Web Hosting Invoice Template

The Web Hosting Invoice Template is useful to present subscribing Clients with the basic information needed to request payment. This invoice will enable an attractive presentation of the Web Hosting Company’s contact information, the subscribed services regarding payment, what that payment must consist of, and a few other items. The paperwork in the preview image can be obtained in the formats displayed on the buttons captioning it. Once you have downloaded your copy, gather the Client’s records, then supply requested information to its contents. It is strongly recommended by many to make sure you retain a completed copy of the paperwork you intend to send the Client as a matter of good record-keeping.

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How to Write in PDF and MS Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

Step 1 – Acquire The PDF Or Word Template Used To Invoice Web-Hosting Clients

The PDF or Word Web Hosting Template can be downloaded through the buttons bearing these labels or through the above links.


Step 2 – Name The Web Hosting Service Issuing This Invoice

The beginning of this document will be expected to present the Web Hosting Service’s company details. The first step in this process will be to record the Web Hosting Service’s complete “Company Name” in the first field (or textbox) on this page. Produce the “Name” of the Web Hosting Service Representative in charge of receiving payments and answering follow-up Client inquiries on the first line in the upper left-hand corner. The mailing address which should be considered the return address of this invoice is the next concern. Furnish it as a “Street Address” on the next line down and a “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code” on the blank spaces that follow.  The Web Hosting Service’s current “Phone” and “E-Mail” information will complete the contact report. Supply these as the next two items on the line bearing the appropriate labels. 


Step 3 – Identify This Document’s Referencing Material

As with many ongoing services, both the Client and the Web Hosting Company will want to keep track of this paperwork with a common point of reference. The unique reference number assigned to invoices, the “Invoice #,” is an ideal tool for this task. Thus, enter it on the first available line in the shaded divider.  Many recommend that a specific “Date” is attached to the invoice number. Enter the month, day, and year of this document’s generation on the blank line labeled “Date.” 


Step 4 – Attach The Web Hosting Client’s Billing Details

The Web Hosting Client paying for the service should be named immediately after “Bill To” on the blank line labeled “Name.”    Next, attach the billing address where the Web Hosting Client has indicated that notices and bills should be sent. The “Street Address” line requires the Web Hosting Client’s building number, street, and unit number. Typically, this is the first line in a mailing address and will need to be completed with your report on the Web Hosting Client’s mailing address with his or her “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.”


Step 5 – Discuss The Hosting Services Being Invoiced

It is imperative for this document’s purpose that some identification of the web hosting service is included. Use the “Description” column in the table occupying the majority of this page to cite the Client’s account number, service agreement, and/or dates of service. A large field beneath the word “Description” expects your entry of this report. 


Step 6 – Invoice The Client For The Hosting Services

Now that the web hosting service has been described, continue to the first field of the “Amount” column then record the dollar value of the web hosting service being billed. The “Subtotal” requires that you add every web hosting charge you furnished to the above field then document this value before you add any due sales or service taxes. Record this dollar value as requested.    The “Tax” that is owed for the web hosting “Subtotal” is the next requested dollar value. Calculate any taxes owed then place them in this field.  Lastly, add the web hosting “Subtotal” to the required taxes. Fill this in to the “Total” field. 


Step 7 – Present The Web Hosting Total’s Grace Period

The number of “Days” when the Web Host assumed payment is on the way is the next topic of conversation. Discuss this period of time by reporting this waiting period as a number of “Days” on the blank space in the “Payment Is Due” sentence. 

Step 8 – Material Due To The Client Can Be Provided As Needed


How to Write in MS Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

Step 1 – Access The Web Hosting Invoice As A Spreadsheet Template

If you wish to use an Excel template to bill for Web Hosting services, then click on the appropriate button (labeled “Excel”) or the text link following the word “Download.”


Step 2 – Introduce The Web Hosting Service

The logo of the Web Hosting Service issuing this paperwork should be presented in cell A1 in place of the generic clip art currently occupying this cell.  After identifying the Web Host with its trademark image or logo, record the full “Company Name” in cell A2 along with the full “Name” of the Web Hosting Employee (the Preparer) in cells A2 and A3 respectively).  Continue to cells A4 (“Street Address”), cell A5 (“City, State, Country”), and cell A6 (“Zip Code”)  The next two fields (cells A7 and A8 will handle delivering some additional standard contact items (“E-Mail” and “Phone”). 


Step 3 – Produce Documentation Regarding This Invoice’s Filing Material

A couple of additional items of interest will be needed in the header. In cell F4, the “invoice #” assigned by the Web Hosting Service to this document (and only this document) must be produced as its contents. Delete the term in this field then replace it with the discussed number.  The Invoice “Date” that should be formally attached to this paperwork should also be recorded in cell H4. If preferred, you may allow the current default (the desktop calendar day this document is being tended to) to remain as this paperwork’s formal “Invoice Date.” 


Step 4 – Identify The Web Hosting Client As The Payer

Next, the identity of the Web Hosting Patron or Client must be included in this preliminary area. The “Bill To” section of this template will answer this need with a set of line labeled “Name” then “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.” 


Step 5 – Account For The Hosting Services Requiring Payment

The hosting service provided should be discussed in a concise manner, thus is a web hosting agreement is in effect produce its title and effective date. If more appropriate, you may also use the dates of service and the level of service being charged to the Client. Produce all such information in the table’s first available field (cell A17).   


Step 6 – Discuss The Amounts Due For Hosting

The dollar value assigned to the level of web hosting service for the time period discussed should be supplied as the contents to the next field requiring information (cell 17).  The next cell down, cell H18, requires the “Subtotal” of the web hosting services being invoiced. This figure should be considered the total of all the requested amounts you recorded as owed before applying any sales or service taxes (applicable to the web hosting business according to the local laws).    If there are any (sales or Service) taxes that are expected with the “Subtotal” then you must make a presentation of this value separately. Apply the required tax regulations to the web hosting “Subtotal” then report it in the next field down in cell H19 (“Tax).  This invoice will only be considered complete if it presents the full amount that is owed for the web hosting service being discussed. Therefore, you must add the web hosting “Subtotal” in cell H18 to the owed taxed (cell H19) then display the result in cell H20 as the “Total” owed to the Web Hosting Service. 


Step 7 – Inform The Client Of The Web Hosting Total’s Deadline

Cell A21 of this sheet will be the next item that must be focused on. Notice, that unlike other areas of this sheet requiring content, this cell contains text that must remain intact save for the bracketed pound sign This symbol (preceding the word “Days”) will function as a continuation of the “Payment Is Due” statement. Supplement the language of this statement with a report on the number of “Days” you will wait for payment by replacing the bracketed symbol with this number. 


Step 8 – Continue With Any Remaining Content Concerning The Hosting Services Or Payment

This invoice can, now, be considered complete in a general sense where the request for payment has been made and is accompanied by the details that support the request. If more such details or additional topics are owed to the Client in this correspondence, then list them in cell A22.