Daycare (Child Care) Invoice Template

Daycare (Child Care) Invoice Template sets up a clear production of the details that a Parent or Legal Guardian will wish to review when paying for the daycare service you provided his or her Child (or Ward).  For instance, such a Client will want to see who provided the daycare service, when it occurred, and a concise breakdown of the payable amount. Luckily, this template will answer these requirements nicely by setting aside some predetermined (and properly labeled) areas where all such facts may be presented.  It is generally recommended that you keep a blank copy in your machine as well as a copy of the one you have filled out to dispense (as a matter of good record keeping).

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $23,240 per year (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $11.17 per hour (source: BLS)

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Child Care Invoices: By Type

How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Download The Daycare (Child Care) Invoice To Your System

The “Download” text-links (see above) or the buttons coupled with the daycare invoice preview will give you access to the “PDF” or “Word” versions of this bill.


2 – Name The Facility Providing Child Care As The Payee

Identify the Day Care Facility billing for the child care services provided to the Client (i.e. Parents, Legal Guardians, etc.) by producing its legal name in the first field (“Company Name”) then the full “Name” on the Billing Representative sending this document on the blank line under it.        You must couple the office mailing address of the Facility with its legal name and Representative’s identity on the blank lines attached to the label designations “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “ZIP Code.”      The “Phone” number and “E-Mail” address of the Day Care Facility are the next items you must report. Do so on the last two lines of this section.     


3 – Invoice The Parent(s), Legal Guardian, Or Benefactor Properly

In order to correctly invoice the Recipient of this paperwork, you will need to give this document a method to make it easily identifiable. This will take the form of the Day Care Facility’s invoice number for the work or care provided. Input it to the “Invoice #” line then proceed across the page to report the “Date” that should be used.                    A specific area has been set aside so that we can name the entity or individual who will pay for the child care charges. The “Bill To” section’s first empty line is “Name.” This must be the exact “Name” of the Parent, the Legal Guardian, or possibly a Benefactor who will be responsible for this payment. This entity’s current address is also a necessary production in this section and can be displayed using the available lines remaining in this area.              A table meant for the specifics of the child care provided by the Day Care Facility is the next section that will need attention. You will need to confer with your records to account for the time or services that were provided for the Child then document this in the “Description” box of this table.            The next column over carries the title “Amount” thus calling for the base cost of the child care presented. Enter this cost as a dollar value in this column.            The “Subtotal” box will also need to display the base cost of child care. This field is supplied in case more than one “Amount” has been charged and documented above. If so, then all such values must be added to one sum without any additional monies required for taxes. If there is only one “Amount” then you should re-enter it here.                    Taxes may need to be paid by the Child Care Client for the services and any child care products being billed. If so, document the tax amount that you must add to the child care charges in the “Tax” box.                The final field in the “Amount” column is attached to the bold label “Total.” This will be the result of the “Subtotal” and “Tax” values added together.   


4 – Finalize This Paperwork With Its Terms And Instructions

The sentence concluding the invoice contains a blank line between a hashtag and the word “…Days.” Notice the wording “Payment Is Due…” sets up a deadline that should be expressed in days which will apply once you enter the number on the blank line.                The term “Comments Or Special Instructions” labeling the blank lines at the bottom of this invoice will direct the Day Care Client’s attention to any additional material remaining that you wish delivered or the title of an attachment provided with this document.             


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Day Care Invoice Should Be Acquired From This Site

The billing document required to invoice Day Care Clients can be downloaded on this site. The “Download” area just above contains the “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” link required to access this paperwork as a spreadsheet file.


2 – This Paperwork’s First Task Requires You Identify Both Parties

Import the Day Care Facility’s logo to this sheet by placing it in cell A1 for presentation.                      The second cell in this column will seek to support the logo by displaying the Day Care Facility’s legal name.
The third cell also seeks an identity. Cell A3 will need the “Name” of the Facility Representative sending this form produced as its contents. Report this individual’s “Name” in cell A3.                 Next, record the mailing address of the Day Care Facility’s management or business office. This process will need to begin with your report of the “Street Address” in cell A4, continue with the Facility’s “City, State, Country,” and “ZIP Code.”           Cell A7 requires the Facility’s “E-Mail” address as another viable means of contact and cell A8 will complete the contact options for this entity with its “Phone” number. Make certain the information you present here is up-to-date and accurate.           You are also required to identify the Parent, Legal Guardian, or Day Care Client. The set of cells beginning with “Bill To” anticipate the production of the Parent or Legal Guardian’s “Name” and business mailing address. Remember that the entity you identify in cell A11 will be the one expected to pay this bill. Usually, this will be the Child’s Parent or Legal Guardian but can also be a third party such as a labor union or one of the Parent’s Employers.         Also, record the mailing address of the Day Care Client to cells A12 through A14. Notice the bracketed text-labels in these cells will act as a guide for the line-by-line address report.                   


3 – Produce A Reference For This Document When Billing For Day Care Services

There will be two cells in the top right corner of this invoice you must use to pass on some information to the Day Care Client. Cell F4 will need the invoice number assigned by the Day Care Facility while cell H4 needs the “Date” when this bill be applied to the Client.       

Turn your attention several rows down to cell A17 where a clear and concise record of the child care services that need payment must be entered. Generally, items such as the Child’s name, when the child care service occurred, the date(s) and hours required, and any child care products that must be paid for can be reported here. If a specific contract number is attached to the services you are billing for, make sure to include this as well. The H column contains four cells (H17, H18, H19, and H20) that will spell out the charges for the Client’s benefit. Begin by entering the “Amount” of money that must be paid strictly for the services provided in cell H17. Do not add any taxes.       The “Subtotal” field in cell H18 needs the full sum of all values entered in cell H17 (even if only one was entered). This is for the benefit of the Day Care Client.     Since we have listed the “Subtotal” above, we can now inform the Day Care Client of the taxes owed for it. Enter this in cell H19.             The final cell, H20, is the “Total” owed and must be a report on the sum of the “Subtotal” and “Tax” amounts entered.                 

4 – You May Impose An Appropriate Deadline And Present Supplemental Information

Cell A21 includes a statement you can use to let the Day Care Client know exactly how many days he or she is allowed to gather funds and send a payment. Express this as a maximum number of days from the invoice date by producing the appropriate number just after the words “…Due In”            A22 can be used as a place to present additional content. You can also name attachments that will be present with the invoice package.