Freelance Translator Invoice Template

Freelance Translator Invoice Template acts as a standard tool of communication between your freelance business and the Clients being served. Usually, many of your Translation Clients will expect or even require some record of their expenditures while any freelancing business will benefit from keeping a streamlined bookkeeping process. This template will address such needs nicely and may be attained in any of file versions provided on this site. Take a moment to gather your records defining the transaction you are billing before you physically enter the information requested by this paperwork. This small preliminary step will contribute to an efficient billing process and aid in making sure the information detailing why the Client must pay the amounts you list is displayed accurately.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $49,930 per year (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $24.00 per hour (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx).

1 – Save A Copy Of The Freelance Translator Invoice

When it is time to bill the Translation Client, download then fill out the invoice available through the “MS Word” or “Adobe PDF” links above. You may also use the buttons prominently displayed with the preview image.

2 – Fill In The Freelance Translator’s Contact Information

Open this document with either an adobe or word editor then produce the Freelance Translator’s professional information to the top of this page beginning with his or her “Company Name” in the first field. The Translator’s individual “Name” and address are the next required definitions. The blank lines labeled “Name” through “Zip Code” will accept this information as separate items – each one appropriately labeled. Make certain the material you provide here will enable your Translation Client to mail you a letter or payment reliably.Continue giving the Freelance Translator’s contact venues by entering his or her telephone number (on the “Phone” line) and “E-Mail” address on the next two blank spaces.


3 – Submit The Translator Invoice Number And Date

Submit the document filing number the Freelance Translator uses to identify and find this paperwork on the blank line attached to the “Invoice #” label.

On the right and across from the “Invoice #” you documented above is the label “Date.” Utilize the corresponding blank line to enter the invoice date for this bill.


4 – Discuss The Translating Client And Assignment

The “Bill To” section will begin the process of officially attaching the Translation Client to the invoice number. Present this entity’s full and legal “Name” on the first space of this section then continue with the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country”,” then the “Zip Code” of the Translation Client’s mailing address. Now a concise but organized presentation explaining the dollar amount due for the translation service should be included. Notice the column of fields labeled “Description.” Use this segment of the invoice to describe the services, documents, or recordings being purchased by the Translation Client or the work shift worked by the TranslatorThe number of “Hours” spent translating the documents, media, or conversations for the Client during the shift or job you defined above must be tallied up and entered in the second column.

The pay rate of the Translator working this job should be properly documented in the third column. This should be presented as the amount of money that the Translator commands as payment for one hour’s worth of his or her services. The “Amount” column in this invoice must have a calculated value that the Translation Client may double-check. This will be the dollar amount that must be charged for the translation services you defined. To reach the number that must be charged for a translation session or product, you must multiply the “Hours” spent on that session or project by the hourly rate in the third column.

The “Amount” column will continue to the “Subtotal” field. Add each “Amount” recorded to one sum that you present in the “Subtotal” field. Now, any taxes that must be included with the cost of this translation services must be submitted to the field attached to the bold word “Tax.”

The “Total” at the bottom of this column must display the result of “Subtotal” plus “Tax.”If the terms of this invoice require that payment be submitted within a certain period of time, then record this period in days on the blank space after the words “…Due In”More information can be delivered to the Translation Client using the blank lines after the words “Comments Or Special Instructions.”


How to Write in Excel

Download in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

1 – Obtain The Freelance Translator Invoice Using This Site

Locate the “MS Excel” button near the image or the link above then select it. The browser will then prompt you to either open or save this spreadsheet. You should consider saving tit to your network or machine so that you can access and use it offline at your discretion.

2 – Submit The Freelance Translator’s Professional Information To The Header

This spreadsheet will present a header to the invoice after it is printed. This area should be considered the first ten rows. Let us tend to this area by first uploading the Freelance Translator’s professional logo in cell A1 and entering the legal name of his or her freelance service in cell A2. The next few cells down column A will now seek the Freelance Translator’s mailing information. This means we must enter the “Name” of the Freelance Translator in cell A3. The rest of the Freelancer Translator’s mailing address should be furnished to this sheet with the “Street Address” in cell A4, the Freelance Translator’s “City, State, Country” in cell A5, and the corresponding “Zip Code” in cell A6.

The Freelance Translator will likely have more modern means of contact available so Translation Clients may initiate contact more conveniently. Thus, use cell A7 to display the Freelance Translator’s professional “E-Mail” address and cell A8 to convey his or her “Phone” number.

Before we continue with this paperwork, we must satisfy the remaining area of this header. To this end, consult the records for this bill then substitute the pound sign in cell F4 with the invoice number the Translator will use to refer to this bill. You may change the invoice “Date” in the adjacent cell from the current calendar date to a different one at will.

3 – Identify The Translation Client Of This Bill

The full name of the entity or individual who has commissioned and will pay for the translation services covered by this invoice will need to be positively identified as the Translator’s Client in cell A11.

Cell A12 will need the Translation Client’s building number, street name (or road, avenue, etc.),a suite or apartment number documented.

Column A will continue providing an area for the remainder of this address by reserving cell A13 so you may input the “City, State…,” and “Country” that must accompany the Client’s “Street Address.”

Finally, conclude the Freelance Translator’s address by placing his or her “Zip Code” in cell A14.

4 – Define The Translation Services Or Translated Products Being Purchased

The table occupying the middle of this spreadsheet will function as a way to define the translation job being billed. First, give a definition to when the Translator worked. Ideally, you can provide a date and time period. Column A of this table will give you the room to present each shift on a row by row basis.

Next, we will sum up all the “Hours” to one number in the “F” column of this table.

The third column here, title “$/Hour,”: will also need some material submitted. Here, input how much the Freelance Translator will be paid for eerie one hour of work performed in USD. This will populate the majority of cells in column H.

One more item must be entered on this sheet. Cell H28 has been reserved for the “Tax” amount the Translation Client must pay. This figure will automatically contribute to the “Total” documented in cell H29

5 – Terms Regarding Payment Or Additional Material Can Be Included At Will

Now, if the Freelance Translator has decided to set a time limit to when an on-time payment can be made, then report this period as number of days in cell “A30.” To do this properly simply delete the brackets and enter the number in their place, making sure the language of this statement remains intact otherwise. Any remaining material may be placed in cell A31.