Appliance Repair Invoice Template

The Appliance Repair Invoice Template is presented as a tool for efficiently presenting the money owed on a job that a Client has commissioned your company for. Many Customers find such paperwork useful in that it will supply all the information they need to verify that the transaction is a valid one and put the final dollar amount of the charges they owe in writing. Furthermore, a physical document will let Clients know that your business entity keeps a careful eye on its books. This document will only require a minimal amount of information regarding a job to fulfill its purpose however, you may include additional information at your discretion.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $40,790/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $19.61/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Access And Save The Appliance Repair Invoice

Use the “Adobe PDF” button to access paperwork necessary to bill a Client for an appliance repair job.


2 – Clearly Display The Name Of Your Appliance Repair Business

Start the process of invoicing this appliance repair assignment by presenting the full name of the business you represent where the words “Company Name” is located. Your name and the address used for the Appliance Repair Business should be submitted to the first four labeled areas (starting with “Name” and ending with “Zip Code”). Also, use the lines attached to the words “Phone” and “E-Mail” to associate your business phone number and e-mail address with your contact information above.


3 – Contribute The Relevant Invoice Filing Information Then Obligate The Client

The shaded area introducing this document to the Client is placed here so the invoice number and date defining this paperwork will have an easily visible area of display. Input these items where required then proceed to address your Appliance Repair Client. The “Bill To” section of this invoice will maintain that a predetermined individual or entity will be held responsible for this invoice. This invoice must bear the full name of the Appliance Repair Customer displayed on the line labeled “Name” in this section. Below your Appliance Repair Customer’s name, make sure you also satisfy the blank spaces requesting information to define his or her address.

4 – Explain The Charges For The Appliance Repair Job

A main area where the invoice can be itemized occupies the center of this document. The first table enables a report on the supplies or parts that were used when fixing the appliance. If you are charging for such items, then you should give a record of all such appliance parts, accessories, or units necessary for a successful completion of the appliance repair job. Such a record should be documented using the column bearing the “Description” label in this table.

Now the numbers associated with these materials must be furnished and submitted to some calculations. Continue tending to this report by providing the “Quantity” and “Unit Cost” of all materials required using the second and third columns to do so. Afterward, the “Amount” column will need the result of every “Quantity” value multiplied by its corresponding “Unit Cost” filled into its contents. Lastly, add the figures you submitted to the rows in “Amount.” Then place the resulting value in the “Total Materials” box. The physical work that was provided by your Appliance Repair Business through its Repair Technician will also need to be accounted for if you plan on billing the Customer for it. The table titled “Service” will give you the space needed for this task. The first column here should have a clear record of the dates and times when the Technician was working on the Client’s project, the second column will need the total “Hours” he or she spent working during each of these shifts, while the “Hourly Rate” charged to the Client must be submitted to the third column. The “Amount” column in the “Service” section of this document will also need some effort to complete. Each row in this column must have the figure resulting from the multiplication of the numbers in the “Hours” with the figures in “Hourly Rate.” Once you have reported this for each row containing a “Description” of the Technicians shift, you should record the sum in “Total Service” 


5 – Submit The Totals For This Job

The final figures you must produce will be the sum of “Total Material” plus “Total Service.” This number should be filled into the “Subtotal” field near the bottom of this page. Below this, make sure to enter the “Tax” that will be owed by the Client then add these two figures to a “Total” amount which you should record in the final box. It would be considered wise to prevent this invoice from sitting on a desk awaiting payment. A good deterrent for this scenario is to give the Customer a certain number of days to produce payment. This number of days can be put on the blank line after the words “Payment Is Due…” If there are any directions or additional items of information the Appliance Repair Client may need then make sure to provide all such material after the words “Comments Or Special Instructions.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – This Excel Sheet Will Serve To Invoice Appliance Repair Customers

The “MS Excel” button above (or the link) grants access to the paperwork necessary to invoice your Appliance Repair Customers. Click on it with your mouse then follow the resulting prompts to either open or save this file directly from this site. Saving this file will allow you to access it later whether you are online or not and is recommended.


2 – Introduce Your Appliance Repair Business To The Recipient You Name

Naturally, you will want your Clientele to know who has sent them an invoice. This minor but crucial task will be our first job. To this end, import your logo to this sheet and attach it to cell A1. Make sure the legal Appliance Repair Business’ name is displayed in cell A2 while your own name (first, middle, and last) is clearly visible in cell A3.

Lastly, give your Appliance Repair Customer everything he or she would need to contact you at this business by submitting the Appliance Repair Business’ “Street Address” in cell A4, “City, State, Country” to cell A5, corresponding “Zip Code” to cell A6 as well as a valid professional “E-mail” to cell A7, and an up-to-date “Phone” number to cell A8. You must name the intended Recipient of this invoice.  The “Bill To” area of this document will satisfy these requirements. Cell A11 is reserved specifically for the person (or entity) that your company will hold responsible for the paying the funds we will define. Cells A12 through A14 will serve to authenticate the identity of the Recipient by giving us a place to document his or her mailing address.

3 – Invoice The Appliance Repair Work Required By The Client

The task of invoicing a Client will require that a way to keep track of where this document is located in one’s files is set in place. Additionally, there should be a quick way to refer to this paperwork in the future. A pre-determined invoice number that is unique in one’s filing system will serve this purpose nicely for both the issuing Business and the receiving Client. Therefore, look up the invoice number associated with the transaction being detailed and transcribe it to cell F4. You also retain the option of designating a specific invoice date in cell H4 (otherwise the default date displayed will be the current date).  Your Appliance Repair Customer will have certain expectations when being asked to pay a bill. We have satisfied the basic requirements for identifying the Appliance Repair Business, the party we are addressing, and disclosed a method to refer to this paperwork. Now, we must inform the Customer of what he or she owes the Appliance Repair Service and show why this amount is owed. First, define all the parts or products necessary for this job in the first cell of the “Description” section of the “Material” table beginning on the 16th row of this sheet. Inform the Appliance Repair Customer of the “Quantity” needed for each row you listed an appliance part or product. Record this number in the adjacent cell (in the F column). The Appliance Repair Customer will likely want to know the exact cost of just one of the items you listed. Submit this information to the next column (beneath the “Unit Cost” heading of this table). These number will immediately feed a formula in the last column (H) that calculates and presents your totals as you work. In most cases, a Client paying for repairs will need to cover the cost of labor. This necessitates a basic report summarizing such charges. A second table will allow us to present such costs to your Client nicely. The A column in the “Service” table should have the time frame when the Service Technician worked on the client project. The next two columns enable you to quickly report how many “Hours” were spent on the client project as well as the “Hourly Rate” of pay. These numbers will also work with a preset formula to calculate your totals as you enter information. Any taxes the Appliance Repair Client must pay for this transaction should be disclosed in cell H34.

4 – Solidify Additional Terms As Required

Use the last area of this document to deliver a deadline (in days) on this invoice’s on time payment. This number of days should substitute the pound sign (cell 35) in a statement that will organically set this time limit. Below this, cell A36 will accept material not handled in the above areas. If there is not enough room, you may attach a document with the remaining information.