AC Repair Invoice Template

The AC Repair Invoice Template serves to inform Clientele of owed funds for the repair of an air conditioner. Generally, most entities will want to keep track of their income and expenditures. Regardless of whether your business wishes to bill for an AC repair job or your business has ordered the repair of its air conditioner, an invoice defining the job and documenting what is owed will serve both sides of this transaction by solidifying the facts and creating a handy paper trail. As the Sender of an invoice, you will be called upon to report the basic details requested by the template on this page. Therefore, when it is time to request a payment, set aside some time, gather the specifics on the job, then fill out this form and dispense it to the Customer.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $47,610/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $22.89/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Provide Your Air Conditioner Repair Customers With The Invoice On This Page

The document displayed on this page is a downloadable item that you can access with the buttons labeled “MS Word” and “Adobe PDF.” Select the file labeled with the file you intend to work with.


2 – Solidify Your AC Repair Business As The Billing Service Company

Your AC Repair Client will appreciate quickly identifying who is sending this paperwork. You can fulfill this need by substituting the full name of your Air Conditioner Repair Shop or Business for the phrase “Company Name” at the top of the page. While your AC Repair Client likely has your contact information, it would be viewed as a standard courtesy to also include your name and address here. The blank space labeled “Name” will accept your first, middle, and last name while the next three lines are available for your AC Repair Shop’s mailing address. Finally, make sure your Client has your current “Phone” number and the business “E-Mail” address you use by satisfying the next two requests for information in this area.


3 – This Invoice Must Be Attached To Your AC Repair Client

We will begin invoicing the AC Repair job by documenting its assigned “Invoice #” on the first available line in the shaded area. In addition to the filing number for this document, you should also make sure its effective date is reported as well. The “Date” line here will accept the invoice date thus providing the Client with further documentation of these charges. The AC Repair Client’s full name and address must also be visible on this invoice. The “Bill To” heading shall provide a structured area for you to supply this information. The AC Repair Client information placed here will obligate him or her to pay this invoice.


4 – Break Down The Air Conditioner Repair Job For The Client

The centerpiece of this document contains two brief tables. You must use these as the staging area for presenting the invoice information to your AC Repair Client. The first subject matter will be titled “Material” and will refer to any products the AC Repair Client ordered, any supplies the AC Repairman used on the job site for the Client, or both. Let us start with the first table. List all items (supplies, products, AC parts, etc.) that hold the AC Repair Client accountable for paying this invoice in the first column. The number of each of the pieces you listed under “Description” that were needed for this transaction should be submitted to the second column on the row appropriate to the related product. The price of one piece of the ordered material is also required. Input this information to the column “Unit Cost.” Make sure to work from left to right when supplying these numbers.

Now we need to give your AC Repair Client a full report on the labor required to perform the requested repairs. Generally, this is expected to take the form of a timesheet, so list each calendar date when the AC Repairman was physically working on the job site in the “Description” area of the “Service” table. Naturally, the work involved will have taken up the AC Repairman’s time. Since this work time must be paid for, the Client will want to see how many “Hours” were in each of these work shifts as well as the amount he or she must pay for each hour worked by the Repairman. You can use the next two columns to provide this information in an organized manner. Bear in mind, that each row in the “Description” column must have corresponding information in the “Hours” and “Hourly Rate” columns.


5 – Present The Total Amount Requested By This Invoice

The invoice process will require that you perform several basic calculations to arrive at the owed amount then submit the results where appropriate. For this task, we will begin with the first table. Locate each row in the “Material” table where you recorded information in the “Quantity” and “Unit Cost.” Each row in “Amount” will require you present the product of the recorded Quantity” times the “Unit Cost” on the same row these numbers are located. Once you have multiplied these figures and documented the result(s) in “Amount,” you must add each of the calculated figures to one sum then declare this total as the “Total Material” costs in the shaded box in this table. Similar tasks must be performed in the “Service” table as well. Here, however, we will multiply the “Hours” the AC Repairman worked with the “Hourly Rate” charged for this work, then produce the result in the last box of that row (“Amount”). After the charges for each shift have been provided, add each number you presented in this column then, enter this in “Total Service” We have filled out the total charges the AC Repair job will cost the Client listed in the “Bill To” section. We must now turn our attention to the compact table at the bottom of this page that starts with the box “Subtotal.” This box is reserved for the sum of the “Total Material” and “Total Service.” Add the numbers in these boxes and document the answer in “Subtotal.” After this, fill in the “Tax” that must be charged with this invoice in the second box, then document the “Total” of these two results in the last box.


6 – Your Air Conditioner Repair Client Should Be Given Terms For Payment

The final task will involve the two statements below the tables. Place a time limit by recording the predetermined number of days you will give your AC Repair Client to pay this bill on the blank line attached to the word “Days” in the first of these statements. The goal will be to let the Client know that if he or she does not pay this invoice within this number of days, your AC Repair Business will consider the payment late. You may also want to inform the Client of acceptable forms of payment and include pertinent instructions relating to the job. If so, then do so on the lines after the “Comments Or Special Instructions.”

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Utilize The Excel Template To Inform Your AC Repair Clients Of The Amount They Owe

You can set up the excel sheet available here to bill your AC Repair Client once you have obtained it from this page. Click the “MS Excel” button or link available, save the file, then open it as a spreadsheet with the appropriate software.


2 – Use The Cell Placeholders As A Guide To Present Required Information

The top half of the sheet will be dominated with several labeled areas. You can either merge these fields with a compatible database set up with this information or you may input the information manually. However before doing either, import the AC Repair Shop’s logo to this sheet and replace the current one in cell A1 with it. Directly below this (in cell A2), continue your introduction to this paperwork with the legal name of your AC Repair Shop or business presented in cell A2. Now follow the placeholders in cells A3 through A6 down the column inputting your “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” in the appropriately labeled fields.Make sure that your AC Repair Client has the means to conveniently contact your business as well by entering the AC Repair Shop’s official “E-Mail” address and telephone number in A7 and A8 respectively. Next, you must fulfill the basic requirement of most correspondence by naming who this document is addressing. This requires the legal name of the AC Repair Customer produced in cell A11 

Verify the intended Recipient by furnishing his or her mailing address to this area of column A (rows 12 to 14).


3 – The AC Repair Job Should Be Detailed To The Client’s Satisfaction

Before moving onto presenting the billables, we should take a moment to declare a unique filing number that can be used to recall or discuss this correspondence. Record this filing material in cell F4. The associated invoice date will already be presented in H4. The products, pieces, or supplies required by the AC Repair Client will need to be presented in a manifest for your Client’s review. Record this manifest in column A of the “Material” table documenting each type of material separately.

You must continue documenting this information by proceeding across the row furnishing the “Quantity” and “Unit Cost” of the materials ordered or required for the AC Repair being billed. Notice as you enter this information, the cells in column H will populate with dollar amounts making up this portion of the AC Repair Client’s bill. A basic expectation of your Client will be to see how the cost of labor breaks down. To this end, list the calendar day each time the AC Repairman worked on site for the Client in the first column of the “Service” table.

Accompany each of these shifts with the total “Hours” the Repairman worked along with the “Hourly Rate” that applies. Here, too, the totals for the “Amount” the AC Repair Client will be calculated by Excel as you work.

The last set of cells in column H (that auto populate with values) will summarize the “Total” invoice amount that must be paid but, you must supplement this table with the “Tax” dollar amount the Client must contribute.


4 – Solidify The AC Repair Business’ Terms Of Payment For The Client

Two final fields will provide the opportunity to give the AC Repair Client a time limit (of days) to pay this invoice after receiving it. The pound sign in the sentence cell A35 displays should be substituted with this number of days. The blank text area after “Comments And Special Instructions” will accept any information deemed necessary for this job or the contents of this paperwork.