Cell Phone Repair Invoice Template

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The Cell Phone Repair Invoice Template should be sent to Customers to obtain payment for the parts used during the repair as well as the Technician’s time. This paperwork is useful to the Sender, regardless of whether he or she represents an entity or is a contractor, because it will set specific facts down on paper that support the amount owed by the Customer. Additionally, this document can be used to give a framework for how payment should be submitted. Therefore, many consider this kind of written tool integral to running a successful business that keeps track of its Clientele and maintains its books responsibly.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Obtain The Cell Phone Repair Invoice

Locate the “Adobe PDF” link above this statement then, select it. You will be prompted to either open or save this template. You may do either at your discretion, though it is recommended you save it to a readily accessible location in your system. Gather the information required to invoice the Phone Repair Customer then open this file with a compatible pdf or word-processing software.


2 – Your Repair Shop Or Service Requires Identification

Once you’ve accessed this file, you may begin working on it. Start by locating the left side of the invoice heading then submit the name of your Phone Repair Company as a replacement for the words “Company Name.” You should consider the standard information located on a letterhead then proceed to record your full name as well as your Phone Repair Company’s complete address, business number, and e-mail address on the labeled spaces. It is worth noting this information will be used as a way to contact you regarding this bill or send a payment. 


3 – Provide Some Preliminary Invoice Information

The beginning of the invoice area contains a shaded bar with two labeled blank lines; “Invoice #” and “Date.” These items will aim for a proper identification of this paperwork to be made in the future (if necessary) therefore, fill in the pre-determined invoice number and its attached invoice date to this area.

In addition to documenting the invoice number, you must specifically set the identity of the Invoice Recipient down on paper in the “Bill To” area. Begin with his or her “Name” on the first line under this heading then continue by furnishing the complete address where your Phone Repair Client has indicated invoice correspondence should be mailed. Several distinct lines (“Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”) are presented so you can complete this task easily. 


4 – The Cell Phone Repair Charges Should Be Detailed Then Summarized

The task of invoicing your Phone Repair Client will entail giving an organized report on the items and labor required for the concerned phone repair job. Begin this report with a complete list of all the physical items or parts needed for this job in the “Description” column in the first table on this page (labeled “Material”) along with how many of each of these items were necessary in the next column. Once, you have supplied this information, disclose the “Unit Cost” of these items (separately) in the third column. You will also need to multiply the dollar amount in this column with the “Quantity” you listed then report the result in the last column (“Amount”) on the same row. This document also needs to show an explanation for the amount being charged for manpower. Thus, before presenting your Phone Repair Client with this information, break it down by listing the work dates when the Technician was on site in the “Labor” table’s first column then, document the total number of hours worked during this shift in the third column. Now that you have displayed each shift, supply the “Hourly Rate” the Home Repair Client must pay for this time then, multiply it by the total number of hours worked and produce this result in the “Amount” column as the money the Phone Repair Client owes for each shift. Make sure that you perform all such calculations across the rows in this table. Finally, we will present the totals for this invoice. Take every value entered in the “Amount” column of this section, sum them to one total value then, submit this value in the shaded “Total Material” box in this table. 

The “Labor” area of this paperwork also requires similar summarization. If you reported more than one shift when the Technician worked on this job, then add each value populating the “Amount” column of this table making sure to document it in “Total Labor.” The final column of this invoice, below both tables, requires an addition of the “Total Material” value and the “Total Labor” value be entered to the “Subtotal” box. Once this task is complete, fill in the “Tax” amount for this invoice, add it to the “Subtotal,” then list the result in the box “Total.” The report on who has sent this paperwork, who shall receive its reference information, and what it holds the Phone Repair Client responsible for has been completed. Now, take a moment to let the Client know he or she will be held accountable for an on-time payment by entering the number of days allowed as a grace period on the empty line in the “Payment…” statement under the invoice’s staging area. Submit additional comments that you believe should be included with this paperwork to the blank lines near the bottom of this document. They are located just after the label “Comments And Special Instructions.”  


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 -Invoice Phone Repair Clients Using The Sheet Template Provided

Locate then select the “MS Excel” button near the image then open or save the excel file needed to bill your Phone Repair Client


2 -Clear Documentation Listing Both Sender And Recipient Is Mandatory

Initially, before we develop an invoice, we will need to make sure your Phone Repair Business and its Client are appropriately documented to this paperwork. The logo used by your Phone Repair Business can be used in aiding the Client to immediately identify this paperwork as originating from your service. Import the image file of your logo to this sheet in cell A1 and make sure to input the name of the Phone Repair Business (or Shop) in cell A2. The field in the next row (cell A3) will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself as the party representing the Phone Repair Service where this paperwork is concerned. Your full name should be entered into this cell.

The fields making up cells A4, A5, and A6 each concern where the Phone Repair Business can be reached by mail. This will call for the “Street Address,” the “City, State, Country,” and the “Zip Code” defining this address input in their respective cells. The final piece of information your Phone Repair Client will want to have readily available on this invoice will be your business’ Phone number and respective e-mail address. These items can be documented in cell A7 and cell A8. The next items of information will also serve to satisfy a basic requirement of such paperwork. In cell A11 we will start the process of naming the intended Recipient of this invoice, the Phone Repair Client responsible for paying, by filling in the full name of this individual or entity. This party must also have his or her mailing address documented in this section which serves as further verification of who the intended Recipient is. You should satisfy this basic requirement by supplying his or her “Street Address” to the contents of cell A12, then placing the appropriate city, state, and country in cell A13, and finally recording this address’ zip code in cell A14.

Before continuing to the main staging area, you should record the invoice number and the invoice date for the sake of good record keeping that will serve both you and the Client regarding this paperwork. 


3 -The Resources And Manpower Billed To The Customer Must Be Specified

In the section labeled “Material” the items that were used or ordered for this job should be adequately detailed for the review of the Phone Repair Client. We can place each such “Material” on its own row in the “Description” column (start with A16). Every manifest should contain the number of items present or used and this will be no exception. Thus, satisfy the cells in the “Quantity” column of this table to define how many of these items were required for this job. There will be two more columns that require information regarding this topic. Locate the “Unit Cost” column in this table, then document the dollar amount that one of each listed material costs. The “Labor” table will seek to deliver similar information to the Client however, it will pertain to the manpower necessary for this job. Use this table to report each calendar date when the Phone Repair Technician worked on this job, the total number of hours that he or she spent physically working, and the amount per hour that you expect the Client to pay using columns A, F, and G of this table (in that order).

All the numbers you have input will feed into several formulas on this on this sheet then producing the results to a “Total” the Client must pay.


4 -Include Any Definitive Instructions Relating To This Invoice

The Cell Phone Repair Client should be given some minimum instructions on paying this invoice. First, decide upon the number of days you are willing for him or her to remit a payment after receiving this invoice. Enter this number of days in the place of the pound sign in cell A32. If you have additional directions or instructions, include them in cell A33.

Downloads: 1,157