Car Wash Invoice Template

A Car Wash Invoice Template can be completed then either given as a receipt for one-time payments or issued each week or month for members. A set document for this purpose will lighten the administrative burdens of keeping the books and formally requesting payments for the services the Vehicle Owner or Paying Client required. A logically structured set of sections will allow a seamless entry process when developing this paperwork. You will only need the Client and job details (in addition to that of the Car Wash Business) to complete and issue this document.

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How To Write In PDF Or Word

Download: Adobe PDF Or Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Download The Car Wash Invoice From This Site

The template in the image can be saved as an “Adobe PDF” file or downloaded as a “Microsoft Word (.docx)” document with the links underneath this section’s titled.

Step 2 – Present The Car Washing Business Issuing This Paperwork

The Car Washing Service utilizing this invoice should present itself at the top of this page thus, record the Car Washer’s legal “Company Name” in the first text box (in the upper-left).  In addition to the Car Washing Business Name, the identity of the Car Wash Employee the Patron or Customer may contact is the next item needed. Record the Car Wash Employee’s identity on the line attached to the word “Name.”  The Car Wash Service’s address should be dispensed to the header. This address may be the physical location of the car wash, its corporate office, or a P.O. Box but it must be a reliable means of contact. The next two empty lines (“Street Address” and “City, State, Country”) are reserved for the Car Wash’s mailing address while the “Zip Code” will be expected on the next line down.  The Car Washing Service’s Office “Phone” number and current “E-Mail” address will finalize the header information on this page. Dispense these accordingly.


Step 3 – Describe This Document To The Client

The shaded bar occupying the next section and bearing the “Invoice #” line must be provided with the formal filing number the Car Washer has assigned.  Before continuing with an identification of the Vehicle Owner or Paying Client, we must define the invoice “Date.” Do so on the blank line on the right of the dividing bar. 


Step 4 – Produce The Car Wash Customer’s Name And Billing Information

This paperwork shall make use of a formal billing section where the “Name” of the Car Wash Customer/Paying Client is requested. Furnish this on the first line under “Bill To.”  The mailing address should be attached to the Car Wash Customer/Paying Client using the “Street Address” line and “City, State, Country” line. Complete the billing address with the Car Wash Customer/Paying Client’s postal code on the “Zip Code” line.  


Step 5 – Describe The Commissioned Wash

The wash requiring payment should be described in the “Description” box. This field requests the dates, service package, or membership number that explains why the Car Wash Service is entitled to the expected payment.  “Amount,” the next column on this table, expects the dollar value of the concerned car wash in the field directly underneath this heading. Do not include taxes in the dollar value you present here. 


Step 6 – Furnish The Payables Contributing To The Total

The three fields that continue the “Amount” column will seek two contributing items to the “Total” owed by the Vehicle Owner/Paying Client. First, using the “Subtotal” field, present all amounts expected as one sum. 

Our second item is the taxes needed. Input the exact dollar amount that must be paid in taxes as the entry in the “Tax/VAT.”The “Total” payable amount for the car wash is the “Subtotal” owed plus the taxes (“Tax/VAT”) in your above report. Confirm the figure you calculated and if correct report it in the box attached to the “Total” box. 


Step 7 – Complete The Invoice Statement With A Deadline

Look to the left and slightly below the “Total” box. The statement that is presented seeks a definitive timeline of payment. After the words “Payment Is Due…” a blank line will need to be filled out with the number of “Days” from the invoice “Date” when the Car Wash will assume an unpaid invoice is the result of the Customer’s delinquency.  


Step 8 – Unaddressed Topics May Be Included As Desired

The “Comments Or Special Instructions” portion of this document is placed near the end of the page. Any instructions (i.e. care or payment instructions) the Car Wash Business needs to be delivered with this invoice may be reported directly to the blank lines provided after this term.


How To Write In Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Access Then Download The Microsoft Excel Template Of This Invoice

This page presents the Excel version of the Template pictured in the preview. To obtain it, simply select the “Excel” button under it or the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link after the word “Download” above. When you are ready to work on it open your downloaded template with MS Excel.


Step 2 – Produce The Car Wash Business’ Identity

The sheet you have accessed is composed of several segments – each focusing on a specific topic of interest to the Car Wash Client. Naturally, the return information for this paperwork will make up the requested material in our first section. Locate column A then click in the first field (cell A1). Click directly on the picture and change it to the Car Washing Company’s logo. You may do this by using your mouse or the “Insert” menu placed in the Excel ribbon.  We must couple the Car Wash “Company Name” with its trademark image or logo in cell A1. To have this displayed correctly, select cell A2, then produce the Car Wash “Company Name” as it appears on its legal documents. Cell A3, held by the bracketed “Name,” requires the Car Wash Employee or Customer Service Representative’s identity to be produced as its contents of display.  The entries defining the return address for this invoice are expected in three different fields (cell A4, A5, and A6). Populate the first two of these fields with the Car Wash’s business “Street Address” (cell A4) then its “City, State,” and “Country” (cell A5). The next cell down (cell A6) allows the conclusion of this mailing address by accepting the Car Wash’s “Zip Code” entered. The official mailing address of the Car Wash must be the material that populates these cells so make sure this address is accurate and current (especially if it is a P.O. Box).In addition to a mailing address, the Car Wash’s electronic address (or “E-Mail”) should be available to its Customer. Generate this content in cell A7 then record the Customer Service Telephone Number the Car Wash wishes used for contact in the field that follows (cell A8). 


Step 3 – Bill The Client For The Car Wash

The sheet we are filling out must be easily categorized upon sight by a Reviewer. Thus, locate the billing or filing number the Car Wash has determined as the “Invoice #” for wash you wish to bill then present it to the Invoice Recipient by transcribing it to cell F4.  An invoice “Date” will almost always accompany an invoice number when such paperwork is referenced. Generally, the day the invoice is completed acts as the invoice “Date,” so it has been used and presented as this document’s invoice “Date” in cell H4. This object remains editable at will should a different day be more appropriate for the Car Wash’s payment request.


Step 4 – Directly Address The Car Wash Client

The Car Wash Client may or may not be the Vehicle Owner but must be the Party expected to respond with payment. Input the “Name” of the Car Wash Client in cell A11. This is the first cell in the “Bill To” section and thus will name the Invoice Recipient as the intended target of this paperwork.  Cell A12, reserved for the Car Wash Client’s “Street Address,” must be satisfied with the first line in this Party’s billing address while the two below it require you to generate the Customer’s “City, State, Country,” then “Zip Code.” 


Step 5 – Invoice The Car Washing Requiring Payment

An invoice table shall be utilized for our presentation of the wash requiring the Customer’s payment. Locate the first field of this object in cell A17, then proceed to describe the wash package or membership contract causing this request for payment. It is strongly recommended that you also name the calendar day of service.  The next field of this row is titled with the term “Amount” and refers to the dollar value of the concerned car washing. Enter the dollar “Amount” expected by the Car Washing Service. 


Step 6 – Make A Report On The Owed Car Wash Payment

The “Subtotal” of this bill is a basic summary of the dollar amounts expected before they are affected by taxes. Cell H18 is labeled with this term and must contain this sum. You must generate this value in “Subtotal” even with a single “Amount” reported above.  Many Car Wash Service Companies will need to apply a local or state tax on the service or any products sold. Whether this is a requirement or not will depend entirely on the locality and state where the service was provided. Cell H19 of this column is reserved for your report on the full “Tax/VAT” amount applying to this invoice.  The “Total” that must be paid to the Car Wash Service is the sum of cell H19 (“Tax/VAT”) and cell H18 (“Subtotal”). 


Step 7 – Define The Car Wash Client’s Grace Period

The statement in cell A21 will seek to inform the Car Wash Customer of the maximum number of “Days” this bill will be allowed unpaid without being late. Enter this number as a substitution to the bracketed symbol in this statement. 


Step 8 – Continue With Any Wash, Care, or Payment Instructions Required

An optional area remains in this paperwork. The wording “Comments Or Special Instructions” will set up cell A22 for additional records, dialogues, or instructions. You may also leave this cell unused.