DJ (Disc Jockey) Invoice Template

The DJ (Disc Jockey) Invoice Template is a valuable instrument when you must seek payment from an Event Organizer for disc jockey services. This paperwork is structured with a set format that will serve as a guide for providing Clients (such as Event Organizers) with the specifics they often require to see in writing before paying an invoice. Once you have filled out and dispensed this paperwork, you may re-use the template as needed. Ideally, you will have software capable of editing a PDF, Word, or Excel file so that you can input your information quickly or even set up a merge with a compatable bookkeeping program.

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – You Can Invoice Event Organizers For DJ Services With This Paperwork

Your DJ Invoice can be saved from this page, filled out using software compatible with Adobe PDF or MS Word, then sent to the Event Organizer responsible for payment.

2 – Name Your DJ Business As The Sender Of This Invoice

The DJ Company you represent or own will need to be accurately identified at the top of the page after deleting the words “Company Name.” The first four labeled lines at the top of the page will give the Invoice Recipient or Customer a way to correspond with your DJ Company by mail. Fill in your “Name” along with your DJ Company’s “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” The DJ Company’s area at the top of the page will usually be expected to display more modern forms of contact as well. To this end, disclose the DJ Company’s current “Phone” number and its active “E-Mail” address where these items are requested.

3 – Begin The Invoice Process By Identifying It

The first step in your invoicing process should be to give the Event Organizer a way to track this paperwork. The shaded bar below this header will address this requirement nicely. Input the invoice number and invoice date used to track the billing process for this event in this area.

4 – Name The Event Organizers Being Billed

In most cases, you will bill an Event Organizer for DJ services, however, keep in mind that for smaller events (such as a wedding) the Event Organizer may not necessarily be handling the bills. Fill in the name of the individual handling these bills just under the “Bill To” heading then make sure to supply his or her legal mailing address to the remainder of this section. This is the intended Invoice Recipient who will be held responsible for any finance charges accrued for a late payment.

5 – Define The DJ Event And The Owed Dollar Amount

We will now need to summarize and document the charges the Event Organizer must pay. Describe the work performed by the DJ in the “Description” section of the table on this page. The price of the DJ services should be recorded under “Amount” Mostly, your Clientele will want to pay their bills in a timely fashion. Regardless of this fact, it is considered a wise precaution to give an Invoice Recipient a basic deadline to pay an owed amount. Thus, enter the number of days you will allow the Invoice Recipient to pay this bill on the blank space after “…Within #” in the first statement under the table. The second statement under the table will contain two blank lines. Use these to give the Invoice Recipient or Event Organizer any relevant instructions for payment.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Submit This DJ Invoice When Seeking Payments For Events

Your first step in developing a DJ Invoice will be to gather your information then download the Excel document using the button (“MS Excel”) or the link on this page.

2 – Introduce This Paperwork To Event Organizer Receiving It

Now that you have opened this excel file, locate cell A1 and import your DJ Company logo. Make sure this is a reasonably sized file. The current placeholder image can be replaced or used at your discretion. The DJ’s name or company name must also be included with the logo you just presented. Enter the official DJ Company name in cell A2. You may leave the current large font for noticeability or you may change it to a different size depending on your preferences. In cell A3, give the Invoice Recipient your full name or the full name of the individual who handles the DJ Company’s billing process. Keep in mind, this individual will be considered the first point of contact with your company regarding this paperwork. Input the DJ Company “Street Address” in cell A4 then supply the rest of this address using cell A5 and A6. Our last task in this area will be to give the Event Organizer receiving this paperwork a way to contact the DJ Company using an “E-Mail” address or a “Phone” number. This information should be furnished in cells A7 and A8. In order to correctly bill for a DJ event, you will need to give the invoice document a unique identification number. Record this number in cell F4, under the “Invoice #” heading. Now, direct your attention to cell H4 where the current date is displayed for convenience. If you do not wish this document to bear this date, then change it.

3- The Full Name Of The Event Organizer Should Be Presented

Now we will need to address the Event Organizer whom this bill will be sent to directly. Place this party’s full name in cell A11. It will also be necessary to present the Event Organizer’s full address below his or her name. Use the next three rows in this column to document this address.

4 – Formally Bill The DJ Event Your Business Worked

A two-column table (beginning on row 16) of this sheet has been included to provide a distinct area to present the charges for DJ services this invoice concerns. Use the first row in this table in column A (cell A17) to produce a record of the DJ services. This can be a date/DJ shift or a contract number but make sure the Event Organizer will recognize this information immediately. The cost of DJ services should be declared in the “Amount” column (cell 17).

5 – Give The Billed Event Organizer Some Payment Instructions

Cell A18 will give you the opportunity to inform the Event Organizer that you expect a timely payment through a standard statement. Simply enter the number of days he or she is allowed as a grace period between the words “…Is Due In” and “Days” If this invoice must present additional information (such as informing the Event Organizer of acceptable means of payment or possible penalties for late payments, then deliver them through cell A19.