Courier Service Invoice Template

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The Courier Service Invoice Template provided through this site allows for an efficient invoicing process. This Courier Service using this paperwork will be able to efficiently develop a bill that can be sent to its customers when it is time to seek payment for a successful delivery. There will be several areas requiring a presentation of relatively standard information as well as one where you can define the delivery and the charges owed. Make sure the information describing the courier job is supplied in an conscientious fashion as any inaccuracies may cause a delay in retrieving payment.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $30,620/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $14.72/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Download The Courier Company Invoice Template From This Page

This page will give you access to the invoice a Courier Service should use to inform its Client of a due payment. Download this form in the PDF or Word formats indicated on the buttons or links above. Make sure you have a program capable of editing the format you obtain this file in so that you can prepare it on screen.

2 – Identify The Courier Service As The Sender

The Courier Service responsible for the delivery and expecting payment must have its name presented in the field currently populated with the “Company Name” place holder. Record the name of a Contact Person the Client may address when he or she wishes to correspond with the Courier Service on the “Name” line then supply this party’s full address at the Courier Service he or she is representing. The Courier Service should have already given its Client a telephone number and email address he or she can use. However, as a matter of standard procedure, enter its up-to-date “Phone” and “E-Mail” information to the next two lines

3 – Give The Customer A Reference Number For The Courier Charges

Now use the shaded page divider containing the labels “Invoice #” and “Date” to give the Courier Service Client the filing information needed when discussing this invoice and for good record keeping. Typically, the invoice number and invoice date will be used as unique items to identify this document and may sometimes be the bill number or job number for a delivery (depending on the Courier Service’s bookkeeping practices).

4 – Document The Party Being Billed

The Courier Client will need to be declared on this page as the party that must pay this invoice. Thus, enter his or her full “Name” on the first blank line under the words “Bill To” Your next step will be to give the billing address containing the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” where the Courier Client will receive this document by entering these items on the empty lines bearing these labels.

5 – Record The Delivery Information And Requested Payment

The details that define the delivery being billed by the Courier Service should be provided in the table at the center of this document. Notice the two columns will supply distinct areas for the items that must make up the body of this invoice. Begin by describing the courier service performed. At the very least this must provide the arrival time of the package but ideally, should also include items such as the date and time of pick-up. The total cost of the delivery should be entered in the next column.

6 – Instruct The Client Of The Courier Service’s Payment Terms

The final portion of this paperwork will cover your expectations for the Courier Client’s payment. First, impose a time limit for an on-time payment on the Courier Client. Using the first day of his or her receipt of this document as a starting point, enter the number of days he or she has to submit payment on the blank space just before the word “Days.” Now, the blank lines labeled “Comments Or Special Instructions” have been supplied for both the convenience of your Courier Client and yourself. Report any pertinent information to the delivery or the invoice payment defined in this paperwork using this area.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Obtain An Excel Copy To Bill A Customer For Courier Services

It will be a good idea to have some standard paperwork ready for use when it is time to submit a Courier Client with an invoice. Download the excel version of such paperwork by clicking on the “MS Excel” button attached to the preview image or by selecting the link above. This template will contain several placeholder labels requesting information that should be furnished both to standardize this form for your use and as the job at hand dictates.

2 – Present The Courier Service And This Invoice

Once you have accessed this document, upload your Courier Service’s logo to the first cell in column A.

Follow this logo with the legal name of the Courier Service. Place this name in cell A2.

The Courier Service address will also need a presentation in this area of the sheet. The next three cells in this column (cell A4, A5, and A6) will provide a guideline for placing the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” in a standard mailing address format.

Give the Courier Client a well-maintained “E-mail” address to use in cell E7, in case this is his or her preferred method of contact. Your Courier Service should also give its customers a way to initiate contact immediately when required. Furnish the telephone number you wish your Courier Clients to use to call the company to cell A8 The next items that most Courier Service Customers will wish to see is an invoice number and official invoice date to the paperwork being sent. Two cells have been supplied for this purpose each under the shaded bar on the right-hand side of the sheet. Input the full invoice number for this delivery charge in cell F4. Cell H4 contains the current calendar date (based on your computer’s calendar). You may replace this if another date is needed here.

3 – Obligate The Recipient To The Courier Charges

The Recipient will be the person responsible for the courier charges on this document. In fact, the “Bill To” section will call for this entity’s information in the cells immediately below the heading. Directly addressing the Recipient of an invoice through this section is good sense since it leaves no room for confusion. The Courier Client’s name is required by cell A11. The Courier Client should also have the billing address the Courier Service has on file for him or her input in cells A12 through A14

4 – Provide The Delivery Details And Charges

The delivery made by the Courier should be detailed for this invoice. We will use the space in cell A17 to provide this detail. Generally, most Courier Clients will want to see a date and time of delivery along with a signature party. It would also be considered good practice to note the point of origin and destination. Name the cost of the delivery by entering the total dollar amount in the next column.

5 – The Courier Service Terms Of Payment Must Be Set

The Courier Client should be given a deadline to pay this invoice. Thus, inform the Courier Client that he or she has only a limited number of days after receiving this invoice to make an on-time payment using the statement in cell A17. Now, use the “Comments Or Special Instructions” field (cell A18) to give the Courier Client payment instructions and any information that relates to this paperwork.

Downloads: 1,018