Landscaping Invoice Template

The landscaping invoice template is for any type individual or business that provides the service of caretaking lawns, gardens, or hedges. The invoice may be used for the common home with a yard or for larger commercial properties with extensive bushes, gardens, or grass. If the landscaper is also responsible for the upkeep on the property, chances are seeds, fertilizer, and other lawn maintaining minerals may be needed and added to the invoice.

The invoice should include the service rate for the landscaper plus any materials that were required in servicing the property.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $30,940 per year (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $14.88 per hour (source: BLS)

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How to Write in Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word

DownloadAdobe PDF or Microsoft Word

1 – Obtain The Landscaping Invoice Template To Use At Your Discretion

The Landscaping Invoice available through the link above or the “Adobe PDF” button. This paperwork will enable the user to send a bill to his or her Landscaping Business’ Customers. Use this file as the situation dictates once you have saved it to your machine.

2 – The Landscaping Business’ Logo, Name, And Contact Information Is Required Information

The purpose of this paperwork will be to obtain the money owed to a Landscaping Business. Thus, we must make sure the Client can easily identify its Sender. The top of this page will contain several blank lines on the left. This will be the first area we tend to.

Locate the first field in this area (“Company Name”) then fill it in with the Name of the Landscaping Business while deleting the text it contains. Now we will deliver the information the Landscaping Client can use to send a payment. Fill in the Name and Address where the Landscaping Business wishes its mail sent utilizing the first four blank lines.

Finish this section by displaying the Landscaping Business Daytime Telephone Number and E-Mail Address in the appropriate areas.

3 – This Paperwork’s Record Number Should Be Solidified

Most paperwork will have a unique reference number, so it may be easily located in a filing system or database. Enter the Invoice Number and Invoice Date to the labeled areas in the darkened bar below the information you just recorded.

4 – The Concerned Landscaping Client Will Need To Be Properly Documented

The entity that has ordered Landscaping Products or Services from this Business should be prominently displayed on this page as well. Use the Name and Address lines in the “Bill To” section to deliver the Landscaping Client’s Name and Mailing Address.

5 – Two Tables Will Allow A Clear Representation Of The Charges The Landscaping Client Must Pay

This paperwork will also call for a clear representation of what the Landscaping Client is paying for. We will use the two tables located at the center of this document to do so. If the Landscaping Client must pay for any goods or supplies then, we fill out the “Products” table with the relevant information. Each row should be dedicated to a separate Product Description and thus only the numbers relevant to that item should be recorded on the same row.

Report the Product the Landscaping Client ordered in “Description.” The total number of units the Landscaping Client ordered of this Product should be discerned in the column “Quantity” while the price of one of these items should be filled into the “Unit Cost” column. Now that we have supplied this basic information, we will need to perform some basic calculations for the benefit of the Landscaping Client. First, multiply the total number of each ordered Product (“Quantity”) with the “Unit Cost” of that item. Then record this number, on the same row, in “Amount.”  Add each number you entered in “Amount” while presenting this sum in “Total Products.” Add each of the numbers in this column in the “Total Products” box. If the Landscaping Client’s order also includes billable “Labor” from the Landscaping Business, then we will need to attend to the second table. Here, we will begin with a summary of each job done in “Description.” We will to continue this report by stating how many “Hours” the Landscaping Business spent on the job in the first column along with the “Hourly Rate” that will be charged. Now, we must multiply the “Hours” spent on a job by the “Hourly Rate” charged for that job and record the result under “Amount.” A “Total Labor” box has been supplied so that we can present the sum of each figure entered in “Amount.”

6 – Produce The Total Amount The Landscaping Clients Owe And Any Additional Information Required

We have disclosed each party along with some specifics regarding this paperwork as well as the “Products” and/or “Labor” the Landscaping Business is billing for. Our next step will be to present the “Total” amount of money the Client owes.

First, satisfy the box labeled “Subtotal” by reporting the sum of “Total Products” and “Total Labor” in it. Then report the “Tax” amount the Client must pay in the box below this. The “Total” amount of money the Landscaping Client must pay this Business will be the sum of “Subtotal” and “Tax.” Document this number in “Total.” If the Landscaping Business will allow its Client a certain number of days to pay this bill upon its receipt then, report this grace period in the “Payment Is Due” statement. Similarly, if any other conditions apply or more information must be given to the Landscaping Client, then use the blank lines at the bottom of this page to divulge it to the Landscaping Client.

How to Write in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

DownloadMicrosoft Excel (.xlsx)

1 – The Excel Invoice For Landscaping Products And Word Is Downloadable

A copy of the Landscaping Invoice Template can be downloaded from the links above at your convenience. Open either the button or link designated with “MS Excel” to open, view, and save a copy to your machine.

2 – We Should Make Sure The Landscaping Business And Client Information Are Both Properly Displayed

The Landscaping Business originating this Invoice will have to be properly identified in this paperwork. This should occur at the onset of this spreadsheet in cell A1 with the Landscaping Business Logo. Replace the current clipart in that cell with your Landscaping Business’ Logo. Then fill in the Legal Name of the Landscaping Business in cell A2.  The Name of the Client Contact and the Landscaping Business Address should be present below the Business Logo. Several cells (A3 through A6) have been reserved for this purpose. Supply these cells with the Landscaping Business information each one requests. The Client Contact for this Business will need his or her “E-Mail” and “Phone” information entered in cell A7 and A8.

Below the Landscaping Business information above will be a “Bill To” section. This section must be filled out for this Invoice to apply to the entity being billed. Supply the Landscaping Business Client’s Name and Billing Address to the cells in column A directly below the words “Bill To.”

3 – The Landscaping Invoice Information And Order Summary Must Be Presented

Now the next group of cells will serve us with some preformatted areas. Make sure the requested information is reported properly so the “Products” and “Labor” tables will populate correctly.

All items, goods, or supplies the Landscaping Client is purchasing here should be listed in the “Products” section under the word “Description” in the first table. Additionally, make sure to fill in the “Quantity” the Landscaping Customer ordered and the “Unit Price” for each item, goods, or supply listed in the first column. The this section will calculate and show the results in the “Amount” Column. and “Total Products” cell. In the same fashion, we will use the second table to record every job where the Landscaping Business will charge for the Hours spent servicing its Client. List each job where the Landscaping Client must pay for physical work done, how many “Hours” were spent on the job, and the “Hourly Rate” being charged. The figure you enter will automatically feed into the formulas in the “Amount” column.

4 – Inform The Landscaping Client Of All Payment Obligations

The last three cells requiring Dollar Amounts are “Subtotal,” “Tax,” and “Total.” You will be required to fill in the Taxes being charged to the Client to cell H34.  Next, supply the grace period (in days) the Client has from the receipt of this document to make an on-time payment to the Landscaping Business. Additional information may be given to the Landscaping Client using Cell A36.