Limo (Car) Service Invoice Template

The Limo (Car) Service Invoice Template provides a sleek and easy to read invoice for your company’s Customers. This document, available in any of three formats, can be downloaded at your discretion then either filled out on-screen or manually when required. Some preparation will be necessary before detailing the Customer’s bill and presenting the charges. All the information requested by this form from the user is considered standard when issuing an invoice since, your Clientele will likely expect to see certain pieces of information relating to the services they received from your company.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $25,980/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $12.49/hr (source: BLS)

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How To Write In Adobe And MS Word

Download as an a PDF or MS Word file

1 – Access the Car Service Invoice Previewed In The Image

Open this form as a pdf by selecting the PDF button (“Adobe PDF”). If you prefer, you could also obtain this as an “MS Word” file if you prefer to work with a word processing program on your machine.

2 – This Template Requests The Name And Address Of The Limo Car Service

The Limo Service’s name should be the first item you supply to this document. Look for the words “Company Name” at the top of the page, highlight it with your left mouse then, type the name of the Limo Service in its place.

You should fill in your name on the first labeled line in this area.

Next, the Limo Car Service’s business/mailing address is also needed to satisfy this header area. You will have to record this information across three distinct areas. First, fill in the building number, street, and suite number where the Car Service receives mail on the “Street Address” line, then finish presenting the rest of the address using the next two spaces. Lastly, the last two spaces in the header have been reserved specifically so you may present a well-maintained “Phone” number and “E-mail” were the Customer can reliably reach your Limo Car Service Company

3 – Supply The Material Defining This Document

The Invoice # for this document and the attached Customer transaction should be supplied to the first blank space in the shaded bar. Make sure to also supply a valid invoice date the next empty space.

4 – Complete The Header With The Car Service Customer’s Information

Now that you have defined the Limo Car Service Company, yourself, and this invoice, it will be time to make sure the Customer’s information is fully reported. Begin with his or her full “Name.” Place this item on the blank space that immediately follows the heading “Bill To.”  This document will present the Customer’s address in a fashion similar to that of a mailing label. Thus, fill in the complete address where the Customer receives his or her mail using the remaining blank spaces in this section. 

5 – Inform The Customer Of All Charges

The table with the columns “Description” and “Amount” has been provided for this paperwork so that you may easily and quickly record the transaction occurring and the amount that must be paid by the Customer. Here, utilize the first column in this table to define exactly what the Limo Car Service Customer will be paying for, then use the second column to record the appropriate amount. Keep in mind, this is the total dollar amount you will expect from the Customer for the service you have defined.

6 – Request Your Preferred Method Of Payment

Mostly, vendors do not wish their Customers to take an inordinately lengthy period of time to submit payment for an invoice. Therefore, you will give a deadline that begins with the day the Customer physically receives this document. Inform him or her how many days he or she must pay this invoice by entering it on the blank space after “Payment Is Due Within….” You can place any additional terms or include more information if it is relevant to this invoice (and if it is legal!). If there are more details or instructions the Customer should be given relating to the charges above, then document it on the blank lines near the bottom of this page. 

How To Write In Excel

Download as an MS Excel file

1 – Download The Car Service Invoice From This Site As An Excel Sheet

The Excel file provided through this page can be accessed directly by selecting the button “MS Excel” then either opening it or saving it as an Excel sheet.

2 – Attend To The Header Area Of This Invoice

The first few cells on this sheet will focus entirely on delivering the information relating to the Limo (Car) Service Company you represent. First, the logo of your Limo (Car) Service Company should be uploaded to cell A1 of this sheet. The next two cells (A2 and A3) are dedicated to your identity. Use cell A2 as a place to present the Limo (Car) Service Company’s legal and official name then put your name in cell A3. Next, the Limo (Car) Service Company’s complete address, telephone number, and e-mail address will be needed to satisfy the header of this page. There will be a separate cell for each component making up this contact information. Cells A4 through A6 have been reserved strictly for a well-maintained mailing address to be presented to the Customer while cells A7 and A8 should give the Customer more a more immediate form of contact (“Phone” number and “E-Mail”).

3 – The Customer’s Identity And Location Are Required Items

Naturally, since you have self-identified as the Sender, you must also name the intended Recipient. That is, who the Limo (Car) Service intends to obligate for the charges listed here. For this task, we will turn our attention to cell A11 where you will have to place the legal name of the Client. Now, supply the address where this document is being sent. Cell A12 will accept his or her “Street Address” while cells A13 and A14 will give you separate areas to neatly furnish the remaining items (“City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code”).

4 – Input Information Relating To The Limo (Car) Service Provided

Naturally, most business entities will have a filing system set in place to keep track of their books. This document will expect some of this information to be included for the Customer’s benefit. Make sure to place the invoice number and invoice date attached to this transaction in cells F4 and H4. Notice, that cell H4 will display the current date. The contents of this cell (as with all others) can be changed based on your needs. The bill portion of this invoice has been preformatted with a table. The first cell of this table (A17) is titled “Description.” Use this field as a place to give the Customer a report on the limo service your company provided to this Customer.

Naturally, your company will require payment for the car services that have been provided to the Customer. Record the total dollar amount in cell H17.

5 – Address Additional Topics The Customer Should Be Informed Of

Cell A18 contains a deadline statement that can be placed on these charges. This means that the Customer will have a finite amount of time to pay this invoice. Consider the start of this deadline as the first day the Customer receives this paperwork then enter the number of days, he or she has to pay it using the “[#]” as a placeholder. Typically, you may wish to give your Customer some more information regarding payment or the services he or she ordered. Cell A19 will give you the space necessary for this task.