Custom T-Shirt Invoice Template

Custom T-Shirt Invoice Template sets the invoice process in motion with a straightforward document design. This paperwork is divided by several sections expecting the specifics of the custom t-shirt transaction (that must be completed with payment) input to each section’s contents. It will, naturally, be important that all such information is confirmed as accurate and that your company retains a copy for its records. Such actions will help your bookkeeping system keep track of the payment status of your Client’s account as well as encourage a positive response from the Recipient.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Save The Customer T-Shirt Invoice

The paperwork necessary to bill a Custom T-Shirt Client can be accessed above as an Excel document.


2 – Produce Some Preliminary Contact Information To This Paperwork

Record the full name of the Custom T-Shirt Business in place of the phrase “Company Name” at the top of the page.                  The next few blank lines will serve to give the Custom T-Shirt Client a “Name” and address to write to if attempting to contact the Sender. Keep in mind that once you have entered the “Name,” utilize the “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “ZIP Code”             The remainder of this section should be furnished with both the “Phone” number and “E-mail” address where the Custom T-Shirt Customer accepts such correspondence.                         


3 – The T-Shirt Customer Should Be Invoiced Directly

It is strongly recommended that a filing number be determined and attached to this document as its invoice number. Use the line attached to “Invoice #” to present this information.                       The next space on this document is on the right of the invoice number just provided. Fill in the invoice “Date” on this line.                     Now, it is important we directly address the Custom T-Shirt Client by “Name.” Thus, turn your attention to the section below the invoice information just produced. This content should be furnished on the first line in this area just next to the label “Name.”                 Continue presenting content regarding the Custom T-Shirt Client with this Party’s billing address. Notice this section’s heading is listed as “Bill To” which will require the exact address the Client submitted as his or her billing address. If no address is on file, contact the Customer T-Shirt Client immediately to obtain this information then transcribe it to this area accordingly.                It will be time to go into the T-shirts designed and ordered for the Client after recording the Custom T-shirt Business, this paperwork’s reference number, and concerned Client. A basic table containing several columns. The first of these will need the product “Description” of the ordered t-shirt.            The two columns that follow the listed items require the “Quantity” and “Unit Price” of the ordered “T-Shirt.” If more than one design is being billed make sure to list this information on a corresponding line. Note that the “Quantity” is how many t-shirts were ordered while the “Unit Price” requires the price of only one.      Take the “Quantity” entered then multiply it against the “Unit Price” of each t-shirt then enter it in the column “Amount.”                The next items in the “Amount” column will allow you to continue the report on how much the T-Shirt Client owes. First total all the dollar values in the “Amount” box and produce it in “Subtotal.”      The taxes owed for this invoice will have a separate box where they can be displayed. Locate the word “Tax” then enter this value on the right.                     Supply the sum of “Subtotal” and “Tax” to the “Total” box.


4 – Conclude This Paperwork With Some Follow-Up Information

Find the “Payment…” sentence then report how many days are given to send a payment by entering that number on the blank space provided.                The “Comments Or Special Instructions” label at the end of this invoice allows for additional content. Utilize this space as required.               

How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Utilize The Spreadsheet On This Page To Bill For Custom T-Shirt

The invoice on this site will allow for a payment request to be made once you obtain it and fill it out.


2 – The Invoice Information Needed To Define This Document Is Needed

Begin satisfying the sections of this invoice with the invoice number designated to it. Furnish this to cell F4. Cell H4 will already contain the invoice date as the current date however this can be edited for your goals as required.                                   


3 – Documentation Of The Custom T-Shirt Business And Consumer Must Be Furnished

Cell A1 will be the first field where the Custom T-Shirt Business must be identified. Import its logo or banner to this field, then type in the legal business name in cell A2.   The “Name” of the Custom T-Shirt Designer or Customer service Representative sending this document should be furnished to this invoice directly below the Business’ name. Enter this individual’s “Name” in cell A3 then document the Custom T-Shirt Company or Designer’s business address in cell A4 (“Street Address”), A5 (“City, State, Country”), and A6 (“ZIP Code”).

The “E-Mail” address maintained by the Custom T-Shirt Company is needed in cell A7. Once you furnish it, document its telephone number in cell A8.             The “Bill To” section of this invoice is the next part of this paperwork where you must furnish information. The “Name” of the Custom T-Shirt Customer must be on display underneath this phrase so enter it in cell A11.
Use the “Street Address” field and the two follow-up fields “City, State, Country” and “ZIP Code” to attach the Custom T-Shirt Customer’s billing address to this section.                     


4 – Complete The Custom T-Shirt Invoice Table

A table has been supplied to the body of this spreadsheet where you will be able to deliver some documentation necessary to support and define the invoice “Amount” you will present. Before producing the payable “Amount,” you must first describe what was purchased. This “Description” can be a product number or name and should be recorded in cell A17                Record the number of custom t-shirts ordered and how much one would cost in Cells F17 and G17 respectively. This will automatically contribute to cells H17, H18, and H20.                     To complete this invoice, you must report any taxes that you expect the Client to pay. Do so in cell H19.                 H21 will need the number of days you will wait for payment displayed in place of the bracketed hashtag symbol attached to “…Days” in this field’s statement.  H22 allows additional topics addressed if more room is necessary. Simply place such content after the term “Comments Or Special Instructions.”