QuickBooks Invoice Template

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A QuickBooks Invoice can either be created online or downloaded through the available templates directly in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx), or Microsoft Excel (.xlsx). Whether it’s for a product or service, the invoice can satisfy both with fields for the number of hours worked or the sum of products used multiplied by the rate for each unit. The invoice supports the input of a company’s logo along with adding discounts and any local, State, or Federal taxes.

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How to Complete Online

1 – Go to https://quickbooks.intuit.com/r/free-invoice-template/

2 – Scroll Down and Enter Client Info

This is the individual or company that is being billed. Their information should be included in the invoice such as their Name and Billing Address. If the Client’s Billing Address is the same as its Shipping Address, then mark the check box below the Billing Address section. If you leave this checkbox unmarked, you will have to supply a separate Shipping Address for the Client.


3 – Enter Your Information

Enter the information of the business or individual that is sending the invoice. The information should include Name, Principal Office Address, Phone, Email, and Website.


4 – Add Terms and Conditions for Payment

For proper documentation, the issuer of the invoice should make note of the Invoice Number (#), Payment Terms (15, 30, 60, or 90 days to pay), Invoice Date, and the Due Date.


5 – Define The Products and Services

In a line-by-line format, add the products and/or services that were provided to the client. Use the fields here to name the Service or Merchandise provided to the Client, produce an adequate Description of the Service or Merchandise, document the Date of Purchase (of Item or Service), and record the Quantity of purchased items or hours worked, enter the Rate (Unit Price or Hourly Wage). As you work the Total Amount due will generate in the field labeled “Amount.”


6 – Detail Any Discounts and/or Taxes

The issuer has the option to include any Local, State, or Federal Taxes as well as include any Discount. Afterward, the total amount of the invoice will be calculated.


7 – Customize The Overall Presentation At Your Discretion

Have the option of customizing the invoice between three (3) different format layouts and add a Logo. In addition, choose the color that best suits the industry and choose from font types and sizes.

On the bottom of the page will be a green button titled “Preview And Download” which will generate the invoice in Adobe PDF.


Downloads: 1,262