Software Consultant Invoice Template

Software Consultant Invoice Template is a reliable way to bill your Clients for consultation sessions where payment is owed. This document will only need some basic information to fulfill its purpose of informing a Client that payment is expected. Once completed, the Client will have access to the information detailing why he or she owes the money on this invoice and any payment terms or instructions you believe may be useful or relevant. Many Software Consult Clients will seek to settle a valid invoice, especially if it is in writing thus, having a template handy will often contribute to a timely payment process from your Clients.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $76,074 per year (source: PayScale)
  • Hourly Wage: $51.52 per hour (source: PayScale)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Use This Paperwork To Request Payment For A Software Consultation

The paperwork on this page should be filled out by a Software Consultant seeking payment for a consultation session with his or her Client. Download it as an “Adobe PDF” by clicking the self-titled button above. You may also obtain an “MS Word” version as well.


2 – Identify The Software Consultant Service And Invoice Using The Header Area

Your paperwork will be divided into several areas based on the subject matter that an invoice should document. The first of these sections contains a few labeled lines where you may document yourself as the Sender. Begin with the “Company Name” field where you will input the name of your Software Consultant service. The second field requiring attention will be a labeled blank space (“Name”). This space will need the name of either someone who can accept correspondence regarding this invoice or your name. The Software Consultation Service will need its company address supplied to the next three labeled lines (“Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code”).The official number for your the “Phone” line used for your Software Consultant Service must be furnished to the next empty line.Lastly, input the Software Consultant Service “E-Mail” you wish your Clients to use when contacting you this way on the last empty line of this section.

The “Invoice #” you’ve assigned this transaction should be dispensed to the Client with this paperwork. Thus, report it on the first blank space in the shaded bar. Continue giving the Client a means to identify and refer to his document by supplying its invoice “Date” on the next labeled space.


3 – The Software Consultation Client Should Be Clearly Documented

The next area requiring your direct attention is labeled “Bill To.” Here, the blank lines labeled “Name” through “Zip Code” should be populated with legal name of your Software Consult Client then his or her official address. 


4 – Present The Consultant Meetings Being Billed

The software consultation meetings that require payment should be adequately reported for the Client. A table summary will provide this chance by giving a structured area for this task. The first column of the featured table (“Description”). This will refer to the software consultation meetings you are charging to the Client and may take the form of any easily referenceable definition such as the meeting minutes, date, times worked, contract name, etc. The number of “Hours” spent on each software consultation meeting should be included in this table. Make sure to supply such data to the second column.The next detail you should furnish to this table is the hourly dollar amount that should be paid for every one hour of work for the Client. Place this in the “$/Hour” column. The next column that requires your input is “Amount.” You will need to multiply the “Hours” and “$/Hour” across the rows containing data then each result must be supplied to the same row.Add all “Amount” values to one sum and place it in “Subtotal.”Make sure to input the “Tax” you are obligated to charge the Software Consult Client for the invoice “Subtotal” amount. This material should be produced to the box labeled “Tax.”Finally, add the “Subtotal” number to the “Tax” amount then put the sum in “Total.”


5 – Your Terms Of Payment Can Be Presented With Any Other Relevant Material

Submit the number of days this invoice will allow as a grace period on the blank space in the “Payment Is…” statement.

Two blank lines at the bottom of this invoice allow for extra material or relevant information to be provided.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Software Consultant Invoice As A Spreadsheet

The “MS Excel” button or link on this page allow you access to the Software Consultant Invoice. Select one of these items then download the spreadsheet when prompted.


2 – Your Software Consultation Service Should Be Documented

The first three cells on this page will act as a place to fully identify your Software Consultant Service. We will begin this process by making sure the logo used by the Software Consultant Service is displayed to cell A1 and its legal name furnished in the next cell of this column.    The third cell down column A is labeled “Name.” Substitute your own name for this label.The “Street Address” where the Software Consultation Service maintains its mailing address must be presented in cell A4 to be followed with its “City, State, Country” in cell A5, and its “Zip Code” in cell A6.

The seventh cell in column A has been reserved to accept the “E-Mail” address where electronic mail to the Software Consultant Service will be reliably received.The Software Consultant’s business “Phone” line is also a requirement of this heading. Thus, input it to cell A8.


3 – Properly Display The Consult Client’s Full Name And Business Address

It is a general expectation that we specifically name the Client as the entity that must pay for the consult meetings. The eleventh cell in column A will be the first field where we begin to fulfill this basic requirement. Make sure the word “Name” in this field is replaced with the Software Consultant Client’s full name.   A good way to solidify your Software Consultant Client is to pair the address he or she maintains with information above. Thus, the twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth cells in the “A” column have been set aside to receive the Software Consult Client’s complete address beginning with the “Street Address” in A12 and finishing with the appropriate “Zip Code” in A14.


4 – Use The Formatted Tables To Convey Invoice Information To The Client

The first table requiring your attention is located near the top right-hand corner of this sheet. The first field of this table, cell F4, will need the “invoice #” assigned for the consultation being discussed. Enter this number precisely as it must appear in your filing system. Adjacent to this number, cell H4, the current “Date” has been supplied for you as the invoice date. You can change this at your discretion. The table of cells below the completed “Bill To” section will give ample room to report on the meetings that took place and contain the formatting required to deliver a “Total” that the Client must pay. Let us turn our attention to the first column heading in this table: “Description.” Use this portion of the table to give a record of all the consult meetings you are billing to this Client. They may be categorized any way you wish (i.e. date, contract, etc.) but each one must be on its own row.The next task is simple. You must enter how long each meeting was (by hour) in the “Hours” column and have an account of the dollar amount that must be paid for each hour of consultation in the third column (“$/Hour”). These figures will work together in the formulas of column H to document the cost of all the meetings individually and combined.One more requirement of this table is cell H28. The “Tax” amount that must be included must be physically entered by you. If you are not required to charge taxes, you may enter “0.00” or leave this blank.Now that you have told the Software Consult Client how much he or she must pay for the consultations provided, you may wish to indicate how long he or she has to pay this amount. Enter this period of time as “Days” by replacing the bracketed area with it in cell A30. Additional material concerning the software consultation, or this invoice can also be included with this document. Cell A31 has been set to accept such information (if necessary).