Home Repair Invoice Template

The Home Repair Invoice Template is an easy-to-use written tool meant for the documentation of a repair job’s details and how much is owed by the Client thus far. This paperwork will already contain some areas designated for the details you will need to convey to your Home Repair Clients so that they can remit payment in a timely fashion. You can save this document to your machine as a blank template or with your company’s information saved in the letterhead area (for convenience). Three different versions are available; Adobe PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel. You may obtain this paperwork in one or all of these formats at your discretion.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $38,300/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $18.42/hr (source: BLS)

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Bill To
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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Invoice Your Home Repair Customers Using The PDF Or Word File Here

The paperwork defining Home Repair Service and concurrent charges is a downloadable file. The “Adobe PDF” and “MS Excel” buttons above will easily give you access to this paperwork. Similarly, if you prefer, you can obtain this file with the links directly above this area.


2 – Your Repair Service Will Need To Present Some Information As The Sender

The full name of the Home Repair Company seeking payment through this paperwork should be used as a replacement for the heading “Company Name” in the top left part of this page. Include your first, middle, and last name in this area by supplying these items to the blank space labeled “Name.”  Your Home Repair Business’ mailing information, phone line, and e-mail address must be produced on the blank spaces labeled “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” “Zip Code,” “Phone,” and “E-mail” (in this order).


3 – An Invoice Number And Date Is A Requirement For This Paperwork

The invoice number you have attached to this home repair job is required on the first blank line in the shaded area directly under the heading.  Moving horizontally, enter the invoice date when this document is effective on the blank line provided.


4 – The Client Paying For Home Repair Services Must Be Solidified

The legal name of the Home Repair Client should be input on the first blank line under the heading “Bill To.” Record the full mailing address of your Home Repair Client using the next three available lines in this area. Notice their labels will guide you through a quick process of where to report each component of this address.


5 – Outline Material And Services Provided By The Repairman

The full home repair charges on this bill will need to be broken down and presented in an orderly fashion so your Client can easily locate and verify each item. Such charges can be broken down into two basic categories; “Materials” and “Service.” Each such category will have its own self-named table at the center of this invoice and will require your input. Begin by listing all the supplies used or ordered for the home repair job that the Client must submit payment for in the first column of “Materials.” Make sure you also present the total “Quantity” needed in the second column and its “Unit Price” in the third column. In the “Service” table, give a clear and brief “Description” of the home repair service your company is billing the Client for.  Now, record the number of “Hours” the Repairman (you) physically worked for the Client and the dollar amount that must be paid for each of these hours in the second and third columns.


6 – Calculate The Exact Amount Owed For The Home Repair Service

You have supplied the “Quantity” and “Unit Cost” of the materials required for this home repair job to the first table. Now, you must multiply the numbers you recorded in these columns (Quantity x Unit Cost) and distribute each result in the appropriate cell under “Amount.” Add each of these numbers supplying the result in the “Total Material” box. If you have also listed “Hours” and an “Hourly Rate” in the “Services” table, then you must engage in a similar calculation. Multiply each number in “Hours” by the corresponding “Hourly Rate” on the same row. Make sure the resulting numbers of each cell in the “Amount” column (0nly in the “Service” table) then present their total in the “Total Service” box. The three-box table at the bottom of this page will also have its own requirements. Add the values “Total Material” and “Total Service” then document this sum in the first box “Subtotal.”  If the Home Repair Client must pay any taxes on this invoice, then enter the “Tax” amount in the second box. The last box, “Total,” requires the sum of “Subtotal” and “Tax.” 

Many entities providing a service would consider it standard procedure to impose a deadline to the invoice involved. This can be done by disclosing the number of days that your Homer Repair Service will give as a consideration before considering a payment late or even delinquent. Submit this number of days to the blank line in the statement at the bottom left of this paperwork.

You may wish to give some additional details to your Home Repair Client. If so, use the “Comments…” section to do so.


How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – Download The Required Home Repair Invoice

The form needed to invoice your Home Repair Client is accessible as an excel sheet through the button captioning the preview image above. It can also be downloaded using the link in this area.


2 – The Logo Used By The Home Repair Service Must Accompany Its Contact Details

Your Home Repair Service logo should be the first item we supply to this document. Import it to cell A1. Present the name of the Home Repair Service in cell A2 then your own in cell A3. The address the Home Repair Service uses to correspond via mail should be supplied to cell A4, A5, and A6. Take care to make sure each placeholder receives the information requested. The next step in this portion of the worksheet will be to dispense the official Home Repair Service “E-mail” address and “Phone” to the Client (in cells A7 and A8).


3 – Your Home Repair Client’s Billing Address Is Required Documentation

Cells A11 through A14 (in “Bill To”) have been reserved for the billing information for the Home Repair Client. Make sure his or her Name and up-to-date mailing address are supplied to this column of cells.


4 – Invoice The Concerned Home Repair Job

The number defining this document as unique in your filing system, commonly known as the invoice number, is required by cell F4. Cell H4 will display the current calendar date as the corresponding invoice date but if desired, you may use a different calendar date for this purpose. Now, you must list all the “Material” used for the home repair job being billed here. Give this manifest in the column A beginning with the first row under the word “Description” (row 18).  Continue this material manifest with the “Quantity” and “Unit Price” of the materials listed in the first column. This information should be supplied to column F and G respectively. As you enter these numbers, the table will produce appropriate values in column H. Now, we will list the manpower used to satisfy the home repair job in the “Service” table. Begin by supplying some “Description” as to the home repair service provided beginning in row 26 and listing each Repairman shift or contract number on a separate row. The “Hours” worked by the Repairman should be listed in column F. The “Hourly Rate” the Home Repair Client must pay for these hours should be filled out in column G. Notice that as you enter these numbers, additional cells in column H will populate. These cells will supply the Home Repair Customer with the costs involved for the manpower used.

In some cases, the Homer Repair Client may be responsible for a “Tax” amount. If so, record it in cell H34. This will be figured into the values delivering the “Total” amount owed by the Home Repair Customer. 


5 – List Acceptable Terms Of Payment

Cell A35 enables you to set a deadline for payment. This should be a number of days after the Home Repair Client receives this document and should be used to replace the “[#].” Any additional concerns or provisions may be reported in Cell A36