Motorcycle Repair Invoice Template

Motorcycle Repair Invoice Template operates under the intention to notify your Customers that a (predetermined) sum is owed for repairs the Customer commissioned from your Repair Shop or Business. By summarizing the work done, the amount owed, and the identity of the Motorcycle Repair Customer, you can open a line of communication that should be taken seriously. It is important that you consult your records before tending to this paperwork since, all the information you input must be done so accurately.

Salary & Hourly Wage ($/hr)

  • Salary: $39,260/yr (source: BLS)
  • Hourly Wage: $18.87/hr (source: BLS)

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How to Write in PDF and Word

Download: Adobe PDF & Microsoft Word (.docx)

1 – Bill Motorcycle Repair Customers With This Paperwork

Save the billing paperwork on this page to your machine.

2 – Document Your Billing Address And Supporting Contact Information

The first item of requested information is the full name of the entity sending this. The top of the invoice will have the term “Company Name.” If you are working by hand, you may write the name of your company directly next to this item. However, it is strongly recommended that you delete this term then place your Company’s own name in its stead. 

It is now time to focus on the blank labeled lines at the top of this page. This area will be used to inform the Motorcycle Repair Customer of the Sender’s identity and set down the best ways to contact you regarding this bill. Notice the first four of these lines are set up to resemble an envelope label by requesting your Motorcycle Repair Business “Name,” “Street Address,” “City, State, Country,” and “Zip Code.” Satisfy this call for information with your name and business address.

Most of your Clientele will consider it important to have your “E-Mail” and “Phone” number handy when the receive this paperwork. Such information is often included when a Company sends an invoice, thus, submit this information to the last two blank lines in this area.

3 – Produce The Invoice And Motorcycle Repair Customer’s Information

Your paperwork will need to have a reliable way to refer to it both while speaking and when seeking the hardcopy in a filing system. As a result of this need, it is customary to assign a unique filing number to an invoice. Once you have determined the document number the Motorcycle Repair Shop has assigned to the transaction, we are billing, list it on the blank line attached to the “Invoice #” label. Some would say that an invoice date is every bit as important as its document number especially, since this will later aid in identifying when you expect this bill to be paid. Keeping this in mind, the invoice “Date” must be set on the blank space across the page from the invoice number.

A good idea when sending out this type of correspondence is to make sure the Recipient is aware of his or her role and responsibility toward it. A quick way to reach this goal is to simply declare his or her identity in the “Bill To” section. This means you must input the Motorcycle Repair Customer’s first, middle, and last name on the labeled space “Name” then continue providing information with his or her complete address.

4 – Include Specifics On The Repairs The Client’s Cycle Needed

Every Customer wants to know what he or she is paying for. Even if this was discussed previously, you will want to give the Customer a sense of security by laying the charges out in an easy to view manner. Consult the records, then fulfill the “Description” column’s request for information in the “Material” table. This will require a full inventory list of all the parts or items ordered for the cycle repair. Keep in mind every part should be on its own row. The “Material” table will have a few more columns requiring attention. The next two will act as supports for the first because each one serves to further define the needed materials. The second column needs the number of parts or items ordered for the cycle repair while the third column “Unit Cost” must be used to disclose the price of one piece of the ordered materials listed in the first column. Supply both pieces of information where requested. The “Service” table on this page will give you the chance to explain the manpower charges for this repair. You can use the first column of this table to define each time physical work was performed by Motorcycle Mechanic by producing the calendar date of each time he or she effected the Customer’s repair. If you wish, you may include the start and end of the shift that day. The Mechanic shifts you presented should be explained further. First, record the number of “Hours” the Mechanic worked on the cycle during his or her shift in the next cell of the same row where you provided the calendar date of work.  This row also gives a place to inform the Customer of the Mechanic’s “Hourly Rate.” This is the dollar amount the Mechanic must collect for each hour of service to the Customer  should be recorded in the adjacent cell.

Now both the “Material” and “Labor” tables will need some additional attention. Notice that each table has an “Amount” column. Both tables will require similar calculations. For each row that has information in the first column, you must multiply the number in the second column with the number of the third column. The result of this multiplication must then go in the fourth column. Notice in the example below, the Mechanic worked three hours and is paid a rate of $60.00 an hour. This will mean the last column in the “Service” table will have “$180.00” listed on the same row that you are working on. We must continue working with the “Amount” columns of these tables. Notice that each of these columns will have a shaded area at the bottom. Take all the numbers you entered in this column then add them to one another. The shaded area will request the total. Thus, if the Customer must pay for “$215.00” for a ball joint and “$185.00” for a steering column then the “Total Material” should have the sum of these values ($400.00) presented.


5 – A Presentation Of The Total Payment And Terms Should Be Made

The bottom of this invoice will also contain a brief table. This three-cell table will begin with the sum of “Total Material” and “Total Service.” Once you have added these numbers put the result in the first cell of this table.  The “Tax” amount the Customer will owe for this bill is the next item to be reported. Place this number in the second box.  Finally, add the dollar value you recorded in “Subtotal” to the “Tax” amount then place the summed figure in the box labeled “Total.” The main goal of this invoice, to inform a Customer of an owed amount, has been fulfilled. However, the two statements at underneath the tables will give you some additional room to solidify a due date for payment.  You can document a grace period (in days) by which the Customer is informed that he or she only has a certain number of days to pay this invoice using the “Payment Is Due” sentence. Simply, place the desired number of days on the blank line it contains. If any other directions or provisions should be included for the Motorcycle Repair Customer, us the last two blank lines to convey them.

How to Write in Excel

Download: Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

1- Gain Payment For Motorcycle Repair Jobs Using This Excel File

You can secure this paperwork by using either the “Adobe PDF” or “MS Word” buttons featured on this page.

2- Attach Your Repair Shop And The Customer To This Invoice

You will need to establish several pieces of information at the onset of this paperwork. The first of which is the name of the Motorcycle Repair Business. Locate your shop’s logo in your system, then either click and drag it to cell A1 of the excel sheet or import it to this cell using the file menu then use cell A2 to feature the full name of the Motorcycle Repair Business. It will also be up to you to make sure this paperwork gives the Motorcycle Repair Customer the means to contact you through the standard medium most people employ. Thus, your name should be disclosed in cell A3 while cell A4, cell A5, and cell A6 requires the Motorcycle Repair Shop’s legal address be clearly presented.  The “E-Mail” address and “Phone” number maintained by the Motorcycle Repair Shop should both be entered to this sheet. Cell A7 and cell A8 should be used to convey this contact information. 

The next segment of column A will focus on the Motorcycle Repair Customer. Beginning with cell A11 and working your day down to cell A14, record the Motorcycle Repair Customer’s full name and address.    There are two cells in the upper right-hand portion of this sheet where the official record number your entity assigned this paperwork should be documented. The invoice number for this motorcycle repair transaction should be given to the Customer using cell F4. Please note, the invoice date presented in cell H4 may be changed if this is more appropriate.  

3- The Repair Details Should Be Shown To The Customer

The “Material” section of this invoice will focus specifically with the parts required to repair the motorcycle. Here, a portion of column A has been named “Description.” Use the rows under this heading to give a full account of the motorcycle products or parts necessary for the repairs. Make sure each one is presented on its own row. The sheet you are working on has already been supplied with the formulas required to deliver the billable amounts for each motorcycle part you plan on charging to the Customer but you will need to list how many of each were required in next column and the exact price of one of the parts in “Unit Cost.” The date or job number defining when time was spent working on the bike must be discussed as well. Especially, if you are billing the Motorcycle Repair Customer for it. Therefore, begin chronicling all the calendar dates when the Mechanic worked in the “Description” column of the “Service” table. The two columns after “Description” in this table enable you break down the Mechanic’s “Hours” on the job and the “Hourly Rate” he or she must be paid for each calendar date he or she worked on the cycle. Make sure to report this supporting information using these two columns. The last column in each of these tables will automatically show the resulting payable charge for each row in the “Description” column based on the numbers you supplied. You will need to tend to the last table on this page (at the bottom) by entering the dollar value of taxes the Customer is obligated to pay in cell H34. 

4- Any Additional Conditions Or Directions Can Be Included

Insert the number of days the Motorcycle Repair Customer may take as a grace period on the blank line in the first sentence under these tables. This will solidify the repair charges on this invoice will need to be paid on time or a late penalty may be applied.

There may be more directions the Motorcycle Repair Customer should be given. If so, cell A35 will accept such statements after the words “Special Instructions.”