Wedding Photography Invoice Template

Wedding Photography Invoice has been developed as a structured tool used when billing Clients once the wedding photos have been successfully taken and processed. You will need to have several facts concerning the Client and the concerned event so it is recommended you gather your records before opening this document. Once you have filled it out, it will also be considered wise to retain a physical copy in your own records.

Wedding Photography Pricing

Prices for wedding photographers range from $ 1,150 to $ 3,000. The average price is around $ 2,000. Source: WeddingWire.

The type of service you are looking for,  your photographer’s experience and your wedding’s location are important factors that can very the final cost. You will likely comprise about 12% of your overall wedding budget with photography (source: WeddingWire).

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Bill To
Line Item

How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Access The Wedding Photography Invoice As A PDF Or Word File

When it is time to obtain payment for a wedding photography job, download the “Adobe PDF” link or button above. If preferred, you may also access this document as a word processing file by locating and clicking the “Word” button or “Microsoft Word (.docx)” link on this page.


2 – Open This File Then Identify The Wedding Photographer

Upon opening the document, you downloaded, turn your focus to the heading area of the page. The left part will call for some material that all pertains to the Billing Party (i.e. Wedding Photography Studio, or an independent Wedding Photographer. First place the Wedding Photography Studio or the independent Wedding Photographer’s “Company Name” in the field starting this page. Follow this information with the name of an individual at the Wedding Photography Studio on the first blank line. If this is a freelancer’s invoice, then fill in the full name of the Wedding Photographer on this line. The mailing address used by the Wedding Photography Business will have to be recorded employing three blank lines. The first of which “Street Address” will accept the first address line while the last of these lines, “Zip Code,” will conclude the address report on the Sender. This header will only be completed with the Wedding Photographer’s “Phone” number and “E-Mail”


3 – Identify The Wedding Photography Invoice Being Sent

We must give the Wedding Photography Client the means to quickly refer to this paperwork when submitting payment or when discussing it. Therefore, the number your accounting department assigned this bill should be placed on the “Invoice #” line in the next section. The day when this paperwork has been developed or being sent is traditionally the next item that should be solidified on paper. Place this calendar date, often referred to as an invoice “Date,” on the next blank space.


4 – Complete This Paperwork By Detailing The Wedding Job

The “Bill To” lines are presented for the specific reason of obligating the Recipient to this invoice. A few appropriately labeled empty lines are present in this section. Satisfy their requests for information by inputting the Wedding Photography Customer’s “Name” on the first available line then record his or her information on the lines “Street Address” through “Zip Code” This entity can be the Wedding Planner, a member of one of the concerned families, or any other entity that has commissioned and agreed to pay for the wedding photography services provided. The invoice information this paperwork provides must include a reasonably  well-understood “Description.” Present it in the left-hand column of the invoice table.The right column requires the money that must be paid for the wedding services. This must be entered as a full dollar value. We will be given the opportunity to place a time limit on this payment. The maximum amount of time allowed for a payment to be sent without penalty should be entered on the blank line just before the last word in this statement (“Days”). The blank lines at the end of the invoice will be a place where more material for documentation can be included. You may use these at your own discretion. 


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Save The Wedding Photography Invoice As An Excel Sheet

The excel document on this page can be obtained with the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link in the area preceding this one. Select this link then open and save the accessed spreadsheet

2 – Submit The Wedding Photographers Current Information

The first column here produces a distinct section where the Wedding Photographer’s preferred means of contact can be adequately displayed. We will start the process of furnishing this display by submitting the Wedding Photographer’s logo (A1), his or her professional or entity name (A2), and his or her full “Name” (A3) to the cells containing the appropriate labels.

The Wedding Photographer’s identity should be paired off with his or her mailing address. Cells A4, A5, and A6 need this information produced to their fields and each will be labeled with the part of the address you must supply (“Street Address,” “City, State…,” and “ZIP Code”). A common convenience when presenting contact information is to make sure an appropriate business “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address. Two separate cells (A7 and A8) will answer this need nicely.


3 – Invoice The Wedding Client With This Invoice

The invoice number the Wedding Photography’s accounting system has given this paperwork will have its own place in this document. Cell F4 is reserved for this administrative tool so make sure to enter it accurately. Oftentimes such a number will be attached to a specific calendar day known as the invoice date. Cell H4 displays a default date that can be changed if needed. 

Cell A11 through A14 should be utilized to fulfill the “Bill To” section’s requirement of fully identifying the Wedding Photography Client with a documentation of his or her “Name,” as well as his or her current “Street Address,” corresponding “City, State,…” and official “ZIP Code”

This spreadsheet will include an organized place to inform the Wedding Photography Client of the photography merchandise and products that will be purchased through this paperwork. Look for cell A17 on this sheet then submit an adequately definitive report on every item being purchased and each service being paid for here. 

We must put a number to the amount of money that is owed for the items we documented. Place this dollar “Amount” in cell H17.

4 – Provide Additional Terms And Material At Will

It is usually considered wise to place some parameters on when payment should be sent. This range should be recorded as a number of days in the brackets present in cell A18 Additional material on the wedding photography job or invoice can be placed in cell A19.