Videographer Invoice Template

Videographer Invoice Template enables a Production House or Studio to send some paperwork defining the work that was done for a Customer as well as the dollar amount owed for the concerned product or service. This type of paperwork is not only considered standard by both Producers and Clientele, it is expected whenever a job has been commissioned or completed. By utilizing an invoice, you will allow your Clients the opportunity to keep track of their standing with you. This can be particularly useful for long distance Customers or when running an e-business.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $58,990/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $28.36/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Download The Videography Service Invoice

This template can be secured as a pdf or word processing template. Save either file then open it to fill in the information regarding the video job at-hand

2 – Submit The Videographer’s Contact Information

The various means of communicating with your studio should include your professional information. At the top of this page, input the Videography Studio’s or Production House’s legal name in the first field (designated with the words “Company Name”).  The Studio’s name will not be enough to properly identify this document (though it is considered a crucial part of this header) so, you will need to submit either the Videographer’s name or your own on the “Name” line. The Videography Service should have a mailing or business address available to the Client. This can be either the studio’s address or that of the office. The next blank spaces, thus, require a submission of the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and Videographer’s “Zip Code” The “Phone” number where the Studio or Production house should then be supplied to the next line followed by its “E-Mail” address on the last empty line. 


3 – Provide The Videography Assignment’s Invoice Number And Client

The document number used to follow this paperwork in the Videographer’s books on the line labeled “Invoice #.The calendar “Date” when the Production House manufactured the information to this paperwork is required on the next blank space. The Videography Client’s address information will also be necessary to complete this document and will be a requirement in a specific section; the “Bill To” section. By placing the Videography Client’s name then his or her full address on the empty spaces supplied to this section.

5- Define The Videography Service This Paperwork Concerns

The Videography Assignment this invoice is responsible to collect payment should be clearly documented using the table on this page. The “Description” section will allow you to easily define what was purchased while the “Quantity” and “Unit Price” columns will all additional definitions when you supply how many items the Videography Service provided and the price of just one of these items to their contents. The final column will need a little extra attention. The figure you entered for the Videography Customer’s order must be multiplied by its “Unit Price.” Thus, multiply the two figures you supplied to the table and make sure the result is reported to the Videography Client in the column titled with the “Amount” label.

4 – Directing Your Client To Pay Should Be Considered Standard Procedure

The sentence under the table is a part of this paperwork to give your Videography Client a time frame to follow concerning the payment of this invoice. This will be documented as a number of days with the first day of the countdown as the calendar date of this invoice’s receipt by the Videography Client. Determine how many days make up this grace period for the videography service payment and enter it on the blank space just before the word “Days.” Next we will give the Video Client any additional information that has not been included thus far. The lines after “Comments Or Special Instructions” are versatile in that they will allow a free form report on information. You may leave this blank if no relevant information needs to be added.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Videography Invoice From This Page

Access the Videography paperwork on this page as a spreadsheet you can use to bill your Client.


2 – Identify The Videography Studio And Its Client

The studio or office supplying the Videography products on this page will have a few cells devoted for its identification. The first cell in column A is prepared to accept the Videography Service’s logo. You can upload your image file to the sheet at any time though, it is recommended you keep it reasonably sized. This cell will easily hold a standard size logo with a height of 75 px. If preferred, you may resize this cell at your discretion.

The Videographer Studio’s name should be easily recognizable on this invoice and should be reported using the cell below your logo. In addition to the studio name, the name of the Videographer, the Technician, or Customer Service Rep handling this paperwork should be supplied as well. Cell A3 has specifically been reserved for this purpose. The full address of the Videography Studio (or Production House) should be entered to this spreadsheet using cells A4, A5, and A6 while the Videography Studio’s “E-Mail” should be submitted to cell A7.

Lastly, produce the Videographer Studio’s “Phone” number in the last cell of this section.In addition to the Videography Studio, the Client ordering the studio’s products must be identified and this action must be performed using cells A11 through A14. Begin with the Videography Client’s “Name” and furnish all the components this address consists of down the next three cells. 

3 – Present The Videography Order’s Invoice Number And Required Products

Before we continue with the concerned products, we must first take a moment to utilize cell A4 in identifying the videography invoice number and cell H4 to solidify the invoice date. Our focus must now turn to the purpose of this document. We will use the table making up the body of this spreadsheet to give a “Description” of the videography products supplied by the studio. This may include gear, a calendar date of work, a cited contract number, or even take the form of a line by line description. The “Hours” spent on the videography assignment are required in column F along with the Videographer’s “Hourly Rate.” These figures will be multiplied with each other by Excel so they can automatically generate in “Amount.” 

4 – You Can Give Your Videography Client Some Directions If Necessary

This invoice will continue with two additional areas. The first, in cell A18, is meant as a tool to gain a timely payment. You can limit the number of days to make an on-time payment by locating the bracketed symbol in this cell then replacing it entirely with the number of days allowed to the Videography Client to submit payment. This will mean the Client will be held responsible for a late payment should he or she not submit payment until the number of days you report has expired.  You can convey more information to the Videography Client using Cell A19. For instance, you may provide instructions on caring for the product, list the penalties for a late payment, name all the Videography Studio’s accepted form of payment, or all of the above if you wish.