.  The “Date” displayed in cell H4 will be understood as the invoice “Date” setting this document as active. 

Step 4 – Record The SEO Client’s Billing Details

The targeted Consultation Client should be clearly identified. Under “Bill To,” list the Paying Client by “Name” to cell A11. 

Produce the billing address under the SEO Client’s identity using cells A12 (“Street Address”) through A14 (“Zip Code”). 

Step 5 – Document All SEO services, Products, Or Contracts Requiring Payment

The consultation session or service requiring payment is the next subject of this invoice. Cell A17 will accommodate this production as you enter it. This “Description” should be composed of details such as the contract title defining the SEO Client’s obligations, the calendar dates of any session/meetings conducted, and/or a list of the actions taken to complete the SEO requirements of the job. 

Step 6 – Produce Documentation Of Pricing Contributing To The Final Owed Amount

Proceed to the next column (H) where you must record the exact “Amount” expected for the commissioned SEO services. Cell H17 will accept this dollar “Amount” and should correspond to the service you defined in cell A17.  Cell H18 or “Subtotal” seeks confirmation of the total sum required by the SEO Consultant or SEO Consultation Company. Do not include any taxes to this report.  Any discounts that favor the Consultation Client should be recorded as the dollar amount that will be subtracted from the “Subtotal.” Record this in cell H19. If no discounts apply, then you may enter a “0” or leave this field blank. H20 is reserved for the taxes that must be added to the “Subtotal.” This will need to be calculated according to the local tax codes for this business then entered as a dollar value here. The SEO Client must now be directly informed of the “Total” that must be paid to satisfy this invoice. Issue this “Total” in cell H21. You will need to add the “Subtotal” to the calculated taxes to reach this “Total.” Note: If the “Subtotal” is discounted then you must tax the discounted “Subtotal” (Subtract the “Discount” amount from the “Subtotal” then add the required “TAX/VAT” to this result).


Step 7 – Produce The Number Of Days Given To Pay This Bill

The final invoice request for information is in cell A21. The wording “Payment Is Due…” will lead to a bracketed area. Delete this bracketed area and complete this sentence with the precise number of “Days” given to pay for the commissioned SEO services. 


Step 8 – If Necessary, Continue With More Housekeeping Comments Or Instructions

Cell A22 (otherwise referred to as “Comments Or Special Instructions”) can be used to present an additional dialogue for the benefit of the SEO Client or communicating additional instructions.