Freelance Journalist Invoice Template

Freelance Journalist Invoice Template is a well-structured tool that should be employed when it is time collect on an article or story’s payment. You can edit this paperwork to suit your needs as you work but it will mostly require simple and straightforward input to complete. Some optional areas have been included for special cases. These can be utilized as the situation demands.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts

  • Salary: $43,490 per year (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $20.91 per hour (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

1 – Save The Freelance Journalist Invoice From This Page

The two links on this page will connect you to either the PDF or MS Word version of this paperwork. You may select either one above to obtain your copy.

2 – The Journalist Must Self-Identify On This Sheet

The first field on this page, “Company Name,” will need the name of the Journalist entered. This will identify the Journalist with a more noticeable font than that used for the contact information you will enter next.  The four blank lines attached to the words “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” will give you a distinct area to neatly report your professional mailing address. Make sure each line in your address is reported accordingly and in the order this section calls for.Your telephone number and professional “E-Mail” address will also have their own areas of presentation.  Make certain the information you report is up-to-date and accurate since your Journalism Client is likely to use this information to initiate contact if necessary.


3 – Details Defining This Paperwork And The Journalism Client Are Required

The invoice number attached to the journalism assignment you are billing for through this document should be recorded in an easily seen area of this page. The first piece of information required in the horizontal bar of this page will have a line (“Invoice #”) you can utilize to deliver this information Now, the next requirement this horizontal bar presents will be a request a for the invoice calendar “Date” or the first day this money is owed by the Client. Produce this information in a standard date format on the next available blank line. The set of fields directly below the horizontal bar, titled “Bill To,” will make a display of the Journalism Client’s mailing information. The first field, labeled “Name,” allows for a clear identification of the Journalism Client while the remaining three labeled fields will require the address lines an envelope or mailing label would require.


4 – Define Each Article Or Journalism Piece Being Purchased

There will be a brief two-column table occupying a good deal of this page. The column on the left, “Description,” will accept the name of an article or project that is being billed through this paperwork. It will be important that you cite the material being sold in a manner that the Journalism Client will quickly recognize so consult your records to make use of the proper terminology. The column on the right, “Amount,” is reserved for the price of the article or piece being sold. Enter this dollar amount in this field


5 – The Bottom Of This Page Will Enable Some Additional Content To Be Included

There will be an additional area to this invoice that does not necessarily require attention however, it is strongly recommended that the first statement be completed. Notice the language “Payment Is Due Within…” will demand that this invoice is paid within a maximum number of days. You must produce this number on the blank space provided.

The blank lines after “Comments Or Special Instructions” will accept any content that has not been included but must be or they may be left blank (at your discretion).


How to Write in Excel

Download in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

1 – Obtain The Freelance Journalist Invoice From This Page

The two links on this page will connect you to either the PDF or MS Word version of this paperwork. You may select either one to obtain your copy.

2 – Tend To The First Column On The Journalist Invoice Spreadsheet

Your journalism logo can be uploaded to the contents of cell A1. This will enable your Client to immediately recognize this paperwork. After supplying this image, make a record of the name of your freelance journalism company in cell A2 and your own name (as the Journalist) in cell A3.
The complete address where you receive mail must now be documented adequately for contacting you. Place the building number/street name/PO BOX/Suite Number of you “Street Address” in cell A2, then use cell A4 for the “City, State, Country,” and cell A5 for your “Zip Code.” Next, make sure the professional contact information you use for your freelance journalism business includes your “E-Mail” and “Phone” by documenting these items in cells A7 and cell A8. In addition to your identity, that of the Journalism Client must be included in this presentation. Cell A11 will begin this report with your entry of the Journalism Client’s complete name. After producing the Client Identity, fill in his or her full “Street Address” in cell A12. This address must be concluded with the next two cells (A13 and A14) where you must furnish the “City, State, Country,” and Client “Zip Code” to this document.


3 – The Invoice And Journalism Articles Should Be Defined For The Client

The primary method for identifying this correspondence to the Client will be to input the “Invoice #” you assigned this transaction in cell F4. Following this is cell H4. This will present the invoice “Date” to the Journalism Client as the current date, but you can change this if desired. This sheet will feature a table on row 16. The A column, “Description,” should be used to document the article, project, or journalistic piece(s) your Client is paying form. The adjacent cell (cell H17), under the column heading “Amount” on row 16,” requires you enter the full dollar value you expect the Journalism Client to pay.


4 – More Content Can Be Included At Will

Cell A18 has been supplied so you can tell the Journalism Client how many days he or she has to pay this invoice. This number should be put in place of the bracketed symbols here.

Additional content that must be given to the Client with this paperwork may be provided in Cell A19